How to make a half treble crochet stitch

A handy stitch that’s between double and treble crochet in size, and that looks slightly looser than double crochet.


The half-treble crochet stitch (htr) is a fantastic little stitch that is often overlooked. It creates a fabric that is not quite as tight and solid as a dc stitch, but not quite as loose and airy as a treble stitch, making it perfect for projects like bags and accessories, as well as garments of course!

In US terminology this would be called a half double crochet stitch.

You can view a handy video tutorial…


Step 1

To make a half treble crochet stitch, work to where you want the htr (half treble) and then wind the yarn around the hook (yrh).


Step 2

Insert the hook under the top two loops of next stitch in the previous row. Wrap yarn around the hook again (yrh).


Step 3

Pull the yarn through the stitch only (3 loops on hook), yrh. Pull the yarn through all 3 loops. You’ve made a half treble crochet! Continue working htr into next and following stitches to the end of the row.


Step 4

At the end of the row, turn work and ch2. This is the t-ch (turning chain) and counts as the first htr in the next row. Skip the first st at the base of the t-ch, work 1htr into 2nd st in prev row and in each st to end, including into top of t-ch.