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Top 20 modern crochet blanket patterns

We take a look at some of our favourite modern crochet blanket patterns, including some free crochet blanket patterns to help you add some crochet style to your home!


Who doesn’t love a cosy crochet blanket to snuggle up in, especially when the weather’s cold. But when it comes to crochet blanket patterns, there’s no reason that you have to stick with the traditional, there’s tons of modern crochet blanket patterns out there. Designers are always coming up with stylish new ways to hook up a stunning crochet blanket , so we’ve gathered our top 20 for you to choose from! Keep your eyes peeled, we’ve included a few fab free crochet blanket patterns too!


Geometric crochet designs are a great way to add an extra level of style to your home, and is a trend you’ll see among many modern crochet blanket patterns. This Free Winter Brights blanket crochet pattern by Zoë Potrac is a fine example of how diagonals can really make a project look super-stylish, and the free crochet blanket pattern also includes a matching crochet cushion pattern too!

If you’re a fan of traditional quilts, but are much more comfortable with a crochet hook than a sewing machine, then this Star Blazer Crochet blanket pattern might be just up your street! The 6-pointed stars that are so synonymous with traditional quilts are cleverly made by colour-worked crochet hexagons, giving you a modern crochet blanket pattern with a twist of traditional.

It can often be the colour choices that can transform a design from having a traditional look to being a really modern blanket. This incredible Arcadia blanket crochet pattern uses a whole host of stitches and techniques to make it a really fun crochet pattern, but we think the pink and grey colour combination helps to make it bang-on-trend!

We’re loving the way simple stripes show off the incredible tapestry crochet design in this Vivo throw crochet blanket pattern by PoppyandBliss. Inspired by colourful textiles from around the world, it’s a project that you’ll love hooking up almost as much as you’ll love showing off!

If there’s one way to really make your crochet blanket pop, it’s buy adding some bright neon colours! This Neon Fizz throw crochet blanket pattern by RedSparrowCrochet certainly is eye-catching, with those mosaic stitches really helping to bring out the best of that bright pink neon yarn!

As much as we love these modern crochet blanket patterns, sometimes you can’t beat a classic! Granny squares have a special place in our hearts, but if you want yours to have a slightly more modern look then the bold rainbow colours in this granny square free crochet blanket pattern will really help to bring some colour to your home!

We’ve seen a real trend for mosaic style tiled designs in recent years, and this has led to some incredible modern crochet blanket patterns. This beautiful summer mosaic blanket crochet pattern is a fantastic example, and uses a whole range of crochet stitches to create a truly impressive crochet blanket!

Even if you’ve got your home decorated in super-stylish monochrome, there’s no reason you can’t add in a good crochet blanket to top it off! This Two-tone blanket crochet pattern by Fran Morgan features hypnotic black and white square motifs, all finished off with a popping pink border (although you could of course use a colour to match your own colour scheme).

Here’s a modern crochet blanket pattern that we’d be happy to hang from our walls as well as snuggling up in! This quarter circle free crochet blanket pattern has a really modern feel to it, and you can even buy everything you need to make it as a kit from Yarnspirations!

Striking chevrons have always our go-to stitch pattern for super-stylish designs, and the Renoir’s Ripple crochet blanket pattern by TheHatandI combines these stunning stitches with fabulous self-striping yarn to create a really eye-catching effect.

Here’s another marvellous monochrome blanket crochet pattern. This geometric free crochet blanket pattern from Caron uses clever post stitches to make the blanket  reversible, so it’ll always look geometrically gorgeous!

It’s back to the eye-popping colours with our next crochet blanket pattern. This Circles and Spirals crochet blanket pattern by Fran Mori uses both solid circles and spiral circles worked into traditional squares, all hooked up in lovely bright candy-coloured shades of  Yarn & Colors yarn!


You’ve probably already realised that we’re big fans of rainbow colours, and if you’re like us then you’ll love this Rainbow through the Storm blanket crochet pattern by MellyEllyCrafts. With a graphite background that will go with many different colour schemes, it’s a great way of adding a pop of rainbow colour into your home.

Hexagons are at the heart of many modern crochet blanket patterns, and this Free crochet hexagons blanket pattern from Caron also includes some clever spirals to give your crochet blanket an extra level of detail!

Mosaic crochet was really on-trend in 2020, and crochet designer Rosina Plane really led the way in using this fab technique to create amazing modern crochet blanket patterns. Her Putting on the Ritz crochet blanket pattern combines mosaic crochet stitches with incredible octagon and square motifs to create a beautiful and intricate design!

If you want your crochet blanket to match in with your minimalist decor, then this Colour Block throw crochet blanket pattern is a great choice! With it’s asymmetric stripes and pompom edging, you can easily match it to your interior colour scheme!

Fancy getting creative with your crochet? Then why not check out our how to crochet a baby blanket tutorial. It uses corner-to-corner crochet, a fun technique that makes customising your design super-simple, all you have to do is grab some squared paper and you can draw out your own design to make a truly unique and modern crochet blanket pattern. Plus once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll easily be able to hook up this blanket to whatever size you desire.

Heat things up with another fab square design by the lovely Hannah Cross. The Hot squares blanket crochet pattern might look a bit complicated but it’s actually surprisingly simple, and a great project for hooking up while watching the TV.

Perhaps the hottest trend of late has got to be wasting less (and let’s hope it’s the way forward rather than a trend). Crafters have especially taken to the eco movement, which is why we love this Seaside Stash-busting blanket crochet pattern by CoastalCrochet. Designed using only yarns from her existing yarn stash, this crochet blanket pattern is not only a beautiful  project but also a great motivation to raid your yarn stash and waste less, make more!

When it comes to modern crochet blanket patterns, a stylish tessellating triangles pattern is always going to be hard to beat! This Tessellation blanket crochet pattern from Stylecraft gives a crochet twist to traditional quilting techniques, and can be hooked up in two different colourways – bright spring colours or relaxed autumn shades.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of our top 20 modern crochet blanket patterns. If you’re looking for more inspiration, why not check out our list of the best baby blanket crochet patterns, or treat yourself with one of the best crochet kits for 2021.