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Top 15 Tunisian Crochet patterns

Try something different with our pick of our favourite Tunisian crochet patterns

Tunisian crochet patterns

Whether you’re after a quick project with a bit of variety, or fancy throwing yourself into your next epic project, there’s a whole world of fun Tunisian crochet patterns for you to try!


Tunisian crochet has some subtle differences to conventional crochet, but if you already know the traditional crochet basics you’ll be able to pick it up pretty quick, and you can always check out our How to do Tunisian crochet tutorial which will hep you master the basics of this fun technique. The main difference is that Tunisian crochet uses a longer hook, as you keep several stitches on the hook rather than completing one at a time – a bit like knitting. Although you can technically do Tunisian crochet with a standard crochet hook (providing it doesn’t have a flat thumb grip or handle), you’re limited by the length of your hook – So before we go straight into our pick of the top 15 Tunisian crochet patterns, we just wanted to show you the two main types of Tunisian crochet hooks you may want to invest in before starting any major projects.

Single ended Tunisian crochet hooks

The most common type of Tunisian crochet hook is the single ended type. They look just like a knitting needle, except have a hook at the end rather than a point. These are perfect for most beginner Tunisian crochet patterns, and can vary in length which is an important factor in determining how many stitches you can fit on your needle. This Single ended Tunisian crochet hook set comes with 11 sizes of hook that will cover most of your Tunisian crochet needs, and are made in sturdy aluminium, plus the size marker at the end of the hook will also help to ensure your stitches don’t accidentally slip off the end of the hook.

single ended tunisian crochet hooks set

Interchangeable/Cable Tunisian crochet hooks

While single ended Tunisian crochet hooks will be fine for the vast majority of Tunisian crochet patterns, if you’re really getting into your Tunisian crochet or need to make particularly wide pieces of fabric then you may prefer to use interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks with a connecting cable. This KnitPro Symfonie interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks set is a great option, as it comes with cables and stoppers. As we mentioned before, with your first row of Tunisian crochet your stitches all stay on your hook, so if you’re making fabric that needs more stitches than you can fit on your hook, you can connect a cable to the end of your hook and just keep on making those stitches – and you can attach a stopper at the end to make sure they don’t slip off if you put your work down. It’s pretty rare for a pattern to specifically require a Tunisian crochet hook with a cable, however many crocheters find them easier to use as it can sometimes be difficult trying to fit a lot of stitches on a single ended hook.

KnitPro Symfonie interchangeable Tunisian crochet hook set

15 Top Tunisian crochet patterns


Free Tunisian crochet sunglasses case pattern

If you’re after a quick and easy Tunisian crochet pattern to help you get the hang of this fun technique, then this crochet sunglasses case pattern by Becky Skuse is perfect for you. Using just the simple Tunisian crochet stitches, you can also easily customise the shape to make it wider or longer, meaning you could turn it into a phone cover or a whole range of other funky cases!

Find the Free Tunisian crochet sunglasses case pattern  here



Sunset Tunisian crochet blanket

When it comes to Tunisian crochet afghan patterns, you don’t have to spend forever sewing pieces together. This clever Sunset blanket design by Poppy and Bliss uses an easy join-as-you-go technique as well as an impressive 2-colour blending technique to give your blanket loads of character – plus it only uses Tunisian Simple Stitch, making it the perfect Tunisian crochet pattern for beginners that want to try a larger project.

Buy the Sunset Tunisian crochet blanket on Etsy

Tunisian crochet blanket pattern Sunset


Round and round tunisian crochet jumper pattern

Take things 2-tone with this gorgeous Tunisian crochet jumper pattern by Simone Francis. This Tunisian crochet pattern is worked in the round and features a pretty circular yoke as well as some ribbed stitches to create an interesting textured effect, so although it may look simple it’s sure to give you a fun crochet challenge!

Buy the Round and round Tunisian crochet jumper pattern on Ravelry

Tunisian crochet sweater pattern


Tunisian crochet spiral rug pattern

Ombre gradients and a hypnotic spiral help to make this Tunisian crochet rug pattern really stand out! We love the clever construction and stunning colour effect, plus the use of bulky yarn will mean it’ll stand up to any wear and hopefully last for years!

Buy the Tunisian crochet spiral rug pattern on Etsy

Spiral rug Tunisian crochet pattern


Free Tunisian crochet clutch bag crochet pattern

For those of you who love ALL the different crafts, then this pattern will be right up your street! Combine a Tunisian crochet base with a geometric cross stitch design to create an awesome clutch bag, perfect for any occasion!

Find the Free Tunisian crochet clutch bag crochet pattern here

how to tunisian crochet


Tunisian crochet coat crochet pattern

If you’ve tried the basics and totally fell in love with Tunisian crochet, then here’s an epic project for you to really show off your skills with! This incredible Tunisian crochet coat pattern is choc full of fantasy style, with pointed bells sleeves and a long pointed hood, and the combination of variegated yarn panels creates a stunning colourful fabric!

