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Top 30 crochet purse patterns

Whether you're looking for a crochet coin purse, clutch bag crochet pattern or a crochet handbag, we've got plenty of crochet patterns to inspire you!

best crochet purse patterns

Whether you’re looking for a quick crochet gift, an accessory to match your new outfit, or just something to keep your pennies safe, there’s plenty of crochet purse patterns out there for you to try! We know that the word purse means different things to different people, for some it’s a small bag for keeping your money in, for other’s it’s more of a handbag – so we’ve included a wide range of different styles to help you find your perfect crochet purse pattern.


When it comes to making a crochet purse, it’s the finishing touches that really help your finished item look like a professional product – so we’ve also included some handy links and information at the start of each purse style section to help you find those perfect findings for your crochet purse.

Coin purse crochet patterns

If you’re making a coin purse style purse, then you may be instructed to use a purse frame. These come in a fgew different shapes and styles, and it’s important to ensure that you obtain the correct size frame as what is recommended, otherwise you may have to adapt your pattern – if you’re looking to get some purse frames then you could try this retro metal purse frame set or this rectangle purse frame set

retro purse frame set


Free crochet coin purse pattern

If you’re after a simple and sweet crochet purse pattern that is perfect for storing your small change, then how about this pretty purse by Gwen McGannon. With some fun popcorn stitches to keep you entertained, it works in a range of colours and is great for using up any bits of cotton yarn from your stash. Find the Free crochet coin purse pattern here



Frog purse crochet pattern

Irene Strange creates amazing amigurumi crochet patterns, and she’s used those skills to make one of the cutest crochet purses that we’ve ever seen. This Freddie the Frog crochet purse pattern is bound to put a smile on your face everytime he hops out of your handbag, and the pattern also comes with handy step-by-step photo’s to help you through the trickier bits. Buy the Frog purse crochet pattern on Etsy

frog purse crochet pattern


Poodle purse crochet kit

Here’s one for you all you dog fans! Ever wished your purse resembled a poodle – well now it can with the help of this Poodle purse crochet kit from JosephBeardDesigns. The kit includes the pattern, yarn, eyes, nose and purse clasp, so all you need is your hook! Buy the Poodle purse crochet kit on Etsy

poodle purse crochet kit


Toadstool coin purse pattern

If you’re looking for a crochet purse pattern with a bit of magic to it, then how about this fabulous toadstool coin purse pattern. With it’s pretty embroidered flower details and that iconic mushroom shape, it’s one awesome accessory! Buy theToadstool coin purse pattern on Etsy

toadstool purse crochet pattern


Change-able coin purse pattern

If you’re not sure about working with purse clasps, then this is the pattern for you! This change-able coin purse pattern is exactly that – designed so that it’s easy to change the design, meaning you can make it for any size rectangular sew on purse frame and you don’t have to worry about your tension/gauge. Buy the Change-able coin purse pattern on Etsy

change-able purse crochet pattern


3-in-1 animal coin purse crochet patterns

Loving the animal-inspired purses we’ve shown you so far? Then why not hook up your own menagerie of crochet purses with this 3-in-1 pattern from MadToyMaker. Hook up a pink panda, lovely bunny and funny pig crochet purse – they’d make brilliant crochet gifts for your friends and family. Buy the 3-in-1 animal coin purse crochet patterns on Etsy.

3-in-1 animal purse crochet patterns


Jewelled leaves crochet purse free pattern

Fancy something a bit fancier? Well, you can’t really get more fancy than this amazing crochet purse pattern from Deramores. Designed by Zoë Potrac and using the clever crocodile stitch, this is one purse you’ll definitely want to show off! Buy the Jewelled leaves crochet purse free pattern from

Jewelled leave purse crochet pattern


Sheep purse free crochet pattern

We’re not done with the animal themed crochet purses just yet – who could resist this super-cute sheep purse! With it’s beautiful bobble fleece and adorable amigurumi features, it’s a must make for us wool enthusiasts! Find the Free sheep purse crochet pattern at

sheep free purse crochet pattern


Delft blue tapestry crochet coin purse

Tapestry crochet meets Dutch style in this beautiful coin purse crochet pattern by Atelier Sopra – one of our favourite tapestry crochet designers! With a fabulous round base and those super-stylish colours, your friends won’t believe you made this yourself! Buy the Delft blue tapestry crochet coin purse on Etsy.

