Granny Square Day 2021

Our favourite crochet holiday returns with Granny Square Day 2021 on 15th August!


Granny Square Day is an international online celebration on Instagram, which returns again for 2021. Keep an eye on this page for this year’s Granny Square content but for now, here’s our 2020 recap!


Granny Square 2020

If you’re new to Granny Square Day, we’ve already got loads of fab resources and free patterns to help you get ready for the big day. You can find all of our Free Granny Square patterns here, or check out the links below for more Granny Square fun!

How to get involved in Granny Square Day 2020

Meet our Granny Square Day Ambassadors

Learn how to make a basic granny square

Check out our Ambassadors free square patterns

Learn how to join Granny Squares together

Find out how to make a granny square collage on your smart phone

Check out our free granny square project patterns

Top 30 granny square project patterns

How to get involved in Granny Square Day 2020

Granny Square Day began back in 2014 by Susan Regalia (@suregal27 on Instagram). Susan told us, “I had just learned to crochet and was enamoured with the cheerful little granny square, and the idea of having a Granny Square Day was born”.

While Susan knew her day had proven popular, she hadn’t anticipated the snowballing popularity of the event, which had over 6,000 posts in 2018. It was this avalanche that lead to her handing over the reins to Simply Crochet, to ensure Granny Square Day could continue to reach its potential and continue its mission to unite crocheters the world over.


Whether you’re new to crochet, or are a seasoned pro, it couldn’t be easier to get involved! Here’s how to get involved in Granny Square Day

1. Take a photo of a granny square (a 4-round traditional granny works best but feel free to be as creative as you want)

2. Crop it so that the single square fills the entire screen of your post

3. Be sure to include the hashtag #grannysquareday2020 in the description of your Instagram post, as when viewing the hashtag the Instagram grid format assembles the squares into a virtual granny square blanket! We want to encourage people to only use this hashtag for posting crochet squares, if you want to share a completed Granny Square project on the day, check out our new hashtag below!

This year we’re also launching a special new hashtag – #grannysquaremakes2020. We love seeing all of your final granny square projects, so we’ve created this new hashtag as a dedicated place to share all of your fabulous makes! Not only will this be a great place to show off your inspiring projects and designs, but it will also help to keep the main #grannysquareday2020 hashtag dedicated to your brilliant squares!

And make sure you’re following the Simply Crochet Instagram for all the latest updates and to see our squares on the day!


And if you’re after the ultimate Granny Square Day pattern resource, then don’t miss out on our special subscription offer!

If you want to get your hands on some great motifs to post on Granny Square Day, subscribe to Simply Crochet today and you’ll get a FREE download of our 100 Granny Squares & Motifs pattern booklet so you can join in the fun! Plus you’ll save on the shop price too – if you’re in the UK, you can try 6 issues for just £9.99! There’s fab discounts for overseas subscribers too so make sure you check them out. Plus you’ll receive a fab gift every issue, and get every copy delivered direct to your door.

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Meet our Granny Square Day ambassadors!

We’ve got five of the very best crocheters on board with this year’s Granny Square Day and we can’t wait for you to meet them all. Say hello to our ambassadors and make sure you head over to their Instagram pages to see their patterns.

Toni Lipsey

Granny Square Day ambassador 1

Instagram: @tlyarncrafts

Toni started her business (TL Yarn Crafts) in 2013, when she opened an online shop selling crochet accessories. A few years later she wanted to add the perfect slouchy beanie to her shop but couldn’t find a pattern that had all the elements she was looking for – so she created her own and has been designing ever since! After quitting her day job in 2017, she now pursues designing full-time, as well as posting crochet tips and tricks on her blog, and sharing her process with her 95,000 Instagram followers. Toni lives in Ohio with her husband and two cats.

My very first crochet project was a huge granny square blanket that my mom taught me to make when I was a teenager. That fond memory coupled with the new skills I've learned over the years are the reasons I'll always celebrate granny squares, especially on Granny Square Day!
Toni Lipsey

Sandra Gutierrez

Granny Square Day ambassador 3

Instagram: @nomadstitches

Sandra Gutierrez is a crochet and knitwear designer from Mexico, although she has long since left her home country, and has now lived in eight other countries besides! Her love for travel and the incredible experiences she has had along the way greatly inspire her work. Sandra has been working with fibre since she was a little girl, but has been dedicating herself to designing full-time for the last 4 years. She currently lives in Bulgaria with her husband, daughter and two dogs, where they are getting ready for their next adventure to the UK!

Granny squares are so quintessentially crochet and they are really amazing! My favourite granny square project was my Raquelito dress. It was a challenge to design a lacey square that could decorate the bottom of the skirt but I love the result. Such a fun summery detail!
Sandra Gutierrez

Jessica Carey

Granny Square Day ambassador 4

Instagram: @the.hook.nook

Jessica is a pink-haired 30-year-old crochet designer who lives in Oregon with her husband and two children. She began crocheting to make things for her daughter, but quickly found that her friends and family wanted to buy her work too, so she opened an Etsy shop. After 4 manic years, Jessica was feeling burnt out, so she closed her shop and started focussing on designing, which also led her to blogging. She now has over 130,000 followers on Instagram and her first book “Making With Meaning” is due out this October.

