55 five minutes crafts

If you're after a new quick project for your commute or your holidays then you're in luck. We've collected 55 five minute crafts for you to work on today.

How to make clay salt spoons

If you need more creative projects in your life, then you need our selection of 5 minute crafts. These quick projects are ideal for you to take on your commute, your holidays or just make one evening when you want to relax. We’ve gathered a whole bunch of different crafts for you to have a go at, everything from knitting to needle felting, crochet to sewing! All you need to do is click on the titles to be taken through to the tutorial and get making.


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Scroll for your 5 minute crafts…


Rubber stamps

This is a super quick five minute craft that will keep you entertained for hours. Plus you can make a bunch of rubber stamps up to use in your journal! If you’re unsure what five minute craft is good for you then take our creative hobbies for adults quiz.


Crochet a pin cushion

For more complex crochet projects, check out Gathered’s crochet collection which includes 100’s patterns! Whip up a crochet pin cushion for a weekend five min craft.


Cross stitch keyring

Free ice cream cross stitch pattern

Start feeling summery with Alison Maney’s free ice cream cross stitch pattern.



5 minute craft 3

Practical and pretty – that’s what our five minute crafts are all about. Sew yourself up a drawstring bag out of an old pillowcase and use it for travelling.


Name holders

Easter craft activity ideas

This 5 minute craft will have your table looking cute in no time. Cut, stick and decorate these bunny place holders and display them on your Easter table for all your guests.


Baby bibs

How to sew denim baby bibs workshop

Here’s how to turn jeans into baby bibs!


Simple hot water bottle cosy

hot water bottle cover pattern

Five minute crafts to keep you toasty? Got ya here’s our water bottle cosy pattern.


Back to school notebooks

How to make embroidered notebooks

Learn how to make embroidered notebooks with our free tutorial.


Baby teething ring

Baby comforter pattern

Whip up this baby teething ring in just five minutes. If you have more time then learn how to make a baby comforter too!


Knitted welly warmers

5 minute craft 5

Oh and five minute crafts for you of course. Make these knitted welly warmers.


Pocket heat packs

5 minute craft 6

A five minute craft that’ll keep you warm in those winter months! Find the tutorial here.


Headband sewing pattern

How to make an embroidered headband

Here’s how to sew a lazy daisy headband so you can look pretty all year round.


Paper flowers

Mother’s Day paper flowers

We’ve rounded up the top paper flower tutorials so that you can make some natural beauties in just five minutes. If you’re looking for paper projects to do with your little ones then check out our paper crafts for kids round up.


Origami fabric butterfly

How to make an origami butterfly step final

Five minute craft that you can decorate your clothes, bags and shoes with. How cute would a pair of pumps look like with a butterfly on top?



 Fruity paper pom poms

5 minute craft 11

Five minute crafts? More like five minute fruit! Paper fruity pom poms for any summer BBQs you might be hosting.


DIY tassel earrings

DIY tassel earrings

A five minute festival make! It’s the addition your festival outfit needs. We really have a craft for everyone.


Easy origami cats

Easy origami cat
Make these cute little kitty cats in just five minutes.

Pebble magnets

5 minute craft 19

Another five minute craft for kiddos. Use those collected pebbles and turn them into adorable magnets.


Clay salt spoons

5 minute craft 20

Practical five minute crafts are our favourite kind and these little clay salt spoons are the perfect kitchen addition. A pinch of salt anyone?


Macramé plant hanger

5 minute craft 22

Learn how to make a macrame plant hanger with our five minute tutorial.


Cross stitch butterfly clips

Free butterfly cross stitch chart
Cross stitch up some butterflies then turn them into super simple clips.

Embroidery coasters

How to make coasters party craft ideas

Sew up some coasters to decorate your home with and get them out at the next party.


Needle felt cherries

5 minute craft 27

If you’re new to needle felting you’re going to want to try our five minute needlecraft project.


DIY bow tie

Father’s Day bow tie pattern cropped

Five minute bow tie pattern so you can look sharp in seconds.


