Choosing a present for an artist can be a little daunting if you're not sure what they might like – or what materials they might need. Don't worry! We've found lots of gift ideas for artists to help you find the perfect present.


Whether you're looking for a birthday present or a Christmas gift for the artist in your life, you're bound to find something suitable in our selection of the best gifts for artists of all ages and abilities.

In this guide, we'll look at gift ideas for artists, gifts for artists who draw, gifts for painters and the best gifts for young artists. We've included everything from beautiful watercolour sets to stylish ceramic paint brush holders. There are accessories, artistic materials and much more.

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Leather Paint Brush Roll

There are some brilliant art gifts for a variety of budgets, so you're bound to find something to suit the artist in your life. When you're choosing gifts for artists, it's a good idea to take their skill level into account. Are they a dedicated artist or someone who likes to try a new hobby? Would they enjoy a novelty present or a more practical gift?

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We've found some fun gift ideas for those who like to dabble in creative hobbies as well as suggestions for more enthusiastic artists.

Want more gift ideas for artists? Check out our guides to the best watercolour paints, best acrylic paints, best gouache paint set and best drawing tablets for beginners.

Read on to discover the best gifts for artists in 2023…

Best gifts for artists

Best gifts for artists under £10

Canvas pencil roll

Canvas pencil roll

These canvas pencil rolls are a great way to store your drawing pencils. They have handy pocket holes to secure the pencils and are fastened with a study cord.

These pencil rolls are available in a range of sizes – the smallest will store 12 pencils and the largest will hold 72.

Artist at Work Print

Artist at work print

This print is the perfect gift for artists if you're on a budget it'll immediately brighten up any study or art room.

Featuring botanical leaf and flower designs, it has a charming folk art-inspired style that'll suit all types of homes. Plus, it comes in different colours and sizes, so you can make sure it's exactly right for your favourite artist!

Coloured Pencil Holder

GIfts for artists – coloured pencil holder

Looking for gifts for artists who draw? This wooden coloured pencil holder is a fantastic gift for a keen sketcher.

They can set it up so that all of their pencils are on display and easy to find during a drawing session. No more rummaging through a pencil case to find the right pencil!

It also contains a small tray where you can store an eraser or a pencil sharpener.

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen Wallet Light Cool Gray Set of 4

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen Wallet Light Cool Gray Set of 4

Every artist needs a set of high quality pens, and this set from Sakura makes a brilliant gift.

Made in Japan, these pens contain the highest quality, pH neutral archival ink which is pigment based, waterproof, permanent, and fade resistant.

The set contains three fine liners with different nib sizes, plus a brush pen, so they'll have everything they need for drawing, writing or illustrating in their creative projects.

Sausage Dog Brush Rest

Sausage Dog Brush Rest

This cute ceramic sausage dog is the perfect gift for an artist. They can pop it on their desk and rest three of their brushes or pens while they work.

Each brush rest is handmade from clay before being hand painted, so every pup is totally unique.

Personalised Artists Keyring

Personalised Artists Keyring

This handmade, silver keyring can be personalised with the initial and birthstone of your favourite artist for a unique, thoughtful touch.

Best gifts for artists under £20

One Sketch A Day Journal

One Sketch A Day Journal

Make drawing a regular part of your day with this fabulous visual journal. This journal will make you more observant in your daily life and encourage you to record your impressions of the world around you.

15-minute Art Drawing by Jessica Smith

15-minute Art Drawing by Jessica Smith

This book is a great gift for an amateur artist who wants to improve their skills. Jessica Smith's book contains fifty 15-minute projects that you can complete with colouring pencils and markers in no more than six steps and also includes practice pages, colour swatches and helpful hints.

Sections include patterns, nature, food and characters, so you can have a go at drawing all sorts of things, plus at the end of each chapter, you learn how to put all of the objects together to create a still-life scene.

Looking for more book recommendations? Don't forget to check out our best drawing books guide too!

Paint Brush Rest

Gifts for artists – paint brush rest

This attractive brush rest is a useful gift for any painter – rest your brushes on it while you're painting to help keep your surfaces clean and tidy.

