How to half treble crochet

Half treble crochet stitch is a fun and handy stitch that’s between double and treble crochet in size!


The half treble crochet stitch (htr) is a fantastic little stitch that is often overlooked. It creates a fabric that is not quite as tight and solid as a dc stitch, but not quite as loose and airy as a treble stitch, making half treble crochet stitch perfect for projects like bags and accessories, as well as garments of course!

In US terminology this would be called a half double crochet (hdc) stitch. You can find a full list of all abbreviations and UK to US conversions in our abbreviations and conversions guide

If you’re completely new to crochet you can find of useful information in our beginners guide to crochet. Keep on reading for our step-by-step picture guide on how to half treble crochet, or you can check out this handy video!


You Will Need

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook

How to half treble crochet (how to half double crochet in US terms)

Step 1

To work a half treble crochet into chains, start by winding the yarn round the hook (yrh) and then into the 3rd chain from your hook (the 2ch that you skip will form your turning chain that gives you the height of your half treble stitches – more on this later)

How_to_half_treble_crochet_step_01 - Half double crochet US

Step 2

Yarn round hook again, and gently pull the yarn through the chain loop only, so you have three loops on the hook.

How_to_half_treble_crochet_step_02 - Half double crochet US

How_to_half_treble_crochet_step_03 - Half double crochet US

Step 3

Work yarn round hook again and gently pull the yarn through the three loops on the hook to finish the stitch.

How_to_half_treble_crochet_step_04 - Half double crochet US

Step 4

Your first half treble crochet stitch is finished and you can see how it sits neatly next to the 2-chain turning chain.

How_to_half_treble_crochet_step_05 - Half double crochet US

Now just continue working a half treble stitch in each chain along to the end.


How to work the second row of half treble crochet

Step 1

Work two chains for the turning-ch, which counts as the first stitch of the new row.


Step 2

Work yrh and insert hook under the v-shaped top of the second stitch from the previous row.


Step 3

Work a half treble stitch as before: yrh, pull yarn through, yrh, pull through all three loops. Work a half treble into the top of each stitch of the previous row.


Step 4

To finish the row of half treble stitches, work the final half treble stitch into the top chain of the two turning chains on the previous row.


Step 5

Your second row of half treble crochet will be finished. Just repeat this second row until you have the number of rows you need.


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