Wood crafting is an exciting and challenging activity for all ages! It will test your motor skills, your patience, your creativity and your problem-solving ability. It is a charming hobby to get into, and you'll find yourself getting lost in the escapism of these projects.


There is an incredible amount of wood crafting kits available on the market so we've round up our favourite ones for you to easily browse through! First up you'll find some amazingly imaginative wood crafting kits for adults, showcasing a wide variety of intricate designs for the ambitious crafter. Following this you'll find a list of our favourite wood craft kits for kids, containing a variety of more simple styles and kits. Who knows your little ones might be the next generation of engineers or architects!

These kits are a great pastime to get kids away from screens and great bonding activity for families to do together. Once you've finished building, most of these kits can be painted too, if you want to take your creativity to the limits!

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Wood crafting kits for adults

1. Build your own wooden mechanical clock

A beautiful project for those who love to get creative with their hands. This is a super exciting project for puzzle lovers and clock fanatics! Once you have completed building the kit you will actually have a clock which harnesses kinetic power and is fully functioning. This kit will take a bit of patience, but the outcome will be totally worth it! The kit contains full instructions for you to follow including helpful pictures.

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wood crafting kit clock

2. Build your own 3D car wood crafting kit

An intricate design, ideal for those with an engineering interest and a love of detailed projects. The craft kit contains a number of small pieces that require precision and critical thinking in order to place them all together into one artful piece. The car is made up of 84 wooden pieces that will arrive on wooden boards, ready to be pushed out. The kit is designed to be built without the use of any glue, and the pieces will easily slot together. Once you have finished building the car you can leave it as is, or if you prefer you can paint it (paint is not included with this kit, however).

wood crafting kit car

3. Build your own starry night music box

This magical kit will engulf you in the mystery of outer space! Embrace your inner scientist and create your very own mini rotating galaxy complete with charming music. This kit is ideal for kids over 14 and adults, it would make a good project to do together and may spark an interest in construction and engineering in your teenagers. It is certainly a welcome break from looking at screens all day!

wood crafting kit starry night

4. Build your own locomotive

Model building and trains go hand in hand! This ROKE MC series is inspired by the vehicle evolution back in the 19th century, including four characteristic vehicle models of the era. They are designed with exquisite details into mini scale models, at the same time retaining the complicated structures of the original.

wood crafting kit train

5. Wooden treasure box

This one is definitely one of the favourites, with over 2500 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5 we can see why! This beautiful treasure box features a locking mechanism which can be opened with a code that you choose yourself. It makes for a special place to store special items such as jewellery. This box would make a wonderful gift once it has been assembled, as it is strong and sturdy and can be used for a long time.

wood crafting kit treasure box

6. Star Wars Millennium Falcon wood crafting kits

One for all you Star Wars nerds out there! We at Gathered are right there with you, you can't get enough Star Wars crafts. We absolutely love this miniature woodcraft kit of the Millenium Falcon. This kit is quite detailed so will take a good chunk of time to complete, so a great kit of those wanting a challenge.

wood crafting kit falcon

7. Ship woodcraft kit

One for the sailing ship enthusiast! This impressive wooden boat is based on the 19th century Clipper Ship. According to the seller, the last China Clippers were acknowledged as the fastest sail vessel. Create a special piece of history with this lovely kit, and admire this ship for years to come!

ship wood crafting kit

8. DIY wood craft dolls house

Make your very own wonderland! These beautiful kits from Rolife allow you to create your own miniature scenes from a charming bookstore to a thriving plant garden. You'll find instructions and glue to start your building adventure in the kit.

wood crafting kit house

9. Wood craft marble run kit

Marble runs are super satisfying to watch, but what's even more satisfying is knowing you built the marble run with your own hands! This awesome piece of kit will take around 7 hours to assemble, so it will certainly keep you busy. You'll find all the instructions inside the kit, and you don't even need any glue for this one.

wood crafting kit marble

10. Horse wood craft kits for adults

This majestic horse is made up of 410 pieces, so you will have quite the challenge on your hands! Never fear though the kit comes with full instructions and no glueing is required. This model has a mechanical function which allows you to wind a hand crank to make the horse trot along, which makes it really special.

