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Best crochet kits for 2021

From crochet kits for beginners to entertaining projects for experienced crocheters, start your year with a fun crochet kit!


Crochet kits are a great option for anyone who loves or wants to get into crochet! Whether you’re looking for a crochet kit for beginners to get you started on your crochet journey, or just want a fun project to throw yourself into, crochet kits are an easy way to get making without having to buy all of the separate items! We’ve put together our list of the best crochet kits that we think you’ll love hooking up in the new year, why not take a look and treat yourself (or a crafty friend) to one of these must-buy crochet kits!


And remember, if you’re a beginner and struggling with your crochet kit, you can find plenty of crochet advice and tutorials in our crochet guide for beginners! You might also like our lists of best crochet books and best crochet hooks too!

Best crochet kits for beginners


Learn to crochet kit from Beacon Crafts


If you’ve never even picked up a crochet hook before, then this Learn to Crochet kit by Beacon Crafts is perfect for you. Beacon Crafts is a yarn store based in Sedgley in the West Midlands who have been running crochet workshops for over 10 years, and due to the store being closed during the Covid-19 pandemic they decided to put their workshops into a crochet starter kit format! But that doesn’t mean you’ll be going at it alone, as well as getting everything you need to make your first granny square throw in this beginners crochet kit, you’ll also get access to online video tutorials, a private Facebook group to chat among other learners and Helen from Beacon Crafts as well as 100% support via email or Facebook messenger. You can even book a 1 hour zoom session with Helen for free at a time to suit if you need any extra help. When it comes to crochet kits for beginners, we think this is a brilliant option – it’s pretty much the closest thing you can get to a proper crochet workshop from the comfort of your own home!

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Rainbow decoration crochet kit


When it comes to beginner crochet kits, it’s always best to keep it simple. This lovely crochet rainbow decoration is a quick and easy crochet project that will help you get to grips with crocheting in the round and changing colours, and if bright colourful rainbows aren’t your style, there’s also a cute pastel colour combination too!

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Money Honey Clutch bag crochet kit by Wool and the Gang


Want your stylish accessories to have an eco friendly vibe? Then you’ll love this Money Honey Clutch bag kit by Wool and the Gang! Hooked up in Ra-Ra-Raffia, made from pure long wood fibres, it’s both vegan friendly and biodegradable, and the crochet kit comes with everything you need to make this gorgeous clutch bag. It only uses simple stitches so is a great crochet kit for beginners too!

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Baby toy crochet kit


This sweet little baby toy is made up of two linked rings, providing a tactile and stimulating toy for babies to play with. Plus it’s made from eco-friendly organic cotton, meaning you don’t need to worry about baby chewing on it! This kit from Little Conkers includes everything you need to make the rings, and comes with a fully illustrated crochet pattern to help you make your first toy, making it a great beginners crochet kit!

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Daydream Blanket by Wool and the Gang


If you’ve been dreaming of crocheting your own beautiful blanket, then this crochet kit from Wool and the Gang will make all your dreams comes true! The perfect crochet kit for beginners, this kit lets you customise your stripes by picking your favourite colours of their gorgeous Shiny Happy Cotton yarn, made from hand-picked Pima cotton from Peru. It may come with a higher than average price tag for a crochet starter kit, but trust us, the lovely yarn is definitely worth it!

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Give my love heart beginner crochet kit


If you want to make some cute decorations for your first crochet project, then you’ll love this Give My Love heart crochet kit from FironaMeadeCrochet. The kit comes with everything included to make this sweet heart decoration, and this beginners crochet kit includes step-by-step photo instructions for some of the more advanced techniques such as the magic ring.

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Bobble hat crochet kit by Stitching me Softly


If you just can’t wait to get stuck in with making your own crochet accessories, then this bobble hat crochet kit is perfect for you! As well as including everything you need (including a pompom maker and guide), this beginners crochet kit also comes with a handy ‘how to crochet’ guide, so you can really get used to your stitches before tackling your first hat!

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Bunny Crochet Kit by TOFT


British brand TOFT have a fantastic range of crochet kits for beginners available, but it’s this adorable bunny that really caught our attention. With everything you need inside the kit (including toy stuffing), it’s a simple project that both new and experienced crocheters will enjoy… almost as much as you’ll enjoy cuddling it!

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Bilibag crochet kit


If you’re looking to make something practical that you can use every day, then how about this Bilibag crochet kit! This sturdy bag made from cotton rope is a great project for beginners that want to try their hand at some chunky crochet, and the bag is made up of simple stitches too so isn’t too complicated.

