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Top 10 luxury crochet hooks

Give your hands a treat with our pick of the top 10 luxury crochet hooks.


Any crocheter that’s been hooking for a while will already have a fair few different hooks to hand. But if you want to treat yourself (or maybe find a gift for the crocheter in your life), then there’s a huge range of luxury hooks out there for you to try. Crochet hooks come in a wide variety of materials and design, so we’ve compiled this list of some of our favourite fancy hooks. Go on… treat yourself!


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Knit Pro Waves Crochet Hook Set

Although many luxury hooks are made from wood, some crocheters prefer the strength of metal hooks (especially if you’re a tight crocheter). The Knit Pro Waves set features 9 smooth aluminium hooks each with a colour-coded soft grip handle, which many people find helps to relieve any soreness while crocheting. The hooks come in a nice faux-leather case and the sizes range from 2mm-6mm, making them perfect for crocheters that like making amigurumi and other small scale projects.


Prym Ergonomic Hooks

Prym Ergonomic Hooks have been designed so you can crochet in comfort! These ergonomically designed hooks are made from a super-lightweight plastic and have a rubber coated handle, making them the perfect choice for any crocheter that suffers from wrist or hand strain with regular hooks. The long smooth shaft on the hooks also ensures that you won’t have any difficulty making your stitches, and the hooks are also handily colour coded by size. Prym hooks are available to buy individually, or can be bought as a 5 hook set.


Knit Pro Symfonie Crochet Hooks

Knit Pro have a strong reputation for making high quality crochet hooks, and their Symphonie collection are perhaps some of their prettiest hooks. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans, these multi-coloured wooden hooks are not only beautiful but are also lightweight and have been designed to be a top quality hook thanks to clever grooves and smooth surfaces.


Light Up Rechargeable Wooden Crochet Hooks

If you’re a fan of tech as well as crochet, then you’ll love these light-up wooden hooks. We’ve long been a fan of these types of innovative hooks, but these particular ones have had a significant upgrade. For a start, they’re rechargeable via USB, so no need for specialist batteries anymore. They’ve also been designed so that the light-up hook part is interchangeable (with 11 sizes), so you can just buy one set rather than having to buy lots of different hooks. And finally, the handle is ergonomically designed with a stylish wooden handle and soft silicone grip. It’s perfect for a bit of night-time hooking!


Pony Double Ended Maple Hooks

Pony make some of the most essential tools in the knitting and crochet world, and are the hook of choice for many stockists. These Maple double ended-hooks are a great choice for small-scale Tunisian or double-sided crochet, and the sustainable and lovely Maple hardwood make it an environmentally friendly product too!


Furls Alpha Series Crochet Hook


Over the last few years Furls have became a name that is known for being the highest of the high end of luxury hooks! These beautiful hooks are all carved from a single piece of wood (7 different types are available made in Tulipwood, Cocobolo, Blackwood, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Olivewood, and Rosewood) and hand sanded and polished to the highest quality. With a focus on providing a hook that really supports your wrists and fingers while you crochet, these durable hooks are a definite investment for your hard-core crocheter. Although they come with somewhat of a hefty price tag, their popularity amongst crocheters seems to suggest they’re worth it!


Bamboo crochet hook set

If you’re after a full set of lovely wooden crochet hooks (and a nice case to keep them in) then this bamboo hook set is for you! There’s 20 hooks ranging from sizes 1.0mm to 10mm, featuring smooth bamboo handles and strong stainless steel tip, all packed up in a handy carry case!


Addi Swing Ergonomic Hooks

The Addi Swing hooks are another great choice if comfort is your main reason for choosing a new hook. Their ergonomically designed soft grip handle means you can say goodbye to those aches and pains and crochet for hours on end. Each hook comes in it’s own bright colour and the actual hook part is 4.5cm long, meaning you’ve got plenty of room for those 7 treble cluster stitches!


Letto Hand Turned Ergonomic Custom Crochet Hooks

If you’re after something really special, then you could always get a custom-made hook! These hand-turned hooks by Letto on Etsy are made from 2 different types of wood, and can be combined with metal tips by clover or KnitPro hooks. These hooks are custom made for you, so the family run workshop in the Ukraine will ensure that the materials and design are exactly what you want (or you can just order pre-made hooks from them if you’re not fussy). We think this would be an incredible gift for any crocheter!


Personalised Bamboo Crochet Hook

Ok so maybe some of the hooks in our list cost a bit more than you were wanting to spend, but you still want to get something special? Well, whether you’re buying for yourself or buying a gift for a loved one, we think these personalised bamboo hooks will really add that special touch to any crocheters toolbox!