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Best Acrylic Yarns

Whether you're avoiding animal fibres or are on a tight budget, there's plenty of awesome acrylic yarns for you to try!

Best acrylic yarns

When it comes to acrylic yarn, there’s so many to choose from! Many people can still be wary of acrylic yarns, but the production process has had huge developments over the years which means you can now get high quality acrylic yarns that can even rival real wool fibres. But of course, one of the main perks of using an acrylic yarn is of course the price, making them a great choice for those on a budget.


Of course, acrylic yarn is essentially a plastic – which of course raises some important questions with regards to environmental impact. There are pro’s and cons when it comes on deciding whether to use acrylic yarns – they’re a popular choice for those wanting to avoid animal fibres, are easy to wash and care for, and again the affordability is the most important factor for some people. The fact that acrylic yarns aren’t environmentally friendly and won’t degrade is a big concern, and they aren’t easily recycled (although we’re starting to see some progress on this), however some people focus on the fact that items made from acrylic yarn will last for years and years – or could even be reused and repurposed. The decision o whether to use acrylic yarn is ultimately yours, but if you’re looking for alternative yarn choices you could always check out our pick of the best cotton yarns or the best alpaca yarns, or why not treat yourself to something from our pick of the best hand-dyed yarns.


King Cole Big Value Dk acrylic yarn

One of the most common uses of acrylic yarn is in creating even and consistent yarns that you can use for your everyday crochet and knitting projects. The King Cole Big Value range includes a 4ply, chunky and super-chunky weight yarns, as well as this fabulous DK version. It’s available in 23 solid shades and can be machine washed at 40º and even tumble dried (not something every yarn can boast). The key here is in the fibre description, being made of 100% premium acrylic – in our experience the word premium isn’t used lightly, and is always a good indicator that you’re getting a yarn that is that extra bit softer and smoother. Plus, if you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your yarn choice, you could check out the King Cole Big Value Dk limited edition range – which is an acrylic yarn that has been made from 100% recycled material.

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King Cole Big-Value-DK-acrylic yarn



Lion Brand Ferris Wheel Acrylic Yarn

If there’s one acrylic yarn that we would recommend to really show you how far acrylic yarns have progressed, then it would be the Lion Brand Ferris Wheel yarn! When we first tried these fabulous yarn cakes, we were quite honestly amazed to learn that they’re 100% acrylic! It’s got an impressive texture to it, with a super-soft fluffiness that almost feels like a roving yarn that’s felting to itself. It’s also mimics hand spun and hand dyed yarn, giving stunning ombre colours that transition and variegate beautifully throughout the yarn cake. Add all of that to the fact that it’s a handy aran weight yarn with 270 metres on each cake, and you’ve got the perfect yarn for projects such as multi-coloured scarves and hats!

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Lion Brand Ferris Wheel acrylic yarn


Sirdar Jewelspun Aran Acrylic yarn

Still need more proof of how much acrylic yarns have developed? No problem, you simply need to check out the Sirdar Jewelspun Aran yarn – another 100% acrylic yarn that mimics hand-spun yarns so well that even yarn experts would need to go in for a second look! This fabulous self-striping yarn comes in 10 nature-inspired colour combinations, from yellow and pinks in the ‘Setting Sun’ colourways to the green autumnal tones in the ‘Golden Green’ shade. It’s machine washable at 40º and these 200g balls come with an impressive 500 metres on them, making it a great addition to your yarn stash!

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Sirdar Jewelspun Aran weight yarn


Deramores Studio DK acrylic yarn

You may know Deramores as a brilliant online store to buy big name yarn brands from, but did you know that they produce their own yarn too? Their Deramores Studio DK is a top quality yarn at an incredibly affordable price, making it your new go-to yarn for your dk projects! It’s available in both 50g and 100g balls, and comes in a wide range of colours. It’s also anti-pilling, which means you won’t get those pesky bobbles on the surface of your fabric after too much wear or washing – so your crochet and knitted garments can look their best for as long as possible!

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Deramores Studio dk acrylic yarn


Rico designs Ricorumi Neon acrylic yarn

We’re already big fans of using the various yarns in the Ricorumi range (especially for our amigurumi projects), but now they’ve captured another of our favourite features with their 100% acrylic Ricorumi yarn – eye popping neons! These fabulously bright tones come in the classic green, orange and pink neon shades, and are fabulous for adding a splash of wild colour into your dk projects. They also come in super-cute 25g balls, meaning you can keep costs down and still go full on with flouro!

Buy Rico designs Ricorumi Neon acrylic yarn from Deramores

ricorumi neon dk acrylic yarn


Scheepjes Colour Crafter DK acrylic yarn

Here’s another 100% Premium Acrylic yarn (there’s that premium word again) that is definitely a yarn-stash favourite for colour lovers! Not content with creating a high quality and impressively soft acrylic yarn, there are also 93 different colours to choose from in the range!  While the colours are the undoubted star or the show, you also get a more than fair 300m on each 100g ball – making it a very wise yarn investment indeed!

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Scheepjes Colour Crafter Eelde 1422


Hayfield bonus super chunky acrylic yarn

If you’re after a 100% acrylic yarn that is perfect for your super-size crochet and knitting projects, look no further than the Hayfield Bonus super chunky! It’s got a nice defined twist as well as being soft and squidgy, producing big plump stitches on your large hooks or needles. It comes in 14 solid shades, and the Hayfield Bonus range is also available in dk, aran and chunky weights too!

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Hayfield bonus super chunky acrylic yarn


Cygnet Boho Spirit Dk acrylic yarn

The Boho Spirit yarn from Cygnet has been around for a few years now, but there are reasons why this variegated 100% acrylic yarn has stood the test of time. Available in 12 shades in rich and vivid brights, it has a relaxed twist with a hand-spun feel that produces a soft sheen and natural-looking halo. It’s also proof that yarn companies don’t just call it ‘premium’ acrylic just to sound good – this yarn really is softer than any acrylic you’ve felt before!

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cygnet boho spirit acrylic yarn


James C Brett Marble Chunky acrylic yarn

Here’s a 100% acrylic yarn that had proved popular with crocheters and knitters alike. It’s another yarn that takes on the style of hand-spun years, with two well-defined strands that have differences in colour twisted together, giving you an awesome two-tone effect. This fabulous chunky yarn is available in 44 shades ranging from bright colours to pretty pastels to marvellous monochromes, and there’s also a dk range too!

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James C Brett Marble Acrylic yarn


Lion Brand Mandala Dk Acrylic yarn

We do love a yarn cake, and if it comes in bright rainbow colours then we love it all the more! These fabulous Mandala Dk yarn cakes from Lion Brand are perfect for those of you who love a splash of colour, and with 33 different colour variegations to choose and 540 metres of soft dk yarn on each cake you really are in for a treat. With all those different colours it’s hard to choose our favourite… one of each please!

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Lion Brand Mandala Dk acrylic yarn

We hope you’ve enjoyed our pick of the best acrylic yarns, don’t forget if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks and the best crochet kits for beginners.