Looking for some spell-binding stash to brighten up your crochet kit? You don't have to head off to Diagon Alley to find the best Harry Potter crochet kits and patterns – we're sharing a few of our favourites for you to choose from right here. It's a well known fact that us crafters love to make things inspired by our favourite films and books, and when it comes to the magical realm of Hogwarts, there has been an explosion* of kits, patterns and hooks in recent years for those of us who want to give a dose of witchcraft or wizardry to our crochet projects.


*Did somebody say Expelliarmus?

In this post you'll find everything from Harry Potter crochet kits (hook up your favourite characters today) to Harry Potter crochet patterns including the Golden Snitch, DIY Gryffindor scarves Deathly Hallows cushions, amigurumi mandrakes and more.

Oh and we've found some really fun Harry Potter crochet hooks and supplies too, to help you transform your stash faster than you can say Minerva McGonagall. Dive on in and you're sure to find something magical for the Harry Potter fan in your life!

Harry Potter Crochet Kits

Harry Potter crochet kit

Hook up your own set of adorable amigurumi characters with this fab Harry Potter crochet kit. It includes enough yarn to make your own amigurumi Harry Potter and Dobby characters, as well as a magic wand crochet hook and pattern booklet which includes instructions for how to make 10 more of your favourite characters.

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Harry Potter Airpods Crochet Case Kit

Ok so this one may be a bit niche but we kind-of love it anyway! Who doesn't want to give their Airpods a Harry Potter crochet makeover? Choose between Gryffindor or Slytherin house colours to suit your mood!

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Harry Potter crochet kit earbuds case

Crochet your own Ron Weasley

Sadly this range of crochet kits is no longer available (it was originally stocked in Aldi) but you can still pick them up from some sellers on ebay, which is good news for all you Ron Weasley characters – after all he Rupert Grint is, arguably, the comic hero of the films.

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Harry POtter crochet kit ron weasley

Harry Potter crochet your own creations kit

This is simple and cheap kit to try your hand at crocheting your own Harry Potter characters is great if you're on a budget. For this price, it doesn't include the most high quality yarns you'll ever find in your life but equally it's fun and makes a cute gift or stocking filler at Christmas. It comes illustrated step-by-step guides for 11 different projects plus yarn and hook.

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Harry Potter Crochet Kit The Works

Harry Potter crochet stash boosters

Magic wand crochet hooks

This one is a bit of a treat but we are seriously lusting after this full set of magic wand crochet hooks in 12 sizes, complete with Marauder's map zip case to keep them in.

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Harry Potter crochet hooks

Harry Potter stitch markers

As well as keeping count of the Horcruxes, you can also keep count of your stitches with these fantastic Harry Potter stitch markers! This set of 6 stitch markers come with a lobster-style clasp making them suitable for both knitting and crochet, and would make a great Harry Potter crochet gift!

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Harry Potter themed scissors

Every knitter and crocheter needs a good pair of scissors, and if you're a Harry Potter fan then you can combine your two passions with these sweet Harry Potter-themed scissors! Available in the 4 styles and with a protective leather sheath, all you need is for the sorting hat to tell you which house you're in!

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Harry Potter crochet hook

If the set of magic wand hooks are outside your budget, or you want to go a bit less subtle to show your love for the boy who lived, how about this custom Harry Potter crochet hook?

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Harry Potter crochet hook

Hand-dyed Harry Potter Gryffindor yarn

Whether you're hooking up your own house scarf, or just can't get enough of Gryffindor colours, then you'll love this self striping hand-dyed yarn from A Yarn To Dye For Designs. It's available in a range of weights and fibre bases - perfect for a bit of woolly wizardry!

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Harry Potter inspired mini-skeins and project bag

If you liked the house-inspired yarn above, but want a shade in each of the house colours, then you'll love this Harry Potter inspired mini skeins set. It comes with a handy project bag to keep your yarn (and potions) safe in. You can also buy a similar gift set which comes with stitch markers included too!

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Harry Potter Crochet Patterns

Looking for some fab Harry Potter crochet projects to conjure up? We've gathered some of our favourite Harry Potter crochet patterns which are sure to have you spellbound!

Crochet your own Hedwig!

Ok to this Etsy pattern has been very carefully not branded to be overtly Harry Potter, in fact designer Sweet Pippin Crochet has named this owl "Eira", but if you wanted to crochet the world's most famous owl, this is the pattern we'd go for!

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Harry Potter Owl crochet pattern

Crochet Wizardry - Official Harry Potter crochet pattern book

There's already a hugely successful official Harry Potter Knitting Magic pattern book, but now us crocheters can get stuck into some magical makes with the official Crochet Wizardry Pattern Book. With over 20 crochet patterns of amazing amigurumi makes, costume replicas and crochet keepsakes, it's a must-have for any crochet-loving Harry Potter super-fans! It's not on sale until August, but you can pre-order it now to ensure you don't miss out.