It includes a hole at one end so that it can be used as an incense burner too. These brush rests are available in three gorgeous colours: earth blue, cadmium red or soft white.

Personalised Wooden Paint Brush Holder

Personalised Wooden Paint Brush Holder

This wooden paintbrush holder is both durable and beautifully crafted. Created from a blend of premium rosewood and brass materials, it's perfect for holding brushes, paint pens, and can even serve as a decorative paperweight. Choose to leave it plain, or engrave it with a name, logo, or special personalised design.

Pith Oroblanco Sketchbook

Pith Oroblanco Sketchbook

These sketchbooks don't just look great, they actually feature 76 pages of sustainable ivory paper in between 1.5 mm coloured recycled boards.

As if that wasn't enough, they also have a unique binding, which enables the sketchbook to open 180° and lay completely flat on every page, making the artist's life much easier.

They make a fantastic stocking filler, or you could even gift them alongside a set of pens or paints to complete the gift.

Paint Water and Not Paint Water Cup Set

Gifts for artists

When you're painting, it's easy to absentmindedly dip your paintbrush into your drink instead of your paint water. We've all done it! Make mix-ups a thing of the past with this funny cup set.

This set doesn't have handles, so the no paint water cup is best used for cold drinks.

Faber Castell Connector Pen Suitcase

Faber Castell Connector Pen suitcase

If you're looking for art gifts for kids then this set from Faber Castell is a fun option. It includes 40 high quality Connector pens, 6 Connector clips (these can be used to clip the pens together to make pen structures!) and a little passport filled with art tips and techniques. It comes in a cute metal suitcase tin to keep everything together.

Essdee Block Printing Kit for Kids

Essdee Block Printing Kit for Kids

This Essdee block printing set is a great way to introduce children to printing without using any sharp tools. They'll enjoy pressing their designs into the foam blocks and using the roller to make their first printed designs!

Faber Castell Colouring Pencils

Faber Castell Colouring Pencils

This set contains 60 colouring pencils in an impressive array of shades, including neon and metallic pencils. Children can use these pencils to colour in colouring books or create their own multicoloured drawings.

Best gifts for artists under £50

DIY Kintsugi Kit

Gifts for artists under £50 – DIY kintsugi kit

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer to create something more beautiful than the original. It showcases the object's flaws instead of hiding them away – with stunning results! This kit comes with everything you need to try kintsugi techniques at home.

You can use the kit to repair any broken ceramics you want to fix or you can choose a bowl to mend (available in 12 colours). You can also add on a ceramic heart if you want more materials to practice on.

Abstract Air Dry Clay Kit

Air dry clay kit

Air dry clay can be very therapeutic to work with and it's a great way to get in touch with your creative side, especially if you're new to art. You don't need a kiln to produce your own fabulous clay makes!

This fantastic air dry clay set comes with everything you'll need to make your own abstract art creations, including clay, paints, tools and metallic gilding sheets.

If you enjoy this kit make sure you also check out our best gifts for potters.

Ceramic Paint Brush Holder

Gifts for artists – paintbrush holder

This beautiful hand-crafted ceramic brush is a great choice if you're looking for gifts for painters. These lovingly crafted pots are a fantastic addition to any art stash and they're bound to be treasured for years to come. These brush holders are available in a selection of colours including sandstone, pacific blue and moss green.

Geoff Kersey's Silver Brush Set

Geoff Kersey's Silver Brush Set

This practical and stylish set has been curated by watercolour artist Geoff Kersey, and contains everything you need to emulate his signature style of landscape painting.

The set comes complete with a black canvas brush case so the brushes can be stored safely when not in use, making it a great gift for the artist who is looking to start building their kit.

Ceramic Paint Palette

Ceramic Paint Palette

This stoneware paint palette is made from strong, durable clay, making it a great, long-wearing alternative to thin plastic palettes.

It's easy to clean and can be used with many different types of paints, making it a useful gift for an artist who uses multiple mediums.

