Mosaic crafts have seen a huge rise in popularity recently with mosaic supplies and kits being sold all over the web. Dating back to the Roman period, mosaics have been used for practical and decorative purposes for thousands of years and it's a craft that shows no sign of dying out.


Traditionally made with grout, there's now many modern mosaic supplies and kits which make the process more accessible for the everyday crafter. Whether that's new mosaic glue to stop your tiles sliding around before you grout or the self-adhesive foam stickers used kids mosaic kits, mosaic making is now easier than ever and is suitable for a range of ages and ability levels.

If you're a newbie to the world of mosaics or are just wondering where you can buy mosaic supplies then this is the guide for you! We're going to show you where you can buy all your mosaic essentials, both online and in-store, at an affordable cost.

For complete beginners or those of you with kids, we've gathered some of the best mosaic kits for adults and children that included everything you need to start making mosaics. Even if you're a pro we'd recommend checking out these mosaic kits because they make great gifts that are bound to get your loved ones as hooked on mosaics as you are.

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First, let's go through some of the top mosaic suppliers so you can get started on your mosaic-making journey.

Where to buy mosaic supplies

Many local craft stores and DIY chains will have mosaic supplies. While it may be harder to find tiles for sale in craft stores, you'll be able to find many of the tools needed since they're multi-functional. Craft stores like Hobbycraft sell mosaic supplies and kits both in-store and you can check online to see if your local store has them in stock.

Alternatively, ask the employees in the store if they sell grouting tools, tile clippers or mosaic tiles and hopefully you'll find all the supplies you need! Another instore option is home improvement shops like HomeBase or B&Q. Since tiling is often used in home renovations, many DIY stores will sell grouting and tools on both a small and industrial scale. Pop into your local store and have a browse in their tiling section, you never know what you might find.

If you're looking to buy your mosaic supplies online then there are hundreds of merchants to choose from. Amazon, Etsy, eBay all sell a great range of mosaic supplies at competitive prices. There's also specialist mosaic suppliers such as Mosaic Suppliers and Mosaic Traders which sell everything from tools to kits. To help you decide which retailer to go with, we're going to talk you through the essentials you need for mosaic making. Then you can head over to these retailers to compare prices and choose who you buy from.

What do you need to make mosaics

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic Mixed Coloured Tiles

Firstly you're going to need tiles! There's loads of places you can buy mosaic tiles on the web but we've found Amazon has a huge range at competitive prices. This 3 pack kit from Belle Vous is great for mosaic newbies because the tiles come in a range of colours and in three different shapes giving your mosaic designs an extra edge. All the tiles are 3mm thick and made from glass which has been smoothed to give them a beautiful, reflective quality. You can attach these mosaic tiles to wood, glass, metal, terracotta, ceramics, polystyrene and concrete allowing you to turn any material into a base for a mosaic. Plus these tiles are weather-proof so you use your finished mosaics as garden decor without worrying they'll lose their colour or shine over time.

Tile clippers

Glass & Ceramic Tile Nippers mosaic supplies

Many mosaic kits (like the ones we've featured below) will come with precut tiles but if you're planning on making your own mosaics then tile clippers are a must. When looking for tile clippers ensure you're buying ones that are suitable for ceramics or you'll run the risk of shattering your tiles. You'll also need a different type of clipper if you're hoping to cut glass tiles since it's such a delicate material. This tool kit from Amazon is perfect for mosaic making because it comes with all the tools you could ever need! There's a tile clipper, a glass cutting tool and a range of files so you can smooth out your pieces ready for use.


Mosaic Glue mosaic supplies

Glue isn't necessary when making mosaics but it'll make your life a whole lot easier. By sticking your tiles down before you grout your piece you'll ensure they don't slide around and ruin your final vision for your design. This mosaic glue from Beacon's is specially designed to keep your tiles in place and works on a range of materials. It doesn't matter if you're sticking ceramic to wood or glass to metal, this glue will keep your tiles in place and withstand the impact of the grout when you apply it over the top of your piece. It dries clear and is weather-resistant helping your designs to remain beautiful even if they're placed in a typically rainy British garden!


Tile a wall adhesive & grout for ceremic & mosaic tiles

Finally, you'll need some grout to seal your design with. Most household, water-resistant grouts will do the trick you just need to decide what colour you'd like your grouting to be. Some people opt for a more rustic, natural-looking grout while others use white or coloured. You can also buy fancy grouting like this black glitter one. Once you've chosen your grout, pick up a mosaic tool kit to help you smooth and apply your grout too. This kit includes a sponge, scraper and a series of tweezers to apply your tiles with.