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Crochet necklace kit by Stitching Me Softly


Here’s another chunky crochet project that is a prefect crochet starter kit for beginners! This simple yet stylish crochet necklace kit uses cotton cord to create a statement chunky necklace, and the kit includes your choice of 3 colours of cord so you can made a range of necklaces (one to match every outfit). There’s also the option to include magnetic cord ends for if you want to make your necklaces look really professional!

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Best crochet kits for more experienced crocheters


Rainbows rule blanket crochet kit by Kate Rowell


We do love a colourful crochet project, and if it includes pompoms then we love it even more! This fabulous blanket by Kate Rowell is a  simple project that even relatively new crocheters will be able to tackle, and as it’s hooked up in gorgeous Scheepjes Chunky Monkey yarn you’ll be wrapped up in your beautiful blanket in no time! This is solely a yarn kit so you will need your own 6mm hook and a pompom maker to make this amazing blanket.

Buy it now from Deramores UK or Deramores US


Bee cushions crochet kit by Zoë Patroc


We’re loving this BEEautiful 2-sided crochet cushion kit designed by Zoë Potrac. It’s a fantastic project for crocheters that have already mastered the basic stitches and want to learn some fun new ones like pretty popcorns and surface crochet. The kit comes with all the yarn you need plus the cushion pad, so all you’ll need is a hook to make your cushion!

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Lalylala Musical Chameleon Crochet Kit


This awesome musical chameleon crochet kit has got to be one of the most creative crochet kits that we’ve ever seen! Not only is it an amazing amigurumi project, but when you pull the fly away from the chameleon, it sucks it back it with it’s long tongue (much like a real life chameleon) – but that’s not all, as the chameleon catches the fly the built-in music box plays The Lion Sleeps Tonight (the Wimoweh song!) This is a kit comes with everything you need (with options to include a hook too), and the included pattern also comes with some step-by-step photos making it suitable for relatively new and more experienced crocheters alike.

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African Flower Duck Crochet Kit by Sarah Barratt


How cute is this crochet duck?!? We love the super-sweet style and clever construction, and the kit comes with everything you need to make your own handsome little mallard (or you can purchase the pdf separately if you already have your own materials). The construction may prove a little tricky for complete novices, but we think intermediate crocheters will go quackers for it!

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Giant Cat bed crochet kit by Cloud Nine Knits


If you fancy giving super-size crochet a go (and want to treat your favourite feline at the same time) then you’ll love this giant cat bed crochet kit from Cloud Nine Knits. You can pick your favourite colour of Wool Mahoosive Mammoth yarn to make your cat bed, and the kit also includes a huge 25mm hook, the full pattern and access to a video tutorial. The purrr-fect project for cat lovers!

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Snails in a Tin crochet kit by TOFT


Here’s a fun little kit from TOFT. Their gourmet crochet collection features the yarn and easy-to-follow recipe-style pattern to make your own amigurumi gourmet snails… all served up in a classic tin can! You will need to have your own crochet hook and stuffing.

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Late summer sunsets blanket crochet kit by Coastal Crochet


Eleanora Tulley (a.k.a Coastal Crochet) creates stunning crochet designs inspired by her seaside home. The Summer Sunsets blanket perfectly encapsulates blissful warm evenings on the beach, and with it’s fabulous combination of different stitches and soothing colours, it’s a project that you’ll love crocheting from start to finish! This kit is a yarn pack only so you will need your own crochet hooks.

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Love Bird amigurumi crochet kit by Hoooked


This adorable love bird crochet kit uses sustainable Hoooked Eco Barbante recycled cotton, and includes enough yarn to make 3-4 birds, so you can make a whole menagerie of these little cutie-pies!

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Summer Shawl crochet kit by TheSecretCrocheter


Summer may seem a long way off right now, but these smoothie shawl crochet kits are a great way to bring a bit of colour into your life! Containing a crochet hook, easy to follow pattern and some super funky colourful yarn, these smoothie kits are a fun take on the conventional crochet kits!

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Alpaca yarn socks crochet kit


If you want to really treat yourself, then you can’t beat a good pair of snuggly socks! This crochet sock kit from Penrhallt Alpacas uses their own yarn made from the Alpaca’s reared on their small farm in the Gower in Wales, and is a great option for if you want to treat your feet to some unbelievably soft socks!


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