Pre-order now on Amazon


Wizard boy and friends amigurumi pattern

If you simply can't wait for the official Harry Potter crochet pattern book to be released, there's plenty of Harry Potter inspired patterns for you to try in the meantime - like this wizard boy and friends amigurumi pattern, complete with magic accessories and super-cute amigurumi styling!

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Harry Potter house scarf crochet pattern

When it comes to the most iconic Harry Potter crocheted (or knitted) accessory, it's got to be the classic house scarf! This classic pattern is simple enough that even crochet beginners can give it a go, all you've got to do is pick your house colours and get hooking!

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Mandrake amigurumi crochet pattern

Looking to hook up the perfect Harry Potter crochet gift that will make your friends scream (with delight), then you'll love this adorable Mandrake amigurumi pattern! How cute does it look sat in a little plant pot!?!

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The Golden Snitch free crochet pattern

OK this one's too cute not to include here. There are actually whole articles on the internet of the best Gold Snitch crochet patterns alone, but we've settled on this sweet free pattern over at A Hermit's Wish.

The Golden Snitch crochet pattern

Deathly Hallows cushion crochet pattern

We love nothing more than cosying up with a good book or 7, and what could be more perfect to relax with while re-reading Harry Potter than this fabulous Deathly Hallows crochet cushion! We love the clever bobble stitch design, and the fact that it's quite subtle means you can slip a bit of Potter magic into your home whatever your decor style!

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Dumbledore amigurumi crochet pattern

When it comes to Harry Potter amigurumi characters, you can't get much more adorable than good ol' Dumbledore! This sweet little amigurumi project hooks up at just 18cm tall (22cm with his hat on), so he's the perfect amigurumi desk buddy for if you're in need of a wise companion!

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Free Resurrection Stone ring crochet pattern

Hook up your own Deathly Hallows jewellery with this free resurrection stone ring crochet pattern from Lion Brand yarns. Using simple crochet and embroidery techniques, it's a quick and easy make that any Harry Potter fan will love!

Get the free pattern from LionBrand.com


Free 'Mad-Eye Moodie' ragdoll crochet pattern

Kids and adults will both love this free 'Mad-Eye Moodie' ragdoll, which is a free crochet pattern by Jillian from spinayarncrochet.com. A self-confessed Potter-head, you can also find patterns for Hagrid, Snape and Dumbledore on her blog, as well as the classic Harry, Ron and Hermoine characters too!

Find the free patterns on spinayarncrochet.com


Make your own sorting hat

Go on... you know you want to! Once you've finished crocheting your hat, hours of fun shall ensue while you take it turns to try it on with your friends and speculate about whether you're a born Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

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Harry Potter Crochet pattern sorting hat

Mischief Managed Harry Potter Crochet Blanket graph

We've included this crochet baby blanket design here as it is just too cute an idea (plus it's a great chance to practise your corner to corner crochet), even though it isn't technically a full pattern. We think you'll still want to make it anyway. Keepsake Designs is sharing this graph on Etsy for you to use to make a Harry Potter crochet blanket, though you could also use it for knitting, cross stitching or patchwork too. Just note there are NO written counts or step-by-step instructions but they've included some instructions for opening the graph on your phone so that you can mark off the completed squares.

Buy the pattern here (Etsy)

Mischief Managed Harry Potter Crochet blanket pattern

Harry Potter Crochet Coffee Cosy Pattern

Combining two of our true great loves – Harry Potter and coffee – this is one of our favourite patterns in this round up. If you're not a morning fan, brighten up your first coffee of the day ad hook up your own coffee cosy complete with Danelee Co's lightening bolt crochet pattern.

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Harry Potter Crochet pattern coffee cosy

We hope you enjoyed this list of our favourite Harry Potter Crochet patterns, kits and stash boosters. If you enjoy a bit of fun themed crochet action, why not take a look at our favourite Pokemon Go crochet patterns or here on Gathered we've got a great collection of free crochet patterns to help you find your next must-make crochet project!


Find more fun crochet sets with our list of the top 15 luxury hooks available to buy online!


Matt SpiersDigital Assistant, Gathered

Matt Spiers is a crochet artist and designer who has been overseeing Gathered's crochet articles for over 2 years. He previously worked as Digital Assistant for Simply Crochet magazine and is our in house video editing pro. What started as a hobby a decade ago led to Matt developing a passion (and then a career) with crochet. As well as still regularly writing and designing for Simply Crochet magazine, Matt is a crochet artist in his own right, having displayed and created crochet installations at festivals and fibre events across the UK. You can keep up to date with Matt at @onemancrochet on Instagram.

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