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What is washi tape and how can you use it?

What is washi tape? We tell you everything you need to know about washi tape including what is washi tape used for and where to buy it!

washi tape projects paper clips

Always wondered what is washi tape used for? Or why it’s so popular over on Pinterest? Well, we’re here to tell you all about the beauty of washi tape. We guarantee after reading our guide you’ll develop an addiction to buying cute washi tape too!


As well as giving you some suggestions on where you can buy washi tape we’ve also collected 33 washi tape ideas so you can get creative with your new purchase. From cards and gifts to upcycle and homeware, washi tape really can be used to make everything look a tad more colourful. There’s even our own DIY washi projects from Gathered including cute washi tape paper clips!

What is washi tape?

Washi tape is decorative masking tape which is used throughout craft to add extra cuteness and sparkle to projects. Originating from Japan, washi tape often comes in small reels which is low tack and perfect for papercrafts and bullet journaling. Fun fact, the ‘wa’ in washi means ‘Japanese’ and shi means ‘paper’! Traditionally, washi tape is quite thin in width but you can buy wide washi tape which is bigger and can feature more detailed scenes.

washi tape ideas 34

Etsy, £6.45

Is washi tape recyclable?

Yes, washi tape is recyclable. It’s made from Japanese shrubs which are completely biodegradable, unlike normal sellotape. Plus washi tape is also waterproof and heatproof (in small amounts though, don’t go pouring your whole water bottle over it), simply dry it off with a hairdryer if any spillages happen and you’re good to go. Sustainable, durable and super cute – how perfect!

Does washi tape damage walls?

Washi tape is low tack so shouldn’t damage your walls. However, we wouldn’t recommend sticking to any painted surfaces in case some of the paint does come off. If your washi tape is already stuck onto walls then peeling it off carefully keeping close to the wall, a swift movement might cause the paint to come away.

Does washi tape come off?

Yes! Most washi tape you can peel off surfaces as it’s not as tacky as normal sellotape. If you’ve pressed the washi tape down firmly and it’s been on a long time it might be trickier to peel back off. Try scratch the side of the washi with your nail and you’ll be able to remove it eventually.

washi tape ideas 35

Etsy, £4

What is washi tape used for?

Washi tape can be used for papercrafts, bullet journaling, card making, home improvements, colour coding tech and leads, creating gift wrapping and even nail art. The real question is what isn’t washi tape used for! Anything you want to make more decorative or to give it a new lease of life – washi is your guy. To prove just how adaptable and creative you can get with washi tape we’ve gathered 33 washi tape ideas for you to get inspired by.

33 washi tape ideas, crafts and projects

Get creative with these fun and funky washi tape ideas.


Bullet Journalling with cute washi tape

washi tape ideas
Washi Puppies by @casawashi

Washi tape was originally designed to add some extra magic and structure to your bullet journal. There’s tons of creative ways you can use washi in your planner and Elizabeth Journals has collected some of the top ideas over on her blog. If you’re in the market for a new journal check out our best notebook round-up which includes loads of gorgeous planners. We even have a complete guide to bullet journaling!


Washi tape plant pot upgrade

washi tape ideas 7

This one is for the plant lovers! Add washi tape to all your plant pots like Yawarakaijikan has here.


DIY Washi Tape Script Cards

washi tape ideas 1

Use your washi tape to create colourful cards with Omiyage Blogs free tutorial.


Washi Tape Chalkboard Clipboard

washi tape ideas 2

Give your clipboard a funky makeover with chalkboard paint and a washi tape border! A Pumpkin & A Princess shows you how over on her blog.


Washi tape gift bag decoration

washi tape ideas 3

Helena Schaeder Söderberg has used her washi to create these super cute designs on mini gift bags. Copy her shapes and make your own.


Washi tape jars

washi tape projects gift jars

Washi tape can stick to most surfaces – even glass. The fab Debbie Simpson shows you how to make washi tape gift jars. Simply wrap some strips around a small glass jar. Cover a strip of card with tape and make a concertina rosette to decorate the lid, then pop in a tealight, chocolate or any mini products and give as an adorable gift!



washi tape projects 1

Washi tape projects don’t come cuter than mini bunting! All you need to do is cute little strips of your washi, fold it over on itself over your string or yarn then cut a little triangle out of each one. We love Paper Mash’s version.


Washi tape tea light makeover

washi tape ideas 6

Update your tealights with your favourite washi’s just like LebensLusTiger has.


Washi tape cables and cords

washi tape ideas 7

Megan Duesterhaus has made the ultimate washi tape project. Give your cords and chargers some colourful interest with your leftover washi tape.


Washi tape butterfly clips

washi tape ideas 9

One of our favourite type of washi tape projects is upgrading stationery. Add your washi to all your butterfly clips just like I Heart Organizing has for an extra touch.


Cute washi tape paper clips

washi tape projects paper clips

Continuing with the stationary theme we have these super cute paperclips by Kathy Hodson for Papercraft and Inspirations mag. Simply cut a piece of washi, fold it on itself around the paperclip and cut a triangle. These are great additions to planners, bullet journals or just spare papers lying on your desk.


Washi tape pencils

washi tape projects pencils

Add some glitz to your desk with Julie Kirk’s with wrapped pencils. Using glitter washi tape, create a horizontal loop at the top, then angle the tape and move down the remainder of the pencil, wrapping in a spiral to cover the entire surface.


Washi tape envelopes

washi tape ideas 10

Give your envelopes an extra sparkle with Club Crafted’s washi tape DIY.


Washi tape gift wrapping

washi tape ideas 11

Teal Notes have a whole collection of washi tape projects over on their blog. We love this gift wrapping idea.


