10 of the best crochet hooks and where to buy them

With so many different types available, we take a look at some of the best crochet hooks out there!

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Where to buy crochet hooks

If you’re just starting your adventure into crochet, then ‘where to buy crochet hooks’ is likely to be something you’ve never even thought about before. Fortunately there’s plenty of options out there! Many people find the weight and feel of a hook to be very important to how comfortable they feel while crocheting, and if this sounds like you then you might be wary of buying one online. Most decent local yarn stores will stock a range of crochet hooks – even if you can’t see them on the shelves it’s worth asking, they may be behind the counter! You’ll also find them stocked at some larger department stores such as John Lewis and Hobbycraft (and if you’re in the US you could try Jo-Ann Stores or Michaels)


But there’s even more options available for you if you’re happy to order online. As well as the obvious choices of Amazon and Ebay, there’s plenty of specialist retailers dedicated to yarn crafts – here’s some of our favourites!

10 of the best crochet hooks to buy in 2020

Now that you know where to buy crochet hooks, you also need to know which are the best crochet hooks for you! Below you’ll find our handy list of our favourite crochet hooks, which includes a few different types so that you can find the perfect hook for you!

Pony’s aluminium crochet hooks are proof that a cheaper product doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality! These hooks have been the starting point for many a crocheter, as they’re ridiculously affordable and readily available! While many people prefer hooks with handles for improved grip, plenty of crocheters actually prefer these simpler hooks for their strength and consistency. They feature a nice flattened portion which does allow you to grip the hook better than if it was completely cylindrical, and at such an affordable price it won’t cost you the world to get all the different sizes you need!

These Clover Soft Touch crochet hooks prove particularly popular with the crochet pros! Their flat handles help to give extra precision when it comes to positioning the hook, which is essential if you’re working on some complicated stitches! The hook is lightweight and as well as the smooth plastic handle it also features a nice rubber thump grip. If you’re in the US you can find it in the Deramores US store)

Susan Bates is a name UK crocheters may not be quite so familiar with, but our experienced crocheters from over the pond in America will almost certainly have come across them before! This particular hook features a lovely round soft handle, helping you to hook up those stitches in comfort.

Tulip is another brand that is particularly popular in the States, and their Etimo Rose hooks are a fab choice for crochet beginners. The soft rubber hook is designed specifically to reduce hand fatigue – just what you need if you’re crocheting away for hours!

If comfort is your main concern, then the Prym Ergonomic crochet hooks have you covered! These award-winning hooks are designed specifically to give you the best and comfiest grip possible, and are smooth and warm to the touch! These hooks go down particularly well with those with arthritis or that suffer hand cramps.

The Addi Swing hooks are another ergonomic hook that have been designed to flawlessly fit in your hand! These hooks are a great choice if you prefer the strength of metal hooks but find them a bit too fiddly to hold.

As well as being more environmentally friendly, many crocheters prefer the added flexibility that comes from wooden hooks. Bamboo is a popular choice when it comes to wooden hooks, as they’re particularly lightweight and feel nice to hold. However, if you crochet very tightly you may find bamboo hooks don’t quite have the strength you need.

If you’re looking for a wooden hook with a bit more strength, then the stylish hooks by Furl might be best for you! They come in a choice of different wood varieties, and these smooth handmade hooks have become incredibly popular with all types of crocheters. There are lots of different types of Furls hooks available, some with some quite expensive price tags, but these streamlines hooks come in at an affordable price if you fancy treating yourself.

KnitPro are known for producing high quality knitting and crochet accessories, and their lovely multicoloured wooden hooks are some of our favourites. As well as a huge range of normal hooks, KnitPro also make some fabulous Tunisian crochet hooks, an essential for the Tunisian crochet technique that any new crocheter will want to try before long!

If you want to combine a bit of tech with your crochet, then you’ll love these Crochet Lite hooks. The clear plastic tip of the hook lights up, meaning you can keep on crocheting well into the evening. Whether you’re hooking in low light or complete darkness, you’ll still be able to see those stitches with this clever device.

If you’re really getting into your crochet and fancy something a bit more special though, check out our list of the top 10 luxury crochet hooks!

10 of the best crochet hooks sets to buy in 2020

Once you’ve got the hang of crochet and start following patterns, you’ll quickly find that you need quite a few different sizes of hook. There are many crochet hook sets available in a wide range of styles and materials, and it’s often cheaper to buy a set than individually buying each different size of hook. To help you find the best set for you, here are some of the best crochet hook sets for beginners.

Luxbon hook set – 14 aluminium hooks, sizes 2mm-10mm

This bargain hook set contains all of the main sizes a beginner will ever need, and come in some funky colours too!

Groves crochet hook set – 24 aluminium & steel hooks, sizes 0.75mm – 6.5mm

If you like the idea of doing some intricate lace crochet, then you’ll need some smaller sized hooks. This fab set from Groves includes a selection of smaller sized hooks, as well as the more standard sizes – plus it comes in a handy carry case too!

If you’re in the US you can find them in the Deramores US store)

Knit Pro Waves Soft Grip hook set – 9 aluminium & plastic hooks, sizes 2mm – 6mm

KnitPro hooks are a favourite among beginners and expert crocheters alike, and the waves hook set features some lovely soft-grip handles and a fab fluorescent pink case!

Bamboo Crochet hook set – 15 hooks, sizes 3mm – 25mm 

If you find working with metal hooks hurts your hands or wrists, then maybe it’s worth trying some bamboo hooks – you get a lot more flexibility out of the hook, and this set even includes a whopping 25mm hook for if you fancy trying some jumbo crochet!

Pony Crochet Hook Set – 6 aluminium hooks, sizes 2mm – 5mm

This handy pack of Pony aluminium hooks contains the most common sizes that are needed in a crochet set for beginners – it’s the perfect set for if you’re just starting out on your crochet journey!

If you’re in the US you can find them in the Deramores US store)

Crochet Time hook set – 12 aluminium hooks, sizes 2mm – 8mm + scissors, stitch markers and fabric case

If you fancy getting a set that contains more than just your hooks, then you might like this fab crochet time hook set, which as well as a nice fabric case that comes in 6 colours, also includes a pair of lightweight spring-loaded scissors and two handy stitch markers.

Hobbycraft Multi-hook set – 9 metal hooks with soft grip handles in a denim case, sizes 2mm – 6mm

This Hobbycraft hook set with soft grip handles is a great choice for those that like the look of the KnitPro Waves set but are on a tight budget.

Drops Romance Hook Set – 5 Birch Wood Hooks, sizes 3.5mm – 8mm

If you like the idea of wooden hooks but are quite a tight crocheter, then these birch hooks are for you. Although wooden hooks are gentler on your hands, some crocheters can find bamboo to be too flexible and easy to break, so these lovey smooth birch ones should give you that little bit of extra strength.

Pony Easy Grip Crochet Hook Set – 9 steel hooks with polymer handles, sizes 2mm – 6mm

Here’s another fab hook set from Pony, The easy grip handles not only feature a flattened portion but also clever grooves to give you the best hold possible on your hook. It also includes all those half size hooks that not all sets include.

KnitPro Zing Crochet Hook set – 9 metal hooks, sizes 2mm – 6mm

The Zing crochet hook set from KnitPro is another lovely aluminium set, but with some clever little details! They’re incredibly lightweight which will help you crochet for longer, and while they come in a lovely range of colours the point is left uncoloured, meaning it’s always easy to see where you’re putting your hook no matter what colour of yarn you’re using!