We thought it was time to do something useful with toilet roll tubes rather than just throw them away! With these 31 toilet roll crafts, you'll find plenty of inspiration for fun projects to do with your little ones.


We've included various types of toilet roll crafts on the list, varying in difficulty, most of them however are easy and can be made just using bits and pieces you likely have around the house. These toilet roll crafts can be used for anything you like, just for fun as toys, cool pencil holders, or even confetti cannons! You just need a little imagination and it'll be tonnes of fun.

If you weren't already convinced to get crafting, toilet roll crafts are amongst the cheapest and easiest of all crafts, and all ages can get involved. So start saving those toilet rolls and get making!

If you love to craft with your kids and want to encourage them to do more, we have lots of inspiration and guides available. Try out our Handprint art ideas or Chalk art ideas for lots of fun over the summer holidays. If you're not too sure what to try, check out this helpful guide for craft ideas for kids, or if you have little ones try these crafts for toddlers. If you're looking for more ways to keep your children entertained, take a look at our pick of the best art sets for kids.

31 toilet roll crafts

1. owl toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts owl

What a hoot! These cute owls are super fun to make and really easy. The tutorial from Curious and Geeks makes it very simple to make all four of these owl toilet roll crafts. They make cute decorations or toys for the kids to play with.

2. Three little pigs toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts pigs

"I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!" and we all know what happened next! The three little pigs lived happily ever after, phew. Recreate these cute pigs with your spare toilet rolls, you won't need much, a splash of pink paint, googly eyes, some ribbon, and foam. Head over to Mum's Creative Cupboard for the full toilet roll crafts tutorial.

3. Crab toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts crab

If the kids are getting a bit crabby over the summer holiday without anything to do, try these cute crab toilet roll crafts from Easy Peasy and Fun. They're very easy to make and if you have got lots of toilet roll tubes spare then you can make a whole cast of crabs (cast is the word used for a group of crabs - who knew?!).

4. Windsock cloud toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts cloud

These pretty wind sock toilet roll crafts come from Easy Peasy and Fun. They are great for hanging up in a bedroom by the window and your little ones can enjoy watching the streamers flutter in the wind.

5. Bracelet toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts bracelet

Try something a little bit different with these toilet roll crafts bracelets. They're cute and fun to make and will certainly put your old toilet roll tubes to good use. You'll need some yarn for this one and some stitching skills, you can find an easy tutorial on Molly Moo Crafts.

6. Party popper toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts party poppers

These are great fun and a real money saver. If you've got a celebration coming up, birthday, wedding, or something similar, these confetti toilet roll crafts will be the perfect addition to the celebrations. They're easy to make and you can find the full instructions from HobbyCraft. As an eco-friendly alternative, why not fill your cannons with paper or leaf confetti.

7. Shark toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts shark

Celebrate one of the most ferocious creatures in the ocean with these cool shark toilet roll crafts. This one is easy to make and you can probably find you already have most of the materials around the house. Just remember even though sharks live in water, this one may not be as keen on it.

8. Bird feeder toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts bird feeder

What a fabulous idea these bird feeder toilet roll crafts are! The little ones might need a hand assembling this one, but once you've finished it's a wonderful way to attract the birds to your garden, then the kids can have lots of fun learning about different wildlife.

9. Snake toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts bird snake

Create this slithering snake with multiple toilet roll tubes. This is a really fun one where you can get all the kids together to build one long snake. Each section can be decorated as you like, bright colours at the ready! You can find a full tutorial on how to make this cute guy on Clumsy Crafter.

10. Unicorn toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts unicorn

Of course, we had to include these adorable unicorn toilet roll crafts from Red Ted Art. You'll only need a few supplies for it, including multi-coloured yarn. You can follow the easy how-to guide for these unicorn toilet roll crafts.

11. Bunny toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts bunny

Create these colourful bunny toilet roll crafts, which are perfect for Easter crafting. There's plenty of ways you can decorate your bunnies too. You can find the full tutorial over at Prima - hop to it!

12. Superhero cuffs toilet paper crafts

toilet roll crafts cuffs

Whatever your kids favourite superhero is, they can now make a pair of their very own superhero cuffs! This cool toilet paper crafts idea comes from Reading Confetti, where you can find a full tutorial on making these.

13. Train toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts train

Choo-choose these cute little train toilet roll crafts for your little ones to make. These are good for the environment as you can recycling your toilet roll tubes for the train and your milk carton tops for the wheels. Then you'll just need some string to join the carriages together. Let the adventure begin!

14. Castle toilet roll craft ideas

toilet roll crafts train

Art skills at the ready for this one! You'll need a little more patience than the others on the list to make this one, but the outcome is certainly impressive. Any kids who are a fan of fairytales or magic will adore this castle toilet roll craft from Red Ted Art, where you'll find the full tutorial.

15. Toilet roll crafts tower game

toilet roll crafts tower

This one is really easy and should keep the kids entertained for a while. All you need is lots of toilet rolls of varying sizes, painted in colours of your choice with a small slit on either side so the rolls can be joined together and stacked. The challenge is to keep building taller until they all fall down, or play it with someone else for Jenga-style fun. This toilet roll crafts game comes from Picklebums.

