Crochet edging and crochet borders are a great way to finish off a project and make it look really professional, but they're also great for practicing fancy stitches and expanding your crochet skills! A fancy crochet border on a blanket will really make it stand out (as well as hiding any wobbly edges), but crochet edging can transform a wide range of projects - after all why have a straight edge when you can have fun stitches instead!


And it's not just for finishing off your crochet projects either - Border crochet edging patterns will often be used to decorate knitted fabrics too, and with a little bit of blanket stitch embroidery you can add a crochet border to any fabric you like!

Crochet borders and crochet edgings can require a bit of planning first though - they generally involve pattern repeats so will require a bit of maths to get them perfect. People can also find creating edgings along the side of a crochet fabric a bit tricky too, as it's not quite so obvious where the stitches go (check out these clever crochet border tips by Felted Button if you struggle with this). For both of these reasons, it's often a good idea to start with just a regular row of double crochet (US single crochet) stitches around your project so that you have a consistent starting point for your edging.

We've picked a range of free crochet borders and crochet edging patterns and tutorial that we think will help inspire you to try adding some fancy stitches to your projects, so whether you're just finishing off an epic blanket or just fancy trying some new stitches, why not give one of these fabulous crochet edgings a try!

26 free crochet edging and border patterns

1. Crochet shell stitch edging

By far one of the most common crochet edging patterns has got to be shell stitches, which when used as an edging will often be referred to as scalloped edging. Shell stitches come in a huge range of styles and sizes, which also helps to make them versatile enough to adjusted to fit all sorts of different stitch repeats, or interspersed with other stitches. Check out our How to crochet shell stitch tutorial and give it a try!


2. Blanket stitch edging

You may have heard of blanket stitch in reference to sewing or embroidery, but that same stitch is also how you can add crochet edgings to all sorts of woven fabrics. It's an embroidery stitch that is surprisingly simple, and once you've added the embroidery you can work a simple row of double crochet stitches which will enable you to add all sorts of fancy crochet edging! Check out our How to crochet blanket stitch edging to find out how it's done!


3. Crochet edging on tea towels

Once you've mastered how to do blanket stitch and add on a row of crochet, then you'll surely want to try it out with a proper project! We've got three crochet edging patterns that are perfect for this, all with variations of the classic shell stitch, worked onto some tea towels! Give it a try with our How to decorate tea towels with crochet edging tutorial.

How to decorate tea towels with crochet edging

4. Shamrock crochet edging pattern

Whether you're celebrating St. Patricks day, your Irish heritage or just enjoy a bit of greenery, this pretty lace crochet edging pattern from the Crochet Guild is a lovely design that also comes with a handy video tutorial.

Find the Shamrock crochet edging pattern here

shamrock crochet edging pattern

5. Crochet pompom edging

We're of the opinion that there isn't anything that can't be improved with the help of some fabulous pompoms, and it seems Rosina of Zeens and Roger agrees with us, as she's created this gorgeous free pompom edging crochet pattern. Using a 4 treble cluster to create those pretty bobbles, it's a surprisingly simple stitch that will transform a project from fine to fantastic!

More like this

Find the Crochet pompom edging pattern here

crochet pompom edging

6. Crochet crab stitch edging

Crab stitch, also called reverse double crochet (or reverse single crochet in the US) is a handy stitch technique to know in it's own right, as it allows you to create the next row of your crochet without turning the work. But not only is it a skilful stitch, but it also makes a great crochet edging stitch too, making a stylish diagonal zigzag effect!

Check out the How to crochet crab stitch tutorial

How to crochet crab stitch

7. Ruffled edging crochet pattern

Add a bit of fabulous to your fabrics with this amazing ruffled edging crochet pattern by FibreFlux. As she suggests it would be great for adding as edging on a skirt, but we think it would also work brilliantly on accessories, or even lining a simple square to use as a textured washcloth!

Find the free Ruffled edging crochet pattern here

ruffle crochet edging

8. Free windows border crochet pattern

Here's a free crochet edging pattern that is perfect for finishing off crochet projects that are made up of block or squares, as the geometrical style will compliment them beautifully. Tamara of the Moogly blog designed this fabulous Windows border edging to finish off her crochet-along back in 2017, but we think it still looks just as fresh today as it did back then!

Find the Free Windows border crochet pattern here

Windows border crochet pattern

9. Free bobble crochet edging pattern

We love the look of this free bobble edging crochet pattern from Lullaby Lodge. It's technically not an actual bobble stitch, but an even simpler combination of treble crochet stitches (they use US terms so call it a double crochet) and slip stitches. The result is an incredibly easy and tactile stitch, which also doesn't need any complicated sums to work out as it's just a repeat of 2 stitches - we do love simple crochet edging patterns!

Find the Free bobble crochet edging pattern here

bobble crochet edging

10. Free Little Stars border crochet pattern

If you're after a free crochet border pattern that will make your project really shine, then how about this amazing little stars border! Great for Christmas projects, makes for kids or just to add that special something, this is an edging we think everyone will love - plus there's a handy video too!

Find the Free Little Stars border crochet pattern here


11. Free butterfly crochet border pattern

If stars aren't your kinda thing, then how about some beautiful butterflies? This free butterfly crochet pattern was originally designed as curtain ties, but they'd make an elegant crochet edging too!

Free butterfly crochet border pattern

Butterfly border crochet pattern

12. Free 'Meet me on the corner' border crochet pattern

If you really want to show off your fancy crochet skills, then we think you'll love this free 'Meet me on the corner' border crochet pattern by Christine Bateman. This crochet border pattern is made up of 14 rounds and features a range of stunning stitch combinations - we've just one word for this pattern - wow!

