Over the past few years, we've got into upcycling here on Gathered. There's a special kind of beauty in fixing old items. Whether it's turning old items into something new or revamping loved objects, we're all for this new sustainable movement. This is why we have been the biggest fans of The Repair Shop since it first aired in 2017. The show follows a group of talented specialists as they fix the public's most sentimental treasures. Filmed in beautiful West Sussex, the show will leave you both weeping and laughing.


The Repair Shop cast has mended everything from rocking horses to loved dollies. We can't help but get emotional when these beloved family heirlooms are reunited with their owners!

If you're a fan of the show like us, or you want to know what all the fuss is about, then this is the guide for you. Keep on reading to discover the show's essential info. Find out where it's filmed, how it works, and who fixes all the incredible treasures.

Your Repair Shop FAQ

Where can I watch The Repair Shop?

The Repair Shop returned to our screens on 13th September for its 12th season. You can watch all seasons of The Repair Shop on BBC iPlayer for free! There's also plenty of specials throughout the year including The Repair Shop Christmas.

The Repair Shop is not currently available on Netflix in the UK or the US, but it is available to buy on Amazon, YouTube and Google Play. You can also watch the show with a Sky or Virgin TV subscription.

When is The Repair Shop on TV?

The next episode of The Repair Shop will be shown on the 13th September at 8pm on BBC One.

Will there be a Repair Shop Christmas Special in 2023?

Yes, but we don't yet know when the episode will air. Watch this space!

What channel is The Repair Shop on?

The Repair Shop is shown on BBC One in a primetime slot at 8pm.

The Repair Shop episode guide

Catch up with each episode of The Repair Shop with our guide! We're going to be sharing our thoughts, feelings, and favourites from each episode every single week.

We'd love to know what you thought of each episode too! Chat with us over on Gathered's Instagram.

Series 12

Episode 11

The Repair Shop series 12 episode 11

We're back in The Repair Shop restoring irreplaceable treasures. This week the barn saw everything from political posters to 200-year-old sandals!

First up was Steven who brought in his Black Panther poster, an important symbol of strength and power.

Then Brendan was tasked with fixing Quentin's Grand-bee, a beautiful gift from Miles, who passed away aged 15, to his grandpa.

Harry brought in his Grandad's 1950s camera to be restored and Nasrullah bought his great, great, great grandfather's handmade sandals to be made wearable again.

Moving moment of the week: Watching Quentin receive Grand-bee good as new. Now Miles' legacy can live on forever in his grandpa's garden.

Repair of the week: The panther poster – that flocking work was amazing!

Crafts similar to those in the episode: Create your own handmade sandals with our crochet sandal pattern.

Episode 10

Credt: The BBC
Credit: The BBC

The Repair Shop had some incredibly sentimental pieces brought in this week. From toys and jewellery to a painting and a religious text, the Repair Shop team had their work cut out for them!

Bookbinder Chris was given a very special task, to repair a one-of-a-kind Quran. Mending this sacred text was a daunting task but Chris used his skills to make it good as new.

Dom put his metal-working talent into Belinda and her family's beloved scooter. There was also beautiful artwork on this week's Repair Shop with Lucia restoring a historic Sicilian painting.

Richard also had a risky repair as he had to fix Nikki's bent ring which contained her wonderful mum's ashes. A delicate job but nothing's too big a task for Richard!

Moving moment of the week: Watching Harry ride his shiny new scooter!

Repair of the week: We loved watching Chris meticulously mend the Quarn and marveling at its beauty. He did a fantastic job.

Crafts similar to those in the episode: Create your own unique texts with our DIY bookbinding tutorial.

Where is The Repair Shop filmed?

The show is filmed at the beautiful The Weald and Downland Living Museum in Chichester, UK. This historic site is a living museum aiming to teach adults and children how ages gone past lived.Throughout the museum, you'll find demonstrations that show how people lived hundreds of years ago. The team build, fix, stitch and love objects back together in the museum’s Court Barn.

Is it possible to visit The Repair Shop?