You can also finish your mosaic piece with a sealant if you want to smooth it out. This step is optional as many people like to leave their designs to give them a rustic edge. If you did want to finish your piece then Amazon sells a range of affordable, clear sealants like Polar's Tile and Grout Sealer Protector.

12 of the best mosaic kits for adults

Blue coaster mosaic kit

Blue coaster Mosaic Craft Kit

Crafty You Crafty Me sells a huge array of mosaic kits for adults including this pretty blue coaster one. Make two coasters with their all-encompassing kit that's suitable for beginners. No tile cutting is required for this project just a bit of pattern planning. The instructions included take you through how to make a mosaic tile step by step and have a design sheet if you're stuck on how to arrange your tiles. It's affordable, eco-conscious, and produces tiles you can rest your coffee on for years to come. It's a win-win in our eyes!

Mosaic Heaven's mosaic tile kit

Mosaic Coaster Tile Ki

This mosaic kit from Mosaic Heaven is perfect for crafters who aren't ready to use grout. This kit uses glue instead of grout making it easier and a great introductory kit into the world of mosaics. There's 4 MDF coasters in the kit and over 400 multi-coloured and textured tiles which is more than enough to make your coasters with. We love how the array of colours included will allow you to create truly unique patterns on your tiles. Grab some pals and have a mini coaster crafting session together.

Dragonfly mosaic kit

Buy it now from Etsy

Make this delicate little dragonfly decoration with Montet Mosaics' kit. This beginners kit comes with everything you need to start decorating your dragonfly and comes in a sweet little pot making it a great stocking filler. Use the different tiles, beads and sequins in the kit to customise your dragon and be sure to hang it in your window when it's finished and it'll catch the light beautifully. Montet Mosaics sell a range of different animal kits too so if the dragonfly isn't for you then why not try their bird, butterfly, seahorse or heart mosaic kit instead?

Christmas decoration mosaic craft kit

Christmas decoration mosaic craft kit

Give your Christmas decorations the mosaic treatment this year with this handy mosaic kit from Crafty You Crafty Me. This kit is great for beginners as it comes with everything you need including non-toxic grout and an array of beautiful tiles. We also love that it comes in eco-packaging and clear, step-by-step instructions. This little kit would make the perfect Christmas gift or you could make the kit up and gift the decoration! For more unique festive projects head over to our Christmas crafts for adults.

Rainbow mosaic kits

Buy it now from Etsy

Bring some colour into your life with Mosaic House Bahrain's mirror kit. Everything you need is included and there's no cutting required making it a quick and stress-free project. The rainbow measure 20cm high and will look beautiful hanging in your home or garden.

Mosaic mirror kit

Mosaic Mirror kit

Transform a 30 x 30cm MDF baseboard into a colourful mirror with this mosaic kit. You'll receive over 80 mixed vitreous tiles as well as the board, mirror, all the tools and grouting and a handy map for tile placement. It's a kit that's suitable for beginners and will get you hooked on the world of mosaics. Pick one up and make yourself a new mirror this weekend.

Birdbath mosaic kit

Birdbath mosaic kit

Buy it now from Etsy

This incredible mosaic kit allows you to create your own sparkling birdbath. The kit includes the terracotta saucer you'll be decorating, all the essential tools and materials as well as a mixture of tiles and broken pottery pieces so you can make your design unique to you. We just know birds will love splashing about in this handmade creation!

Hummingbird mosaic kit

Buy it now from Etsy

Craft a feathered friend for your garden or home with this mosaic kit. This gorgeous kit comes with all the tools you need as well as a wall fixture, allowing you to display your finished work proudly. Each kit also includes a QR code leading you to an easy-to-follow video tutorial. It's the ideal kit for beginners.

INTESSERE mosaic kits

INTESSERE mosaic kits

Buy it now from Etsy
INTESSERE. created by the In Tessere mosaic school sells some of the best and most detailed mosaic kits on the market. Their intricate patterns replicate traditional Roman mosaic designs and are great for those wanting to take mosaic making seriously. The kit comes with everything you need as well as a link to a video tutorial which will teach you all the techniques of mosaic making. Whether you make the branch piece or their Goldfinch piece we think you'll love creating this kit.