Free 'Meet me on the corner' border crochet pattern

meet me on the corner crochet edging pattern

13. Add a funky fringe

Ok so we know this isn't strictly a crochet edging, but it's certainly one of our favourite edgings to add onto crochet - a classic fringe! Whether you're adding a long shaggy fringe, cutting it short to create just the right amount of fluffiness, or adding some fancy tassels, it's a quick and easy way to embellish any project!

Check out our How to make a yarn fringe tutorial for some top tips

If you're a big fan of crochet borders, you should definitley get your hands on the Around the corner crochet borders book by Edie Eckman, plus you can find some top crochet border tips on Edie Eckmans website
crochet borders book

14. Free zigzag border crochet pattern

Here's an elegant crochet border pattern that we absolutely love! This design by Tatsiana of Lilla Björn uses spike stitches and front post stitches to create a beautiful geometric border.

Find the Free zigzag border crochet pattern here

zigzag border crochet pattern

15. Five free crochet border patterns

If you fancy mixing up your crochet borders, or just trying a couple of different types, then you should definitely check these border crochet edging patterns by beautifulcrochetstuff. There's both videos as well as instructions for both, so even if you're a relatively new crocheter it's a great way of practicing some new stitches.

Check out the 5 free crochet border patterns

5 crochet edging patterns

16. Free treble scallop edging crochet pattern

Fancy a fancy crochet edging that takes scallops to the next level? Then try this crochet edging pattern by Cypress Textiles, with it's gorgeous treble and picot shells it'll add a whole extra level of sophistication to your crochet projects.

Find the Free treble scallop edging crochet pattern here

top crochet borders and crochet edging patterns

17. How to crochet a rose border

Pretty up your projects with the help of some stunning crochet roses! This amazing tutorial by Dedri Uys shows you how to crochet a border that features some lovely textured roses topped off with a lovely scalloped edge.

Check out the how to crochet a rose border tutorial

rose crochet border pattern

18. Free field of flowers border stitch crochet pattern

This beautiful design by Hannah Cross can be used as a lovely crochet edging, but also works brilliantly as a stitch pattern as it can be easily repeated.

Check out the Free field of flowers border stitch crochet pattern

Field-of-Flowers crocht edging stitch

19. Free Moss stitch border crochet pattern

If your project is already full of fancy stitches and you're after simple crochet edging patterns to act more as a frame to show off your work (but that still has plenty of charm), then we'd recommend giving this moss stitch border a try! Moss stitch is a surprisingly simple stitch that just uses simple double crochet (US single crochet) stitches and chains worked alternately, creating a fabulous and slightly texture stitch pattern.

Find the Moss stitch border crochet pattern here

moss stitch crochet border

20. Free puff and cluster crochet border pattern

We personally can't get enough of textured crochet stitches, especially squishy ones like puff stitches and clusters. So of course we love this sweet edging crochet pattern from 1dogwoof - it's the perfect addition to projects that already feature other textured stitches like the basketweave stitch pictured.

Free puff and cluster crochet border pattern

puff cluster crochet blanket border pattern

21. Free rolling fans crochet border pattern

One way you can make crochet shell edging that extra bit more interesting is by making them overlap, like in this rolling fans crochet border pattern. It creates a lovely frilly border that just screams out to be touched!

Find the Free rolling fans crochet border pattern here

rolling fans crochet border pattern

22. Free magic carpet edge crochet pattern

We love the style of this clever magic carpet edge crochet pattern by Every Trick on the Hook. It looks fantastic with those awesome tassels, but the pattern also includes instructions on how you can adapt the pattern to make the edging slightly differently so that you can use it as a wall hanging too!

Find the Free magic carpet edge crochet pattern here

magic carpet blanket edging

23. Free Whipsiddery border crochet pattern

Here's another amazing pattern from crochet designer Dedri Uys, which features an incredibly detailed and elegant design that is made up of cleverly arranged simple stitches, as well as some lovely textured popcorn stitches too!

Find the Free Whipsiddery border crochet pattern here

whipsiddery crochet edging pattern

24. Free crochet bow edging pattern

Whether you're making a special baby blanket or just want to jazz up your crochet projects, things always look better if you put a bow on it! This clever pattern by MyPicot will add a lovely pictorial element to your crochet designs.

Check out the Free crochet bow edging pattern here

crochet bow edging pattern

25. Free simple rib crochet border pattern

Sometimes simple crochet edging patterns will suit your projects much better than an overly complicated pattern, and this free simple rib crochet border pattern by WindingRoadCrochet is great for framing your crochet masterpieces with that lovely tactile rib stitch!

Find the Free simple rib crochet border pattern here

simple rib crochet border pattern

26. Free Alpine Stitch crochet border pattern

Our final crochet border pattern is another relatively simple design that adds a lovely bit of texture, but also looks fantastic when worked in striped colours. The Alpine stitch uses front post treble crochet stitches (US double crochet) to create a fab raised effect, and when worked in stripes really highlights the effect achieved by working around the post!

Find the Alpine Stitch crochet border pattern here

alpine stitch crochet border pattern

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of the best border crochet edging patterns, don’t forget if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks and the best crochet kits for beginners.


Matt SpiersDigital Assistant, Gathered

Matt Spiers is a crochet artist and designer who has been overseeing Gathered's crochet articles for over 2 years. He previously worked as Digital Assistant for Simply Crochet magazine and is our in house video editing pro. What started as a hobby a decade ago led to Matt developing a passion (and then a career) with crochet. As well as still regularly writing and designing for Simply Crochet magazine, Matt is a crochet artist in his own right, having displayed and created crochet installations at festivals and fibre events across the UK. You can keep up to date with Matt at @onemancrochet on Instagram.

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