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Top 20 Corner to Corner C2C crochet patterns

Looking for corner-to-corner crochet patterns? Then take a peek at our pick of the top 20 C2C patterns that both beginners and more experienced crocheters can enjoy!

Top c2c patterns

We love corner to corner crochet, and judging by how popular it’s become over the last few years it appears you love it too! The brilliant thing about C2C is that you can create such a huge range of pictorial crochet designs from a relatively basic technique. And it’s not just corner to corner blanket patterns that are available, we’re seeing designers using C2C crochet in accessory and garment designs too! We’ve picked 20 of our our favourite corner to corner patterns for you to try, including plenty of free C2C patterns – and if you’re new to C2C crochet, check out our full How to do corner to corner crochet tutorial.


Feeling creative – once you’ve mastered the basics of corner to corner crochet, it’s incredibly easy to start customising your own designs. C2C graphs are essentially just a grid of squares, so you can easily make your own C2C graphs with some squared paper. Alternatively, you could try a pixel drawing app or website such as pixelart or 8bitpainter. There are also apps and websites which enable you to convert photos to pixel graphs (as well as this being something you can do with professional image editing software), however this can get quite technical.

Top 20 C2C crochet patterns


Free c2c pencil case pattern

If you’re looking for your first C2C pattern to try, then this free pencil case pattern by Rosina Northcott is a great starter project. As it’s made in one piece that is folded over, some of the C2C writing will be upside down – which might seem tricky, but carefully following the chart to make this design will help you to get a full understanding of how corner to corner crochet works!

Find the Free c2c pencil case pattern here


Rainbow stripes C2C blanket crochet pattern

This simple Rainbow Stripes blanket crochet pattern is perfect for those who really want to get absorbed in their first major corner-to-corner pattern. The C2C pattern by Kate Rowell is available as a digital download, or you can buy it as a kit with all the Stylecraft yarn you need to make it too!

Find the Rainbow stripes C2C blanket crochet pattern at Deramores


Free tapestry wall hanging pattern

If you’re looking for a C2C pattern to help you get the hang of making pictures, then why not try this stylish wall hanging corner-to-corner crochet pattern from Red Heart. We love the cool blue feel to it, but you could equally change the colours to transform them into some lush green hills!

Find the Free tapestry wall hanging pattern here


Geo bag C2C crochet pattern

Here’s a super-cool corner-to-corner crochet pattern that is really great for mixing things up with! This fab geo bag crochet pattern comes with 3 different corner to corner graphs for you to choose from when making up the main body of the bag, as well as 2 variations of the strap too! The pattern also includes photographs showing the construction, how to add a lining and how to attach a magnetic clasp too!

Find the Geo bag C2C crochet pattern on Etsy


Free star baby blanket pattern

There’s no better handmade gift for a new arrival than a crocheted baby blanket! This free corner-to-corner baby blanket crochet pattern features a simple star design, plus some fabulous pompoms on each corner!

Find the Free star baby blanket pattern here


Retro apron corner to corner crochet pattern

For those of you who have culinary as well as crochet skills, why not combine your two passions with this retro crochet apron by Hannah Cross. With it’s colourful but simple corner-to-corner pattern, and 2-piece panel construction, it’s a must-make for any crochet-loving cook!

Find the Retro apron corner to corner crochet pattern on Ravelry


Free Daisy blanket crochet pattern

Add some 70’s flower power to your corner-to-corner blanket with this free daisy crochet blanket pattern from Bernat. We love the way the daisy pops against the coral background!

Find the Free Daisy blanket crochet pattern here


Free Cedar River crochet blanket pattern

This Free Cedar River blanket pattern by Kat Goldin is not only a fantastic first C2C project, but as the blanket is constructed from repeated sections of corner-to-corner crochet squares it’s also easy for you to adjust how big or small your want to make your blanket…and it’s also good for if you’re the sort of person who’s easily distracted and wants a project you can put down and restart when you feel like it!

Find the Free Cedar River crochet blanket pattern on Deramores


Boho rug crochet pattern

As we’ve seen so far, there’s loads of great corner-to-corner patterns for blankets, but with the help of some chunky roving wool you could always make a corner-to-corner rug instead! This fabulous Boho crochet rug pattern by Emma Leith is another design that is constructed from panels, and is all topped off with some funky fringing!