Floral Resin Artist Paint Palette

Floral Resin Artist Paint Palette

Handmade from a beautiful combination of resin, flowers and glitter, this artist's palette can be used for mixing paints or displayed as a piece of home decor.

We love that you can personalise this with your own choice of flowers, or even add a name for an even more thoughtful touch.

Eat Sleep Art Sweatshirt

Eat Sleep Art Sweatshirt

This comfy sweater would make a lovely gift for the artist in your life. It has a chunky slogan and a soft lining – perfect for relaxation or to wear while you're getting creative.

This design comes in a range of sizes for both men and women.

Cyanotype Printing Kit

Gifts for artists – cyanotype print

Cyanotype printing is a fun technique which allows you to create beautiful prints using photosensitive paper and your choice of objects (natural items such as leaves and feathers are particularly effective). Use the kit to produce your own vivid blue prints for your home! This would be a great activity to do with children under adult supervision.

If you're going to gift any of these products make sure you check out our how to do furoshiki wrapping and our suminagashi gift wrap tutorial to wrap them up prettily!

Premium Linocut Kit

Gifts for artists – premium linocut kit

Do you know someone who is always looking for a new creative hobby to try? This linocut set is ideal for someone who likes to try new things and develop their creative skills. This starter kit comes with everything you need to get into lino printing, including carving tools, lino, ink, a brayer (ink roller) and a step-by-step printing guide.

If you're looking for more lino printing supplies, take a look at our lino printing for beginners guide.

Pinafore Apron

Gifts for artists – pinafore apron

This stylish pinafore apron made from light linen fabric is comfortable and will protect your clothes from paint. This is available in a range of beautiful colours and would make a great gift for a painter. Child sizes and custom sizes are also available.

Derwent Inktense Metallic Paint Travel Set

Derwent Inktense metallic paint set

Make your artwork truly shine with this beautiful metallic paint set. This would make a wonderful present for a keen watercolour painter who already has an ordinary watercolour paint set.

Derwent has a great reputation for producing high quality art supplies and this set will last a long time with proper care. These shimmering paints come in twelve highly reflective shades and the set even comes with a handy water brush for painting on the go.

This would also be a fun gift for any young artists in your life. They will love adding the sparkling colours to their paintings!

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Paint Set

Gifts for artists – Winsor and Newton watercolour paints

This Winsor & Newton watercolour set is a great option for an enthusiastic painter who wants to upgrade their materials. Although this isn't professional standard, the quality of the paints is still exceptional. This set also includes a brush, putty rubber and pencil as an added bonus.

If they're looking for something to paint with their new set, show them our best watercolor painting ideas.

Faber-Castell Polychromos Artist Pencils Gift Box

Gifts for artists – Faber Castell polychromos pencil set

This smart little gift box is an ideal gift for an artist who loves to work with coloured pencils. These lovely pencils blend smoothly to create professional-looking pencil drawings.

They're also lightfast so the colours won't fade over time. Any artist would be delighted to receive this high-quality drawing set.

Looking for more coloured pencils to buy? Check out our best colouring pencils recommendations.

Leather Paint Brush Roll

Leather Paint Brush Roll

Protect paint brushes by wrapping them up in a handmade leather brush roll. This is very useful for anyone who needs to travel with their brushes, or enjoys keeping their art materials in good order. These brush rolls can also be personalised for the recipient to make this an even more thoughtful gift.

Leather Sketchbook Cover

Leather sketchbook cover

If you're looking for gifts for artists who draw, this leather sketchbook cover would make a wonderful treat for a special occasion.

It's extremely practical for those who like to sketch when they're out and about, with slots for your pens or pencils and little pockets to hold any accessories (or some spending money!).

Daler Rowney Simply Complete Art Set

Daler Rowney Simply Complete Art Set

This set contains everything a budding artist could possibly wish for! There's everything from acrylic paints to watercolours and oil pastels – it even includes a canvas and easel.

Daler Rowney is known for producing excellent quality supplies for artists and this set is fantastic value for money because it comes with so many items. This art set is suitable for a new artist or a very creative child.