Red and orange chilli pepper mosaic kit

Red and Orange Chilli Pepper Mosaic Kit

Buy it now from Etsy

This chilli pepper design is the ultimate kitchen mosaic kit! This kit is customisable so you can choose whether your tiles come cut or not, if you opt for the uncut tiles you'll be able to make your chilli peppers truly unique and practice your tile cutting skills. All other essential tools and materials are included as well as full instructions. Once you've completed your chilli tile you could use it to rest hot pots on, sauce-covered utensils or as funky kitchen decor.

Cat mosaic kit

Cat mosaic kit

Buy it now from Etsy

Kitten lovers this is the craft project for you. Use Montet Mosaics cat mosiac kits to make these cool cats for your home. Templates, precut tiles, grout, glue and instructions are included and you can choose between these three kits on their shop (or buy all three!). If cats aren't for you then we'd definitelt recommend checking out Montet Mosaics Etsy shop anyway as they sell a range of wonderful mosiac kits that are suitable for all different ages.

Beside The Seaside mosaic kit

Beside The Seaside mosaic kit

Buy it now from Etsy

Replicate the beauty of the seaside with this lovely mosaic kit from Primrose Mosaics. You'll receive everything you need to make this piece (no cutting required) along with written instructions for every stage of the process and a link to a video tutorial. Whether you hang this in your garden, bathroom or even your beach hut, we know this mosiac will recieve compliements from all that see it.

8 mosaic kits for children

Fairy sparkle mosaics kit

Fairy Sparkle Mosaics kit

Get all sparkly with this foam mosaic kit for kids. Suitable for age 5+ this kit comes with six designs for little ones to get creative with. It comes with loads of sparkly foam sticker sheets for them to use and each design shows them where and what colours they should be sticking down making it a fab activity to test their pattern-following skills.

Child's mosaic craft kit

Childs Mosaic Craft Kit

Buy it now from Etsy

Honey Mosaics has five different mosaic kits for kids and each one is as cute as the one before. Everything you need to make these pieces comes in the kit (grout and all!) as well as your kit instructions. If you need extra help be sure to check out their Facebook page which features video tutorials. There's also a great deal where you can buy four mosaic kits for £45 making it the perfect activity for a kid's birthday party.

Mosaic mandala kit


This mosaic kit from PlayMais will get your kids excited about the world of mosaics without any of the mess! Using biodegradable sponge pieces kids will dampen the pieces using a wet sponge and stick the pieces to templates in the kit - no glue or grout needed. The kit has over 3000 pieces included and six template mandalas for them to get creative with.

Mosaic letter craft kit

Buy it now from Etsy

Make the ultimate bedroom door sign with this mosaic kit from The Craft Cabin. Choose your letter and you've got yourself the perfect weekend activity. It's suitable for very younger children too as the tiles are made from foam. All the essential items come in the kit.

Princess mosaic kits

Princess Mosaic Kits

These mosaic kits from Baker Ross are ideal for very little children as no glue or grout is required. The kit comes with four magical Princess scenes and comes with stick-back foam squares your kids can use to decorate them. They're the perfect winter project to keep the kids entertained throughout the school holidays.

Unicorn mosaic kit

Mosaic Unicorn Kit

Buy it now from Etsy

Help your kids craft their own unicorn decoration with this kit from Kitch and kaboodle kits. Your wooden template, colourful tiles, glue, paint and brush are included as well as some sparkly extras to make your unicorn really pop. An instruction sheet with a coloured photo for reference is also included making it easy for both kids and parents to follow.

Santa mosaic kit

Santa mosaic kit

Keep the kids busy this Christmas with this sweet Santa mosaic kit. There's 182 self-adhesive foam squares inside for your kids to decorate Santa with so if they make a few mistakes there's plenty of extra stickers to play with. Pop this kit inside their stocking or Christmas Eve box to keep them entertained while you crack on with the Christmas dinner prep!

Which should you start making mosaics?

The creative process when making mosaics is a meditative one and the ability to make truly unique designs is rewarding and the results impressive. The colour combination and patterns are endless when it comes to working with the uniqueness of tiles, especially when incorporating recycled materials into your work like broken pottery.

It's great for kids too as it allows them to practice colours, shapes and motor skills. They can get creative with different tile combinations and learn how to make a beautiful piece. We're a huge fan of mosaic kits and believe as long as you have the right kit, mosaic making is for you.


Stay entertained with these craft kits

Once you've finished building your mosaics it's time to try a new craft. Head over to our craft subscription box which is full of creative kits for you to have fun with.


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