Yes! You can visit The Repair Shop at The Weald and Downland Living Museum when filming is not in progress.

The Weald and Downland Living Museum
The Weald and Downland Living Museum

Who owns The Repair Shop?

The show is owned by the production company Ricochet. The barn belongs to The Weald and Downland Living Museum. Contrary to popular belief Jay Blade does not own The Repair Shop. The workshop was created for the TV show. Each specialist has their own individual workshops and businesses.

Suzie Fletcher, Jay Blades The Repair Shop
Picture Shows: Suzie Fletcher, Jay Blades - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Steve Peskett

Do they pay for the repairs on The Repair Shop?

The TV show pays for all the repairs on The Repair Shop! Restorations can cost hundreds to thousands of pounds so everyone who gets on the show is very lucky.

If people wish to make a donation to charity we're very happy with that, but it's by no means necessary
Rob Butterfield, head of factual at Ricochet

How do the specialists get paid?

Again, the wonderful production company pays The Repair Shop cast for their time, effort, and expertise. Every aspect of the show from the materials to labour to set is paid for by the TV company. We're very grateful for that as it keeps this wholesome show on our screens!

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Lucia Scalisi, Steve Fletcher The Repair Shop
Picture Shows: Lucia Scalisi, Steve Fletcher - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Steve Peskett

How can I get on The Repair Shop?

Fancy getting your treasures fixed? To apply to be on The Repair Shop go to the BBC's application page and fill out the form or you can email repair@ricochet.co.uk. You can also write to the show at The Repair Shop, Ricochet, Pacific House, 126 Dyke Road, Brighton, BN1 3TE.

You must be over 18 to apply and to have an object with a personal, societal or historical story. If it's of historical significance to you or a loved one then The Repair Shop wants to hear from you.

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Who is Jay Blades?

The Repair Shop S6 (Peak) - Generics
Jay Blades - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Production

The show wouldn't be the same without cheeky chappy and host Jay Blades. His energy and kindness puts both the crew and visitors at ease and we love his passion for restoration. He has an emotional and inspirational back story. After experiencing both racism and homelessness, he's now one of the UK's most beloved presenters. Jay Blades was awarded an MBE in the 2021 Birthday Honours, for services to craft. Very well deserved we think! Here's a little Jay Blade fact file so you can get to know The Repair Shop's host a little better.

Age: 52

From: Hackney but currently based in Ironbridge, Shropshire

Profession: Furniture restorer and presenter

Family: Jay's partner is Christine Goodman and he has three children

Want to learn more about Jay? Pick up his autobiography.

Making It- How Love, Kindness and Community Helped Me Repair My Life book cover

Meet The Repair Shop cast 2023

Will Kirk

Will Kirk The Repair Shop
Will Kirk - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Production

Will Kirk is one of the youngest specialists at The Repair Shop and has achieved a lot in his 36 years. He fell in love with furniture restoration thanks to his grandfather. He spent his childhood watching his grandfather create in his workshop. He studied graphic design at the University of the Arts and antique furniture restoration and conservation at London Metropolitan University. Will went on to restore furniture for different dealers around the country before being invited onto The Repair Shop.

There's an amazing team there at the barn and it's a lovely show! Just watching that, there's a lump in my throat. We're so invested in the item and the people bringing them in.
Will to Lorraine Kelly

Steve Fletcher

Steve Fletcher The Repair Shop
Steve Fletcher - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Production

Steve Fletcher is the show's talented clock-repairer (technical name - horologist!) and has been in the business for over 46 years. 57-year-old Steve has continued his family's legacy of horology. He's the third generation of Fletcher to run and own The Clock Workshop in Oxfordshire. A proud father of five, Steve's knowledge, and experience are invaluable in The Repair Shop. He works on most of the technical projects brought in. And the most asked question, is Steve married to Suzie? No! Steve is Suzie's little brother.