Best gifts for artists under £100

Deluxe Paint by Numbers Kit

Deluxe Paint by Numbers Kit

Paint by numbers isn't just for kids! Using a paint by numbers kit is a great way to create a vibrant piece of artwork for your home. This is a good choice for an aspiring painter to help build their confidence – or for someone who uses painting for relaxation.

We love this bright Rainbow Mountain design by Hebe Studio, which is just one of a selection of stunning designs by talented independent artists. If you get into this fun pastime, take a look at our pick of the best paint by numbers kits for adults.

Three Month Art Box

Three month art box

This is an ideal present for someone who wants to learn how to paint. The lucky recipient will receive a box in the post every month over the three month period.

Each box contains four beautiful projects to paint, including all of the materials and instructions they'll need to develop their painting skills.

The kit also includes links to video tutorials to make the whole process really easy.

Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour Travel Box

Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour Travel Box

Winsor and Newton are known for their high quality paints and this set from SAA is no exception. The paints are presented in a sleek travel case and the set includes brushes, paper and other useful accessories.

DIY Textured Art Kit with Canvas

DIY Textured Art Kit with Canvas

This art kit is the perfect gift for an art enthusiast who loves to learn new skills.

It contains everything you need to make your very own textured canvas, plus a set of easy-to-follow instructions and a link for a video tutorial. Why not buy two and plan a creative evening as part of your gift?

Daler Rowney System 3 Screen Printing Set

Gifts for artists – Daler Rowney screen printing set

Screen printing is an addictive hobby and can be used to print your own designs onto paper and fabric.

This excellent screen printing kit contains everything you need to produce your own stunning prints, including a printing screen, inks, a squeegee, screen block and step-by-step instructions to help you get started.

Ultimate Modern Calligraphy Set

Ultimate Modern Calligraphy set

This modern calligraphy set contains everything you need to master this creative hobby including a dip pen, two nibs, black calligraphy ink, a quick guide to help you get started and access to downloadable worksheets. The worksheets include lots of tips and tutorials to help you get started.

If you're giving this set to a vegan, you can choose a vegan ink option when placing your order.

Best gifts for artists over £100

Sennelier Wooden Box Set of 36 Oil Sticks

Sennelier Wooden Box Set of 36 Oil Sticks

If you're looking for a show-stopping gift for the artist in your life, you can't go wrong with this box of Sennelier oil sticks. Made from pure pigments, these professional oil sticks are top quality and beautifully presented in a wooden box.

Mabef Artist's Easel

Gifts for artists – Mabef artist's easel

An easel is an incredibly useful gift for any artist, especially those who enjoy drawing and painting. This well-made easel has been constructed from oiled beech wood and is adjustable. This is a wonderful gift for artists who paint.

Daylight Company Art and Craft Lamp 100

Daylight Company art and craft lamp

If you have a bigger budget this year, treat the artist in your life to this fantastic artist's lamp from the Daylight Company. It has been specially designed with artists in mind and has some great features. For example, it comes with two clamps so it can be easily attached to a desk or an easel.The neck of the lamp bends, so you can position the light exactly where you need it. There are also three different brightness settings to choose from. The lamp is designed to mimic natural light, so it will help you to paint or draw accurately.This daylight lamp would make a great addition to any art room and can be easily stashed away when not in use.See our roundup of the best Daylight craft lamps for more.

Art and craft courses

Skillshare is a website and app offering a huge range of online courses, including a huge selection of art and craft classes. There are tutorials covering everything from the basics of acrylic painting to illustration and watercolour techniques, and each class is presented by an experienced artist, so you're bound to pick up some great tips.

Anyone Can Paint: Learn to Paint 10 Easy Watercolor Sunsets Course

While Skillshare doesn't offer gift cards at the present time, you can still sign up for a subscription on behalf of someone else and set up a login for them. Below are some of our favourite art and craft courses... they're the perfect gift for the creatives in your life!

Gouache Florals Course

Gouache Florals Course

Peggy Dean's class will teach you how to use gouache paints while experimenting with a new floral painting style.

