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21 of the best art sets for kids 2021

Help children to discover their creativity with these fantastic art sets for kids! We've got everything from painting sets to art kits to try

Art sets for kids

Looking for a gift for a creative child or ideas to help kids busy during the school holidays? Art sets for kids are a brilliant way to keep children entertained – and they might discover a fun new hobby in the process!


It’s always a good idea to keep art kits for kids around for a rainy day – you could even invite their friends around to join in. Some of these art sets for kids will require some grown-up supervision, but there are some that they will be able to attempt by themselves.

We’ve included a variety of art kits for kids in this collection, so you’re bound to find something perfect for the child in your life, from block printing sets to colouring pencils. There’s a mix of great art supplies and creative projects for them to try – perfect for when you’re struggling to find a gift for an artist child!

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Read on to discover the best art sets for kids…

21 art kits for kids


Design your own mug set

Help your child to create their own colourful personalised mug with this fun kit. It includes some vibrant markers in a selection of colours, plus a plain white mug to decorate with creative designs. Suitable for children over three.

Art sets for kids – create your own mug design


Rainbow painting boards

Scratch away the black coating of these boards to create bright rainbow paintings! This set contains 50 sheets, five wooden stylus sticks, four rulers and a pencil sharpener. Your children will be entertained for hours and this set is great value for money.

Art sets for kids – rainbow paint boards


Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolour paint set

This small watercolour paint set would make a lovely present for a child who wants to learn how to paint. Winsor & Newton are known for producing fantastic materials for artists and this set is a great introduction to their range. The paints are high quality and will last a very long time. If you want to buy more watercolour supplies for your child, check out our guide to the best watercolour paints.

Art sets for kids – Winsor & Newton watercolours


Block printing kit for kids

This fantastic set created by Essdee is a fun way to introduce children to the art of block printing. Unlike many of the block printing sets designed for adults, this set doesn’t contain any sharp tools, so you don’t need to worry about your child hurting themselves while they’re printing. To create a design, you simply draw a picture on the foam blocks provided before applying ink using the roller. Children will love creating their own artwork and applying ink to their printing blocks! Looking for block printing ideas for adults and older children? Take a look at our block printing for beginners guide.

Art sets for kids – block printing


Little Brian paint sticks bucket

Paint sticks are a mess-free way for kids to get creative. They can be used for a variety of techniques including blending, stamping and colour washing. These sticks create very bold paint colours and the paint dries in minutes – no brushes or water needed!

Art sets for kids – Little Brian paint stick bucket


Melissa & Doug build your own birdhouse set

This is a wonderful project for you to make with your child. You can construct your own bird house together, decorate it using the paints provided, then hang it outside and watch birds nest inside!

Art sets for kids – build your own birdhouse


Pentel Fabric Fun pastel and t-shirt set

Decorating a t-shirt is a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon! This set includes 15 fabric pastels in beautiful colours, plus a plain white t-shirt to cover with funky pictures or patterns. This activity is suitable for children aged 3-12.

Art sets for kids – Pentel pastels


Ooly Sparkle gel crayons

You can never have enough glitter! These fun sparkle crayons will add a shimmer to all of your child’s drawings. These pens are made from a kind of gel, so they’ll produce smoother drawings than normal crayons. They’re also water soluble, so you can go over them with a wet paintbrush to create some very interesting effects.

Art sets for kids – Ooly Sparkle pens


Derwent Academy colouring pencils

This beautiful set of colouring pencils is ideal for children. Derwent is known for producing high-quality pencils and this set is wonderful to use. The pencils are blendable and come in a selection of rich colours. It will take any child’s artwork to the next level!

Art sets for kids – Derwent Academy pencils


Crayola Inspiration art case

This rainbow art set produced by Crayola would be a brilliant choice for a child who loves to draw. There’s a wide selection of felt tip pens, crayons and pencils in amazing colours, all contained in a bright and handy case. Just imagine what they’ll create!

Art sets for kids – Crayola Inspiration art case


Simplicity Dots koala painting kit

This bright art project offers a new way to do a paint-by-numbers project. Instead of filling in areas on a painting, you fill in dots instead. This project comes with paints, brushes and tips to complete the koala artwork. This would be a great project for an older child to complete and display in their bedroom.

art-sets-for-kids-koala-painting copy


Janod string art animal set

String art is an engaging activity for older children to try and they can use this set to create their own incredible animal art. As this is a tricky technique to try, this kit is not recommended for younger children.

Art sets for kids string art


Kids gouache painting set

Gouache is very similar to watercolour paint, but has an opaque consistency. This set is suited to children over the age of eight and comes in two beautiful designs: Melody or India. The finished painting can be framed and will look stunning in your home.

Art sets for kids – gouache painting


Make your own glitter art set

Playing with glitter is always fun! With this art set, children can create their own sparkling art work to display in their rooms. This glitter art set is available in a selection of designs including mermaids and animals.

Art sets for kids – glitter art


WHSmith watercolour pencils set

Watercolour pencils can be used to combine drawing and painting techniques. Simply draw onto paper, then go over the drawing with a wet paintbrush to create fabulous watercolour effects. Children will love seeing their drawing turn into a painting! This set comes with 36 watercolour pencils and an A4 sketchpad stored in a sturdy wooden art box.

Art sets for kids – watercolour pencils


Kids watercolour painting set

This watercolour painting set is a great way to introduce children to watercolour painting. There are several different themes available such as dolphins, dragons and unicorns. Each set includes two or three designs for children to paint. The paint-by-numbers designs are marked out using an invisible wax barrier so that the colours don’t run into each other. This would be a good gift for older children to try.

Art sets for kids – watercolour sets


Derwent metallic colouring set

Add some metallic shine to any drawing with this brilliant set of pencils produced by Derwent. These pencils are highly pigmented to produce rich, blendable colours. This set is presented in a beautiful black box and would be an excellent choice for an older child who loves to draw.

Art sets for kids – Derwent metallic pencil sets


Spirograph set

This classic retro art set for kids will allow them to create amazing spiral designs. It comes with instructions, five washable markers and jumbo gears to make it easy for small hands to use.

Art sets for kids – Spirograph


Personalised child’s wooden art box

This lovely wooden art box would make a wonderful personalised present for a child. The beautifully presented two-tier box contains sketching pencils, 60 colouring pencils, plus glitter and gel pens.

Art sets for kids – personalised art set in a wooden box


Daler Rowney Simply Complete art set

If you know a young aspiring artist, this would be the perfect gift for their birthday or for Christmas. It contains absolutely everything they need to explore their creative ideas, including drawing pencils, watercolour paints, paper, a carrying case and even an easel! This set will inspire them to develop their artistic skills and the materials are all excellent quality.

Art sets for kids – Daler Rowney Complete set


Early Learning Centre double-sided easel

This is an excellent gift for young children who love to draw! This easel features a chalk board on one side and a white board on the other, so your child can draw to their heart’s content. It also has extendable legs, so you can adjust it to suit the child’s height.

Art sets for kids – double-sided easel

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Featured image by Pexels/Yan Krukov.