Suzie Fletcher

Suzie Fletcher The Repair Shop
Suzie Fletcher - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Production

Suzie Fletcher is The Repair Shop's saddle maker and restorer specializing in leather. She comes from a craft-loving family with a sewist mother and clock-repairer father but found her passion among the horses. After spending 22 years in the USA as a top saddle maker, she returned to the UK and was encouraged by her brother to join The Repair Shop crew!

Kirsten Ramsay

Kirsten Ramsay The Repair Shop
Kirsten Ramsay - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Production

46-year-old Kirsten specialises in ceramic conservation and restoration. She never fails to wow us with her attention to detail and incredible painting skills. She started her career by getting her British Antiques Dealer Association post-graduate diploma from West Dean College. Then she went on to work at the conservation department at the British Museum in London. Kirsten now has her own successful business, Kirsten Ramsay Ceramic Conservation and Restoration, which restores Oriental and European ceramics.

Ceramics come from all over the world and sometimes it's possible to see the human marks made by the hand of the maker. That connection to the past still give me an unbelievable buzz. We are just trying to preserve beautiful and interesting objects so that they can continue into the future to carry on telling their stories.
Kirsten for the BBC

Dominic Chinea

Dominic Chinea The Repair Shop
Dominic Chinea - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Production

The beardiest member of The Repair Shop and all-around nice guy Dominic Chinea, is a set designer and restoration expert. Much like Will, he studied graphic design at university before finding his passion in car restoration. Before starring on The Repair Shop Dom worked at Rankin Studios as a production designer and as a set decorator. He's credited on many famous pop videos including Rita Ora’s Facemelt, Iggy Azalea’s Slo and Azealia Banks’ Liquorice.

Amanda Middleditch & Julie Tatchell

Amanda Middleditch The Repair Shop
Amanda Middleditch - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Production

Next up in The Repair Shop cast is the very sweetly named 'Teddy Bear Ladies'! Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell are vintage bear restorers. They began working together in 2006 after meeting in Julie's craft studio. Their teddy bear shop in Beaulieu in the New Forest is home to all sorts of cuddly creatures and it was this that lead them to be invited onto the show. They've fixed all manner of sentimental bears and dolls which make both us and their owners well up with happiness.

Both on and off screen, The Repair Shop has a wonderful ‘feel-good’ factor which is something to be very proud of!
Julie Tatchell for the BBC
Julie Tatchell The Repair Shop
Julie Tatchell - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Production

Lucia Scalisi

Lucia Scalisi The Repair Shop
Lucia Scalisi - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Production

Lucia Scalisi is a recent member of The Repair Shop cast and her expertise has already proved invaluable. She graduated from Sheffield University and began her career in conservation. She is an accredited painting conservator and lecturer. You may recognize her from BBC Two's Restoration Roadshow where she also shared her wisdom about the world of art with the public. Lucia also runs her own business and offers services to restore paintings and other artwork.

Brenton West

Brenton West The Repair Shop
Brenton West - (C) Ricochet Ltd - Photographer: Production

58-year-old Brenton West is The Repair Shop's resident silversmith. Originally from Oxfordshire, Brenton joined the show in 2017 after he was asked to repair a wooden camera. He has both a degree in silversmithing and photography. He specialises in 19th Century photography and equipment. He has over 40 years of experience in silversmithing! Brenton fixes everything from broken camera equipment to delicate jewellery.

I always enjoy the challenge of repairing items that I have never seen before.
Brenton for the BBC

Why The Repair Shop is one of the most heartwarming shows on screen

The Repair Shop has to be one of the wholesome TV shows on our screens. The show gives members of the public the chance to restore a beloved item and their stories are often deeply moving.

The best part has to be the moment when they see their item restored to it's full glory and looking as good as new! We can't get enough of it.

What to watch after The Repair Shop

We love watching craft experts at work! It's the perfect way to unwind and we have endless admiration for their incredible skills. If you enjoy watching The Repair Shop, we'd recommend checking out Britain's Best Woodworker.


On Britain's Best Woodworker, a selection of talented amateurs compete for the coveted title in a series of increasingly technical challenges. You'll be amazed by their stunning woodwork creations!

britain's best woodworker Mel


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