How to fasten off crochet and weave in your crochet ends.

We show you how to do the 'fastening off' technique to finish your crochet and how to weave those ends in neatly.

How to fasten off crochet

If you’ve just got to the end of your first crochet project, you might be wondering how you finish off crochet! You’ll often see the words ‘fasten off’ at the end of a crochet pattern or shape. This essentially means that you’re putting a knot in place so that your crochet doesn’t unravel. As well as fastening off, we’ll also show you how to weave in your ends securely using a yarn needle.

How to fasten off crochet


Step 1

Once you’ve worked your last stitch, you’ll have one loop left on your hook. Cut the yarn leaving a tail approx 15cm-long. Wrap the yarn round the hook (yrh) and pull through the loop.

How to fasten off crochet step1B

Step 2

Remove the hook and pull the yarn tail to tighten it up. This will create a nice little knot that will mean your yarn can’t unravel.

How to fasten off crochet step2

*Once you’re accustomed with fastening off, some people will remove the hook altogether at step 1, loosen the last loop and thread the yarn through by hand*

How to weave in crochet ends

Step 3

Once your yarn is fastened off, you need to hide that yarn tail. Weaving the tail in not only helps it to look neater, but also secures the tail in place so even with a lot of movement your crochet won’t unravel (never cut the tail up to the fastening off knot as this could potentially work itself loose).

To weave in your ends, thread your tail onto a yarn needle (also called a tapestry needle). On the wrong side of your crochet, weave the needle down in and out of the back of a few stitches as shown in the picture.

How to fasten off crochet step3

Step 4

Weave the needle back going in an upwards direction. There are no strict rules about how best to weave in the ends of yarn – the important thing is that they need to be secure and invisible from the front. When crochet is pulled or requires a lot of movement, woven in tails can occasionally come loose, so you may want to weave the yarn tail in different directions to prevent this from happening.

How to fasten off crochet step4

And that’s how you finish off your crochet project!