Designed for both beginners and seasoned artists, this course will allow those new to the medium to learn painting techniques in a loose, illustrative form, while seasoned artists can play with a transition in medium or artistic style and technique.

Find out more about the gouache course here!

Watercolour in the Woods: A Beginner's Guide to Painting the Natural World Course

Watercolor in the Woods: A Beginner's Guide to Painting the Natural World Course

In this step-by-step watercolour painting course, you'll learn how to paint vibrant watercolour paintings inspired by the natural world.

Run by natural history illustrator Rosalie Haizlett, the course takes place in her off-grid cabin on her family's farm in the Appalachian mountains.

Papercraft Flower Course

Papercraft Flower Course

Join artisan Emily Paluska in this delightful class all about how to make paper flowers — and about the power of creativity in your daily life. Subscribe to the papercraft flower course here!

Mastering Illustration: Sketching, Inking & Colour Essentials Course

Mastering Illustration: Sketching, Inking & Colour Essentials Course

Work with Josiah (Jazza) Brooks, artist and YouTuber with over five million followers, to learn his own creative process in never-before-seen detail.

In this comprehensive illustration course, you'll learn Jazza's favourite tips, tricks, and techniques while working with your medium of choice, plus practice the basics of sketching, inking, and colour before building to more adventurous techniques like texture and lighting effects.

Modern Embroidery for Beginners Course

Modern Embroidery for Beginners Course

Find a new way to express your creativity with this Embroidery for Beginners course, run by master embroiderer Danielle Clough.

Known for her groundbreaking techniques and nontraditional materials, Danielle’s warm and funny teaching style will make you wonder why you’ve never tried this craft before.

Procreate for Beginners Course

Procreate for Beginners course

In this comprehensive, all-in-one Procreate course, you'll learn the fastest and simplest ways to create professional artwork you can sell.

You'll create five cool illustrations, with each lesson focusing on a core skill in the programme. Click here to discover everything you need to know about the Procreate for Beginners Course here!

Introduction to Needlepoint: Relax and Stitch Course

Introduction to Needlepoint Course

Learn the basics of needlepoint with Floor Giebels' Introduction to Needlepoint: Relax and Stitch Course. You'll make your own needlepoint piece with the help of a pattern or marked canvas, and learn all about how needlepoint can be used as a relaxing tool to destress.

Easy Clay Earrings: Learn 3 Styles using Oven-Bake Clay Course

Easy Clay Earrings: Learn 3 Styles using Oven-Bake Clay Course

Learn how to craft your own oven-bake clay earrings with Kentucky-based artist and online educator Kiley Bennett.

Modern Crochet: Essential Skills for Getting Started

Modern Crochet: Essential Skills for Getting Started Course

Join designer, instructor, and author behind TL Yarn Crafts, Toni Lipsey, to create a beautiful set of crochet coasters to use or gift. Along the way, you'll learn an easy-to-follow workflow you can use to DIY any garment, accessory, or houseware you can imagine... find out more about Toni's Crochet Course here!

Choosing the best gifts for artists

When it comes to choosing art gifts, it's always a good idea to keep the person you're buying for in mind. People who are new to art will have different needs to more experienced artists and may still be trying to figure out what they enjoy. If you're buying for a beginner, give them the opportunity to try something new and discover their artistic passions.

An art gift can also be a fantastic way to encourage children to pursue a creative hobby, whether you give them a fun art kit or a set of pens in rainbow shades.

Enthusiastic artists may already have all of the art materials they need but would appreciate a new easel or a stylish paint pot for their art space. Alternatively, they may like to upgrade their existing supplies or try out an online course.

Whatever you choose, you're bound to find a special treat for the artist in your life!

Transform your painting style with an easel

If you spend a lot of time on your art, you may find that you get a sore back from hunching over a table. An easel can transform the way you paint and make longer painting sessions much more comfortable.


Many easels are designed to be portable, so you can head outdoors and enjoy painting in the fresh air too! Discover the right easel for you with our pick of the best art easels.

Best art easels
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