I am so excited to celebrate Granny Square Day and showcase how versatile, unique and skilful this craft can be!
Jessica Carey

Natalie Ind

Granny Square Day ambassdor 1

Instagram: @sewing_the_seeds_of_love

Natalie came to our attention during 2019 granny square day with her amazing granny square that depicted… an actual granny! Her square became the undoubted highlight of 2019, with many calls for her to publish the pattern. Since then she has become a regular contributor to Simply Crochet magazine, bringing her wonderful colourful style to everything she creates. Natalie has created a special pattern based on the original ‘granny’ granny square which can be found in issue 100 of Simply Crochet.

Firstly I just want to say how excited I am about being a Granny Square Day Ambassador this year! My first ever thing I crocheted was a simple granny square and I haven’t stopped making them since that day. I absolutely love how versatile they are. I have so much planned for Granny Square Day 2020 and I'm so excited to share some brand new granny square designs on this fabulous day.
Natalie Ind

Ola Ogunlolu

Granny Square Day Ambassador - Ola Ogunlolu

Instagram: @therookiehooker

Ola may have only been crocheting for two years, but he has taken the craft world by storm with his bright and funky designs. Aged just 20, he graduated from university in South Africa last year with a degree in Psychology and Marketing and moved back home to Nigeria, where he continues to design and craft in his favourite colours – all of them! If he’s not crocheting, you can probably find him knitting, reading, or watching classic Disney films.

Like many other crochet artists, granny squares were the first things I learnt to make, and thus, served as the initial catalyst for my journey into fibre art. For this reason, they’ll always be special to me. I adore how versatile granny squares can be, the endless possibilities they provide, and the joy that comes from creating them. I couldn’t be more excited to be one of the ambassadors for this special day and join in on the celebration of these wonderful pieces of magic
Ola Ogunlolu

Learn how to make a crochet granny square!

Let’s start with the basics – making a basic square! If you’ve never even picked up a crochet hook before, don’t worry, it’s surprisingly simple and you’ll find everything you need to know in our how to make a crochet granny square tutorial.


Check out our Ambassadors free granny square patterns

Our 2020 Ambassadors will each be designing a special free pattern for Granny Square Day 2020. Keep an eye on their Instagram profiles for the latest updates, and you can already find links to all our ambassadors squares in our Free Granny Square Patterns post.


Learn how to join granny squares together

We’ve made a special tutorial to help you make the most of your granny squares. Often the final part of assembling your squares together can be the hardest part of any project, so in our tutorial you’ll find 5 different ways to join your crochet shapes together!


Find out how to make a granny square collage on your smart phone

One of our favourite things about granny square day is not only seeing the virtual granny square blankets that appear when you look at the hashtag, but also seeing the creative collages that people make with their favourite squares. If you’ve always wondered how people make these collages, then you’re in luck – just check out our guide on how to make a granny square collage with your smart phone!


Check out our free granny square project patterns

In the lead up to Granny Square Day 2020, we’re going to be bringing you a free daily pattern to help you make the most of all the brilliant granny squares that will be available.

You can also check out our Ravelry Store, where you can get 50% off every pattern that includes Granny Squares or granny square techniques from the 14th – 16th August!

Our first free pattern is this amazing Free granny square fringed crochet top pattern by Emma Leith. Take your love of granny squares one step further with this crochet top pattern, you could always swap out the central square for your favourite granny square if you feel like getting really creative (just make sure your tension ends up correct!)


Our second free pattern is this fabulous free granny square crochet market bag pattern by Deb Bradley, the perfect accessory for heading to the shops… or just for keeping your yarn and hooks in!


Get all comfy with these super slippers by Fran Morgan! They’re a quick and easy make, all you need is 6 granny squares for each foot! Find the Free Granny Square Crochet Slippers pattern here.


While you’re getting comfy in your new crochet slippers, how about a hooking up a quick cushion too for the ultimate crochet chill-out! This simple cushion is a great first granny square project, and no crocheters home is complete without a classic cushion like this. Find the Free Granny Square Cushion Pattern here.


Our final free pattern in the lead up to Granny Square Day is one perfect for this hot summer weather! This Free Granny Square Crochet Vest Top Pattern is a brilliant light and airy project to keep you cool while rocking your crochet style on sunny days!


Check out our top 30 Granny Square Project Patterns

If you’ve still not found the perfect project for all your freshly hooked squares, then check out our Top 30 Granny Square Project Patterns list – there’s bound to be something for you to hook up!

Granny square jumper

Keep an eye on this page for the latest updates, but for now here’s some extra free crochet patterns to get you started!

Granny square crochet ideas