Knitted heart coasters

5 minute craft 31

For more complex knitting projects that take longer than our five minute crafts, check out our knitting collection blog post which includes over 20 patterns! Click here for our knitted heart coaster DIY. 


DIY pattern weights

How to make pattern weights

A fabulous five minute craft that will up your sewing game forever. Plus it’s super sustainable because you can make them from your scrap stash.


Paper treat boxes

Easy Easter craft activity ideas - treat boxes

5 minute crafts that can hold treats? Yes please! Craft these cute little bunny treat boxes for Easter and fill them with chocolate eggs. You could also use them for birthday parties or shape them into Christmas characters for stockings!


Knitted rainbow decorations

Rainbow crafts knitted decorations pattern

Whip up some knitted rainbow decorations with our free tutorial.


Granny square

5 minute craft 30

Granny squares are everyone’s fave and they’re especially fab when they only take five minutes to make.


Reusable makeup pads

5 minute craft 21

Take five minute’s to crochet up some reusable cotton pads and live your best sustainable life.


Tulle flowers

how to make tulle flowers with paper pink

Tulle flowers only take five minutes to make yet they’re so cute! Find our tutorial here.


Scissor keep

How to make a scissor keep

It’ll only take you five minutes to whip up this handy scissor keep.


Fabric wallet

5 minute craft 15

Use our tutorial to make yourself a new wallet. You can even use spare bits of fabric from our stash.


Pom pom bears


Make some pom pom pals in just five minutes with our free pom pom bear pattern.


Fairy wands

How to make fairy wands for kids

Keep the kids entertained for hours with these five minute fairy wands.


Christmas tree bunting


Get prepped for the festive season with Anna Alicia’s free Christmas bunting sewing pattern.


Crochet bow


Five minute crafts have never been so cute. Click here for your free super-sweet crochet bow pattern.


Christmas printables

Penguin, Polar Bear and Santa Christmas card templates

These free Christmas penguin, polar bear and Santa printable templates are all up on Gathered waiting for you to print.


Fabric heart decorations

How to make fabric hearts step 4b

These heart decorations will use all your scraps in your stash and look lovely hanging in your home.


Needle felt cherries

5 minute craft 27

Try your hand at needle felting with our five minute cherry tutorial.


Embroidered brooches DIY


Makes these easy embroidered brooches DIY in just five minutes.


Terrazzo coasters

making coasters terrazzo style

Make your own DIY coasters – terrazzo style!


Star banner

scandinavian christmas star step 8

Turn old clay into tiny stars and string them together into a banner! Five minute work for gorgeous results. Find the tutorial here.


Knitted stars

Free Christmas star pattern

Rosee Woodland’s free Christmas star knitting pattern is a fab 5 minute knit.


Weather paperclips

How to make cloud, raindrop and snowflake felt paperclips

Here’s a cute five minute craft that you can whip up for the kids as a back to school project.


Christmas mini cross stitch

Christmas wreath cross stitch pattern

Make your own Christmas five minutes crafts with Rhona Norrie’s cute and quick free Christmas wreath cross stitch pattern.


Crochet flower coasters

5 minute craft 7
Crochet up this dainty lace flowers and use them as coasters, bunting or crochet lots together to make a throw. Step by step tutorial here.

T-shirt pockets

5 minute craft 9
It’s got pockets!!!! Or if it doesn’t add one with our five minute fabric pocket tutorial.

Paper hats

Easter craft activity ideas

This 5 minute craft is an extra cute one for Easter or for any kids birthday parties you’re hosting! Whip up these really sweet bunny paper hats using only a few materials.


Luggage tags

Love Patchwork & Quilting luggage tag tutorial

Get ready for your summer holidays with this international 5 minute craft! Sew your own luggage tags following Love Patchwork & Quilting’s simple tutorial.


Tropical ring dish

clay trinket dish diy

If you’re a clay pro then it’ll only take you 5 minutes to whip up this adorable tropical trinket dish. You’ll just need to leave it to dry and then paint but the construct is super quick!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our five minute crafts and have found a new project to start working on! For more quick projects check out our free daily craft patterns and follow us on Pinterest and subscribe to Mollie Makes.