Cute washi tape Christmas ornaments

washi tape projects 12

Washi tape projects are going festive. Use Bellwood Cottage’s tutorial to make your Christmas ornaments even prettier.


Washi tape earrings

washi tape ideas 13

Turn your washi tape into fabulous earrings with Sowerding About’s tutorial.


Washi tape tins

washi tape ideas 14

Mini tins come in useful for all sorts of bits and bobs. Give them a washi makeover with DIY Candy’s free tutorial.


Washi tape keys

washi tape ideas 15
Image via Pinterest from

Forget keyrings, add some bling to your keys by sticking your favourite washi tape on them as decoration. Cover with clear nail varnish to lock it in place.


Washi tape nails

washi tape projects 16

If you’re a true washi tape lover then you’ll want your washi with you wherever you go. Hello Little Home shows you how to turn your washi into nail art.


Washi tape make up brushes

washi tape projects 17

Give old makeup brushes a new lease of life with Our Fifth House’s washi tape project.


Washi tape pinwheels

washi tape projects 18

Craft cute little pinwheels from your washi tape with Mad in Crafts free tutorial.


Washi tape bicycle helmet

washi tape projects 19

Upcycle old bike helmets into washi beauties with It Happens in a Blink’s tutorial. Who knew washi tape projects would venture outdoors!


Washi tape frames

washi tape projects frames

Forget buying frames for all your new snaps – use your washi instead. Use Design Sponge’s free tutorial and decorate your room the washi way.


Washi tape letters

washi tape projects 21

Make a statement with Mariely’s washi tape letters.


Cute washi tape birthday cards

washi tape projects birthday cards

Debbie Simpson is the queen of washi tape projects and makes beautiful birthday cards from them! Washi tape is perfect for creating eye-catching background designs – just wrap the tape around a piece of card to make your own designer paper. Washi tape is low-tack, so don’t worry if you don’t get it in the right place the first time.


Washi tape magnetic bookmarks

washi tape projects bookmarks

Make mini magnetic bookmarks with Lemon Squeezy Home’s free washi tape tutorial.


Washi tape keyboard

washi tape projects keyboard

Honey We’re Home has loads of washi tape projects on her blog including this fab washi tape keyboard.


Washi tape Christmas cards

washi tape christmas cards

Washi tape strips are a quick and easy way to create fun Christmas tree designs in a hurry! In Julie Kirk’s card she’s combined and overlapped different colours, patterns and textures of tape, then decorate the finished tree with gems. As this design is so quick and easy to create, it’s a great choice if you’ve got a large batch of cards to make.

washi tape christmas cards

Or for another quick Christmas washi tape project, tear your washi strips to the length of your card, for an ultra-modern look. A twine wrapping (with the horizontal twine fed through a slit in the fold of the card) and a feature greeting finish the design nicely. For more festive projects check out our Christmas crafts section.


Washi tape pipe update

washi tape projects bathroom

Honey We’re Home is back with bathroom washi tape projects! Decorate plain pipes with old washi tape so your under sink can look sparkling.


Cute washi tape bunny tags

washi tape projects easter bunny

Repeat After Me’s Easter bunny tags are made from white pom poms and washi tape. Learn how to make a pom pom with our tutorial and then check out our Easter crafts for more spring projects.


Washi tape coasters

washi tape projects coasters

Keep your mugs happy with Home Talk’s washi tape coaster tutorial.


Washi tape flowers

washi tape projects flowers

Make your own bunch of flowers that will never die with DIY Candy’s washi tape bouquet tutorial.


Washi tape heart artwork

washi tape artwork

Turn your washi tape into heart artwork for your walls. Craftaholics Anonymous shows you how on their blog.

Where to buy washi tape

There’s tons of different brands and independent stores which sell washi tape. From wide washi to Disney washi, there is a washi tape for everyone! We’ve gathered three of our favourite places to buy washi tape – Etsy, Amazon and Hobbycraft so you pick up some super cute washi tape and get creative.

Who sells washi tape?


Etsy is the go-to website for independent sellers and unique washi tape. We especially love their range of wide washi tape and washi which has little characters on. Etsy has so many washi tape ideas you won’t know which to buy first.

where to buy washi tape etsy

Washi Station’s wide gold foil washi tape, £3.93

where to buy washi tape etsy disney

Jelly Studio Design’s Disney washi tape, £3.15

where to buy washi tape etsy cute

Robot Dance Battle’s cute washi tape, £4.16


Amazon is the place to buy washi tape in bulk. Often selling sets of six or seven washi tapes, it’s a great price and ideal for those of you who know you’ll use a lot. These glitter washi tape sets come with all the colours of the rainbow and there are some beautiful designs like these floral foil rolls.

where to buy washi tape glitter washi

SUMAJU glitter washi tape, £6.29

where to buy washi tape amazon

Gold foil flower washi tape, £7.99

where to buy washi tape amazon 1

Pastel washi tape, £8.99


Hobbycraft regularly restocks their washi tape collection and they’ve got some new washi for 2021! From fruity washi tape to washi tape that makes you want to jump on a plane, their sets are ideal for bullet journaling. Plus for three washi tapes, they’re a great price. 

where to buy washi tape hobbycraft

Tutti Fruity washi tape, £2.70

where to buy washi tape hobbycraft 2

Pet Purrfect Washi Tape, £2.70

where to buy washi tape hobbycraft 2

Vacation Time Washi Tape, £2.70


We hope you’ve enjoyed our cute washi tape ideas and guide on where to buy washi tape! Now that you’re a washi expert why not try some new crafts? We have a punch needle kits round-up and a rug making kits for beginners guide so you can start on your new creative project.