Buy the Tunisian crochet coat crochet pattern on Etsy

elf coat tunisian crochet pattern


Free Tunisian crochet fishnet cushion pattern

Tunisian crochet isn’t just great for creating fabrics that have a knitting-like appearance, it can also be used to create amazing texture – like on this Tunisian crochet cushion pattern! The Tunisian smock stitch pattern is combined with a chunky ribbon-style yarn to create a beautifully touchable fishnet effect. Plus this free pattern by Hobbii also comes with some handy step-by-step photo’s and even a video tutorial!

Find the Free Tunisian crochet fishnet cushion pattern at

Fishnet cushion free tunisian crochet pattern

If you fancy trying your hand at a wide range of different Tunisian crochet stitches, then you might enjoy the Tunisian Crochet: Basic & Textured stitches Volume 1 book by Petra Tornack-Zimmerman. And if you really get into your Tunisian crochet, she has 2 more volumes covering coloured and patterned stitches too!

Tunisian crochet book


Tunisian Raglan Blouse crochet pattern

Here’s a Tunisian crochet pattern that will definitely make it’s way into your everyday outfit collection! With it’s clever Raglan sleeves and easy Tunisian simple stitch pattern, this crochet blouse pattern (although some might consider it a cardigan) by Catalina Ungureanu would look great hooked up in your favourite colours!

Buy the Tunisian Raglan Blouse crochet pattern on Etsy

Raglan blouse Tunisian crochet pattern


Free Tunisian crochet Mitered throw pattern

Have this throw draped over your sofa and all of your guests are 100% guaranteed to be impressed! This eye-catching design by Red Heart is made up of square and half-square motifs made in Tunisian crochet, with some clever joining and edging stitches to make this a project you will treasure forever!

Find the Free Tunisian crochet Mitered throw pattern at

Tunisian crochet throw pattern - Tunisian crochet afghan patterns


Tunisian crochet poncho pattern

This elegant poncho (or Ruana) by Chiwei of 1DogWoof designs has us reaching for our Tunisian crochet hooks raring to start! This light and airy design is perfect for a whole range of occasions – from lazy days on the sofa to classy evenings out, it’s everything you need in an extra layer. You can wear it as a simple shawl or wrap, or use the simple strap on the front to tuck one end in and wear like a poncho!

Buy the Tunisian crochet poncho pattern on Etsy

Tunisian crochet poncho pattern


Ard Ri Tunisian crochet shawl pattern

We love how the dramatic colourwork combines with the subtle textural differences in this gorgeous shawl pattern by

Buy the Ard Ri Tunisian crochet shawl pattern on Etsy

Tunisian crochet shawl pattern


Free Tunisian crochet hoop earrings pattern

If you don’t fancy starting an epic project and would prefer to keep your Tunisian crochet on the small side, then how about hooking up these sweet earrings. The variegated crochet thread takes out the hassle of colour changes, and as they only use the basic Tunisian simple stitch even complete Tunisian newbies can give them a go!

Find the Free Tunisian crochet hoop earrings pattern at

Tunisian crochet earring pattern


Classic stripes Breton top Tunisian crochet pattern

Channel classic French style with this stunning Breton top pattern by Simone Francis. While it’s made from simple Tunisian crochet stitches, it’s choc full of character with it’s signature stripes, gently rolled hems, three-quarter-length sleeves, lime green yoke and elegant bateau neckline.

Buy the Classic stripes Breton top Tunisian crochet pattern on Ravelry

Tunisian crochet patterns Breton top


Free Tunisian crochet drawstring bag pattern

Toni of TL Yarn Crafts has loads of free Tunisian crochet tutorials and Tunisian crochet patterns on her blog, but we particularly love her Tunisian crochet drawstring bag pattern. Worked up in tape yarn, this design uses a clever combination of traditional crochet and Tunisian crochet to make it both a fun project as well as a pretty, sturdy and practical bag.

Find the Free Tunisian crochet drawstring bag pattern here

Tunisian crochet patterns drawstring bag

We were so excited to find out that Toni Lipsey of TLYarnCrafts has a new book coming out – and it’s all about Tunisian crochet! With 20 projects by this legendary designer, we’d definitely recommend getting your order in for The Tunisian Crochet Handbook – Pre-order now, on sale October 2021.

Tunisian crochet handbook


Tunisian crochet desert top pattern

We love the natural and relaxed look of this fabulous top by Natalie of DetroitKnotsCo. With it’s capped sleeves, stylish crop and that gorgeous Tunisian crochet texture, plus wide range of sizes and easy to adjust to your own fit – this is a top we think you’ll love wearing almost as much as you’ll love making!


Buy the Tunisian crochet desert top pattern on Etsy

Tunisian crochet patterns desert top

We hope you’ve enjoyed our pick of Tunisian crochet pattern. Don’t forget, if you need any help with your crochet stitches you can always check out our crochet for beginners guide. And if you’re looking to treat yourself, check out our list of the best crochet hooks and the best crochet kits for beginners.