16. Toilet roll crafts planter

toilet roll crafts planter

You'll have to help the little one's with this toilet roll craft, but it's a really fun project to do together. Create cute herb planters from toilet rolls easily, and watch them flourish! This tutorial for a toilet roll planter comes from By Wilma, where you can find more details and the full guide.

17. Rocket toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts rocket

Of course, we had to include space rockets on the list! It's the original toilet roll craft for those kids who want to be astronauts when they grow up. This is a super easy tutorial from Our Kid Things, head over that way for the full guide.

18. Advent calendar toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts advent

Create this cute recycled toilet roll advent calendar with your little ones in time for Christmas. You'll need to save up a few rolls before you can make it, but it's a great way to help with the environment rather than buying shop advent calendars, plus putting your own treats in is much more fun!

19. Bee wall hanging toilet roll craft

toilet roll crafts bees

Create a cute bee wall hanging, perfect for kids' bedrooms to brighten up any plain walls. You can even create some fuzzy bees to go inside using old kinder eggs toy cases and pipe cleaners. Find the full tutorial for this bee toilet roll crafts over at easy peasy creative.

20. Ninja toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts ninja

These cool ninja toilet roll crafts are really straightforward to create. All you'll need toilet roll tubes, paint, and straws (paper ones are better). You can find the full tutorial over at Kids Activities Blog, where you'll find lots of other great toilet roll crafts too.

21. Jellyfish toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts octopus

Who doesn't love these cool jellyfish toilet roll crafts?! These are a fun make with the little one's, you can use any colours and any yarn to create your unique jellies. Why not make a few and hang them from the ceiling in the kids' bedrooms for a cute underwater scene.

22. Dinosaur toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts dino

What roarsome dinosaurs! Anybody who loves prehistoric beasts will love with these cute dino toilet roll crafts. This tutorial has a few more steps in it than the others on the list and you'll need to use a template but luckily for us, The Craft Train have a free downloadable template of these dinos. Bonus.

23. Crayon toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts crayon

These crayon toilet roll crafts are so adorable! You'll find a free template on The Best Ideas For Kids, plus a video tutorial showing you step-by-step how to make these cool crayon toilet roll crafts. These are fun to play with or could be used as storage for crayons.

24. Snowflake toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts snowflake

We can't believe this is made from toilet roll tubes, how pretty! This amazing toilet roll craft comes from One Little Project, where you'll find the full instructions to make your own. This one is a great Christmas craft, and you can use them to turn your home into a winter wonderland.

25. Fairy house toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts houses

Make cute fairy houses, any colours, any designs - the possibilities are endless! The little one's imaginations will be able to run wild with these cute fairy toilet roll houses. They are really simple to make too, all you need is a cone for the roof, some paint and pens (and anything else you'd like to use)!

26. Jungle snake toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts snake

Create a cute jungle snake in just a few steps with Kids Craft Room. The twisty snakes will keep the kids busy for hours. You'll need some paint and some googly eyes to bring them to life, but the kids can choose whatever designs they like.

27. Halloween toilet roll ideas

toilet roll crafts halloween

In need of some last-minute Halloween decorations? Then create these cool Halloween toilet roll crafts to decorate your home. They are quick and easy to make and better for the environment than shop-bought decorations. Create these 4 spooky designs over at The Best Ideas For Kids, where you'll find a helpful video tutorial.

28. Monster toilet roll crafts ideas

toilet roll crafts monsters

Time to get monster crazy! Create four different brightly coloured monster toilet roll crafts, the kids will love these. They work well any time of the year, but especially around Halloween. Find the full tutorial and free templates on Arty Crafty Kids.

29. Toilet roll crafts stamps

toilet roll crafts stamps

Turn your old loo rolls into stamps, with this cool tutorial from Paper Scissors Craft. Make flowers, hearts and even a bear with this toilet roll craft tutorial. These will provide lots of fun for little ones and they'll be able to use their stamp to create a masterpiece!

30. Caterpillar pen holder toilet roll crafts

toilet roll crafts pen holder

Upcycle your old toilet rolls to create this amazing caterpillar pen holder! You can find the full guide to creating this cute little guy from Tratatuha. Say goodbye to pens and pencils all over the floor, your kids will actually want to tidy them into their new fancy toilet roll crafts caterpillar!

31. Bowling game toilet rolls crafts

toilet roll crafts pen holder

Strike! Make a fun bowling game by upcycling your toilet roll tubes. It's so easy to make and the kids will have lots of fun playing it. Just make sure they aren't playing near any priceless vases. This cool toilet roll craft tutorial comes from Craftulate, where you'll find the full guide and more inspiration.


We hope you've made the most of our toilet roll crafts, and found lots of inspiration for the kids. If you loved this article and want more, we'd recommend checking out these easy halloween crafts for kids, to get ready for the spooky season. For more crafty fun try these egg box crafts, or how to make a kaleidoscope and our finger knitting for kids guide. If you would like more craft ideas for yourself and love upcycling, try these recycled craft ideas for adults, remember crafting isn't just for kids!


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