delft blue purse crochet pattern


Fruit coin crochet purse pattern

Add some fruit to your life with a lemon and lime slice! These fruit coin purse crochet patterns designed by Hannah Cross are a fun and easy make, finished off perfectly with a little zip. Buy the Fruit coin crochet purse pattern on Ravelry.

fruit purse crochet patterns

Handbag crochet patterns

Many of the handbag patterns in this post will also recommend using pre-made straps or handles – you can of course make your own crochet straps, however these do have a tendency to stretch over time. If you’re looking for options, you could try this  handbag chain set from amazon or purchase one of these Adjustable leather handbag straps.

handbag chain set


Free amigurumi pineapple purse pattern

Here’s another top amigurumi designer using their skills to make an uber-cute crochet purse pattern! This free amigurumi pineapple purse pattern by AllAboutAmi combines classic amigurumi style with pretty shell stitches, and a sturdy i-cord to create this cute drawstring bag. You can find the free amigurumi pineapple purse pattern here, or you can buy it as an ad-free pdf download on Etsy.

free pineapple purse crochet pattern


Cord crochet bag pattern

If you like your crochet  big and chunky, then crack out your crochet cord (or macrame rope or bulky yarn) and hook up this stylish crochet handbag pattern. The pattern come complete with instructions, video tutorial and crochet diagrams, and we think it’s a fabulous accessory that can be used for a wide range of occasions! Buy the Cord crochet bag pattern on Etsy.

cord crochet purse bag pattern


Free cross-body belt bag crochet pattern

To some of us these will always be bumbags (or fanny packs as our friends in the US like to call them), and you can use this pattern that way, however these cross-body belt bags seem to be bang-on-trend right now! You can hook it up using single or double stranded yarn to create different sized bags, and this pattern looks fantastic when finished off with a leather (or faux leather) strap and some nice lining inside! Find the free cross-body belt bag crochet pattern on

cross-body free crochet purse pattern


Bernat ‘around we go’ Free crochet bag pattern

While this circular crochet purse may look quite simple at first, however the closer you look the more you’re going to fall in love with this free crochet pattern from Bernat. Hooked up in panels using a Dk cotton yarn, this pattern has an extra dimension where a crochet thread is slip stitched onto the fabric to create a visually stunning spiral effect. Find the Free Bernat around we go crochet bag pattern on

bernat round we go free crochet bag pattern


Rainbow crochet purse pattern

Regular visitors to Gathered will know we’re obsessed with anything rainbow related – so of course we’ve found the ultimate rainbow purse. This fabulous design is a texture-lovers dream… those crochet bobbles just scream out to be touched! Buy the Rainbow crochet purse pattern on Etsy.

rainbow crochet purse pattern


Penny Lane purse crochet kit

If you fancy hooking up a crochet purse and want a kit that has literally everything you need to make it, then how about this Penny Lane crochet purse kit from Wool and the Gang. Made in their Mixtape yarn – a chunky upcycled tape yarn made from T-shirt scraps, it also features a magnetic closure and leather strap making it stylish, sturdy and practical! Buy the Penny Lane purse crochet kit at

Penny Lane crochet purse kit


Free everyday purse crochet pattern

Sometimes you just want to keep things simple, and this free purse crochet pattern does just that, using simple stitches to create a stand-out crochet handbag. This pattern uses cotton yarn and a leather base to make it super strong and hardwearing, which hopefully means it’ll last you for years and years! Find the Free everyday purse crochet pattern on

free everyday purse crochet pattern


Delilah boho bag crochet pattern

Maybe you’re the sort of crocheter who doesn’t like to keep it simple? Maybe you love nothing more than getting stuck into a crochet challenge? Then we think this boho bag crochet pattern might just be perfect for you! With loads of fancy stitch combinations and fabulous textures, plus that awesome fringing, it’s a project that is bound to keep you busy… and one that you’ll love to show off! Buy the Delilah boho bag crochet pattern on Etsy.

Deliliah boho crochet bag pattern


Renaissance mini purse crochet bag pattern

How cute is this mini handbag-style purse! Hooked up in thick fabric/T-shirt yarn and finished off beautifully with a purse lock and chain strap, it just screams of high fashion! Buy the Renaissance mini purse crochet bag pattern on Etsy.