wood crafting kit horse

11. Vitascope wood craft kit

This one is really something to marvel at! Combine your love of engineering and puzzle-solving with technology. The finished model can actually play film in the dark with the best distance 12 inches - incredible! ROKR Vitascope is a world-first Battery-free 3d wooden model of a Vintage movie projector. The product contains 154 pcs of laser-cut wood parts, a hand-crank generator, a film, and other components. Film nerd unite!

wood crafting kit vitascope

Wood crafting kits for kids

Build your own wooden robot

This cool robot is ideal for kids aged 6-12, who want to try their hand at some woodworking. For this project, the kids will get to sand, build and decorate their own robot! There are no rules on what their robots should look like, so it will encourage them to get creative. Children get hands-on experience of how to sand and finish real wood as well as an understanding of basic joinery skills using dowels to attach the moveable arms and legs. Family run business Ash & Co created this kit, and everything is handmade in their workshop in Hampshire. So your kids will get an awesome robot, but you'll get to support a small independent business.

wood crafting kit for kids robot

Build your own wooden aeroplane

This beautiful kit from Baker Ross will have any budding pilot thrilled! In the pack, you'll find two planes to build and decorate, which makes them perfect to do with a friend. Once built, the little ones can grab the paints, glitter, sequins and anything else they'd like to decorate with. These adorable wood crafting kits for kids will help with hand-eye coordination and encourage their creativity.

wood crafting kit for kids plane

Build your own Triceratops

Perfect for keen archaeologists and dinosaur hunters! This kit contains Triceratops, but there is a number of other dinosaurs available including the Tyrannosaurus and the Pterodactyl. Designed from pre-cut plywood sheets, these sturdy wooden models are ready to assemble and require no additional tools. Using the easy-to-follow numbering system provided in each kit, each model is assembled by slotting the individual pieces together. In addition to being great fun to build, they also teach children important dimensions skills and reward them with a beautiful model. The finished model can be painted, varnished or just left in its natural wood once completed.

wood crafting kit for kids dino

Bumblebee wood crafting kit

This detailed bee is ideal for children aged 7+ as it is a little more intricate that the other models. Help your little ones improve their concentration and puzzle-solving skills with this kit. They can also enjoy learning about the importance of the bumblebee whilst making up this model. Everything you need is included in this kit including full assembly instructions.

woodcrafting kit bee

Flexi-Cubus puzzle cube

Flexi-Cubus is a mechanical anti-stress puzzle in the form of a steampunk skeleton cube made out of eight joint-connected spheres. It takes only about an hour to assemble and will keep kids entertained, especially if they are prone to fidgeting or any anxiety.

flexi cube wood crafting kit

Wood craft kit bug hotel

Create a cosy hotel for creepy crawlies! Simply slot together and decorate using acrylic paint, then wait for little creatures to make it their home. This one is fabulous for creativeness, and learning more about nature.

wood crafting kit bug hotel

Rocket wood craft kit

To infinite and beyond! This one is perfect for little hands. The simple construction works well for younger kids and toddlers to help improve dexterity. The rocket can also be painted which makes a whole other fun activity for them to take on.

wood crafting kit rocket

Wooden birdhouse kit

Attract robins and other small birdies to your beautiful new birdhouse! This charming kit by Baker Ross can be quickly assembled, making it easy for little ones. Once assembled, time to raid your arts and crafts cupboard for paints, pens, glitter, sequins and anything else you can get your hands on. This kit doesn't include paints.

wood crafting kit birdhouse

Wooden pirate ship

Enjoy this set of 3 pirate ships to build and decorate. They are easily assembled and ideal for smaller hands, before they know they'll have a whole fleet! These would make a wonderful addition to a birthday party, where all the kids create their very own pirate ship to take home with them!

wood crafting kit pirate ship

Squirrel wood craft kit

This cute squirrel requires no cutting! Simply slot together the pieces of plywood according to their numbers and you'll be left with this fantastic critter. Now just to think of a name for him?

wood crafting kit squirrel

If you want more crafty fun, why not try these paint by number kits, which are lots of therapeutic fun and also make fabulous gifts for the keen crafter. Not sure what you want to take on next? Try these craft hobbies, and find out which craft is right for you. Or want to find out what the latest trends are, head over to our latest craft trends guide. Looking for more for the little ones? Try the craft ideas for kids, or the crafts for toddlers for lots of fun projects!


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