Find the Boho rug crochet pattern on Ravelry


Zoodiacs blanket crochet pattern

How cute is this corner-to-corner blanket crochet pattern by 1DogWoof! With C2C squares depicting 12 animals from the Chinese Zodiac, this colourful blanket would make a great addition to any child’s bedroom!

Find the Zoodiacs blanket crochet pattern on Etsy


Free c2c pillow pattern

This fabulous free corner-to-corner crochet cushion pattern by Lilla Björn Crochet is a design that would suit any home, and you’ll love the join-as-you-go technique which means there’s only some minimal sewing and joining. Plus there’s a handy video tutorial to guide you through it too!

Find the Free c2c pillow pattern here


Giraffe blanket corner to corner crochet pattern

Ready to take the plunge and start hooking up a super-size C2C pattern? Then why not try this super-colourful giraffe blanket C2C pattern by Hannah Cross! With it’s diagonal stripes and silhouette giraffe design, you’ll be a corner-to-corner master by the time you have this finished!

Find the Giraffe blanket corner to corner crochet pattern on Ravelry


Crowded houses blanket crochet pattern

As we mentioned at the start of this post, it’s relatively simple to make charts for corner-to-corner patterns, so when you’re looking for patterns online it can be quite common to only see an example of the C2C graph and not what it looks like as a finished crocheted product. However, here’s a corner-to-corner pattern that we loved the end result of so much that we had to include it. This Crowded houses blanket crochet pattern really shows off the geometrical properties of C2C crochet, and is a great stash-busting project too!

Find the Crowded houses blanket crochet pattern on Etsy


Diagonals for days C2C top crochet pattern

It’s not just blankets and homewares you can make with corner-to-corner crochet, there’s some amazing garments that you can hook up with this fun technique too! Like this fabulous ‘Diagonals for Days’ top by 1DogWoof. With it’s simple construction and stand-out stripes, this crochet tee is bound to become your go-to crochet garment!

Find the Diagonals for days C2C top crochet pattern on Etsy


Free kawaii rainbow pillow crochet pattern

If you’re a fan of all things Kawaii, then you couldn’t possibly ask for a more perfect crochet pattern than this Free rainbow cushion pattern from Hobbii! With those fabulous bright colours, fluffy pompoms and super-cute pixel design, it’ll bring the cute factor to any home!

Find the Free kawaii rainbow pillow crochet pattern from Hobbii


C2C poncho crochet pattern

Here’s another beautiful corner-to-corner crochet garment for you to try! This fabulous C2C poncho by DoraDoes is a surprisingly simple make that even relative beginners can try, and it looks amazing when hooked up in some variegated or ombre yarn!

Find the Free C2C poncho crochet pattern on Etsy


Free c2c alpaca blanket pattern

Why not try using your corner to corner crochet skills to hook a blanket dedicated to our favourite camelid mammal – The Alpaca! We love this fantastic free corner to corner blanket pattern by MakeandDoCrew, and we especially love their idea of using soft bouclé yarn to give the alpaca a lovely fluffiness!

Find the Free c2c alpaca blanket pattern here


Diamond trees scarf crochet pattern

If you’re thinking these blanket and garment projects all seem a bit epic and you want something a bit more manageable, then you could always try this diamond trees scarf crochet pattern by Hannah Cross. Made up of simple panels and featuring a bold geometric design, it’s a fun and satisfying project that won’t take you too long to complete!

Find the Diamond trees scarf crochet pattern on Etsy


Free 8bit crochet top pattern

When looking for corner-to-corner garments, we came across this fabulous free ‘8Bit’ crochet top pattern by Genuine Mudpie and instantly fell in love with it. It’s hooked up in laceweight yarn so it’s perfect for summer, and features short shaped sleeves and button fastenings (which can be worn at the back or the front).

Find the Free 8bit crochet top pattern here


Arcade game blanket crochet pattern

Seeing as corner-to-corner crochet really resembles pixelated images, we just had to finish with a classic retro gamer design… and what could be more retro than this Arcade Game blanket crochet pattern. It’s a bit of an epic project, but one that will be treasured forever!

Find the Arcade game blanket crochet pattern on Etsy


We hope you’ve enjoyed our pick of the best corner to corner crochet patterns, don’t forget if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks and the best crochet kits for beginners.