Renaissance mini crochet purse pattern


Bernat ‘fringe benefits’ free crochet bag pattern

Here’s another purse pattern that uses brilliant T-shirt yarn (which not only means quick stitches but also a super-sturdy fabric). It’s a relatively simple bag pattern, but it’s that awesome beaded fringing that’s the real star of the show in our opinion! Find the Bernat fringe benefits free crochet bag pattern on

Bernat fringed free crochet purse pattern

Clutch bag crochet patterns

Clutch bag style patterns can be secured with a bit of velcro or buttons, but taking the time to properly insert a zip will make a big difference to how practical your purse is – we particularly like this Zip multipack from Amazon as the big lifting ring means opening your clutch bag will be super-simple every time!



Free crochet clutch bag pattern

Our first free clutch bag crochet pattern is a relatively simple make, but with plenty of interesting features like a semi-circle flap and some funky fringing. Find the free crochet clutch bag pattern here.



Rose clutch bag pattern

We love those pretty rosebud bobbles on this stylish crochet clutch bag by Eleanora Tully. This project is also hooked up one piece to create a classic envelope-style clutch – try finishing it off with a magnetic or pop button faster to keep those belongings safe. Buy the Rose clutch bag pattern on Ravelry.

Rose clutch bag crochet pattern


Caron x Pantone free crochet clutch bag pattern

If you’re a fan of crochet colourwork, then you’ll love this free crochet clutch bag pattern from Yarnspirations. It uses the fantastic Caron x Pantone yarn, a clever braid of 5 separate links of yarn in complimentary colours in Pantone shades. Find the free Caron x Pantone crochet clutch bag pattern on

caron pantone free clutch bag crochet pattern


Free crochet pencil case pattern

Ok, so we know that technically this isn’t a crochet clutch bag, but it could easily be adjusted so we wanted to include it for those of you who like to get creative. This pencil case pattern uses corner-to-corner crochet (also called C2C crochet) to create it’s colourwork design, and once you’ve mastered the basics it’s super-easy to customise it with your own design or to change the size of the case – why not give it a go? Find the free crochet pencil case pattern here.



Money honey clutch bag kit

Here’s another fabulous purse kit from Wool and the Gang, and this one uses one of our favourite yarns of theirs – Ra-Ra-Raffia. It’s a biodegradable, vegan friendly, water-repellant, 100% paper yarn which is not only fun to crochet with, but also creates a super-lightweight and structured fabric. Try it out in this fab kit which contains everything you need to make this simple yet stylish crochet clutch bag. Buy the Money honey clutch bag kit from WoolandtheGang.

Money honey Clutch bag crochet pattern


Free crochet clutch bag tutorial

One of the things we love most about crochet clutch bags is that their simple rectangular shape allows designers to really get creative with their stitches, like on this fab free crochet clutch bag pattern by Laura Strutt. Puff stitches are used to create a fabulous texture and looks great worked in a single colour yarn, plus the pattern also has some handy photo’s to help you with the puff stitches and lining. Find the free crochet clutch bag tutorial here.

free crochet-clutch-bag-pattern


Aaron Tapestry clutch bag crochet pattern

You’ve probably realised already that we’re big fans of crochet colourwork,  so it’ll come as no surprise that we LOVE this tapestry clutch bag crochet pattern! It really shows off the fabulous effects of tapestry crochet, plus we love the idea of using ombre yarns to create different effects! Buy the Aaron Tapestry clutch bag crochet pattern on Etsy.

Aaron Tapestry crochet clutch bag pattern


Free cross stitch and Tunisian crochet clutch bag tutorial

If you’re someone who like to try your hand at different crafts, then this clutch bag is perfect for you. It combines Tunisian crochet with cross stitch, creating a fab crochet clutch with a knit-style fabric and an awesome cross stitch design… plus that terrific tassel! Find the free cross stitch and tunisian crochet clutch bag tutorial here

Tunisian cross stitch clutch bag crochet pattern


Raffia clutch bag crochet pattern

Maybe you’ve been looking at these crochet clutch bag patterns but they’re not quite you – maybe you want something less rectangular? Well not to worry, you could always try this semi-circle raffia clutch bag crochet pattern! Buy the Raffia clutch bag crochet pattern on Etsy.

Raffia clutch bag pattern


Chevron tapestry clutch bag crochet pattern

We thought we’d end this post with a crochet clutch bag pattern that has loads of our favourite features – tapestry crochet, geometric design and professional finishing touches! We love a chevron design, and this pattern also comes with a full photo tutorial on how to add the lining and zipper too! Buy the Chevron tapestry clutch bag crochet pattern on Etsy.

Chevron clutch bag crochet pattern

We hope you’ve enjoyed this our pick of the top crochet purse patterns, don’t forget if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks and the best crochet kits for beginners.