Whether you’re well and truly hooked on Tunisian crochet, or are just trying it for the first time, every good crocheter needs a Tunisian crochet hook in their toolkit.


Although you can technically do Tunisian crochet with a standard crochet hook (providing it doesn't have a flat thumb grip or handle), you're limited by the length of your hook.

It’s a good option for trying it out, but if you want to actually start a project it’s worth getting a proper Tunisian crochet hook – sometimes called an Afghan crochet hook.

Tunisian crochet hooks need to be a lot longer than conventional hooks, as you keep several stitches on the hook rather than completing one at a time – a bit like knitting. Check out our guide on how to do Tunisian crochet to learn more.

Best Tunisian crochet hooks

We’ve split our list into the three main types of Tunisian crochet hooks – single ended, double ended and interchangeable/cable hooks. We’ve also included a few Tunisian crochet hook sets in the different styles too.

Single-ended Tunisian crochet hooks

The most common type of Tunisian crochet hook is the single-ended type.

They look just like a regular knitting needle, except they have a hook at the end rather than a point. These are perfect for most beginner Tunisian crochet patterns and can vary in length, which is an important factor in determining how many stitches you can fit on your hook.

1. Coopay Extra Long Tunisian crochet hook

Coopay Tunisian crochet hook

For those of you who are trying Tunisian crochet for the first time, then these simple single-ended crochet hooks by Coopay are the perfect starter hook.

Made from strong but lightweight aluminium, the smooth polished surface means you can glide through your stitches with ease. Plus, they’re that extra bit longer than most Tunisian hooks (being 35cm long rather than the usual 30cm), which gives beginners that extra bit of room to comfortably control their stitches.

They’re available in almost every size you’d ever need, going from 2.5mm up to 11mm. Each hook size comes in a different colour and the topper on the end of the hook tells you the hook size. It’ll stop your Tunisian stitches slipping off the end too.

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2. Pony Tunisian crochet hook

Pony Tunisian crochet hook

When it comes to your essential crochet tools, you can’t get more reliable than the Pony brand. We’ve been using their sturdy and affordable metal crochet hooks for years, and their Tunisian hooks are just as good as their regular hooks.

These 30cm long grey aluminium hooks are available in sizes 2.25mm up to 6mm, and with a more than reasonable price tag they’re a great option for if you need to buy a couple of different sizes.

3. Coopay Tunisian crochet hook set

Coopay Tunisian crochet hook set

If you fancy investing in a full set of Tunisian crochet hooks, then you might like this single-ended Tunsian crochet hook set.

Made from aluminium in sizes 2mm to 8mm and 27cm long, this simple set comes contained in a lovely floral fabric hook roll.

Double-ended crochet hooks

As well as single-ended hooks, you may also come across double-ended Tunisian crochet hooks, which have a hook at both ends of the shaft. These are specifically designed for doing Tunisian crochet in the round, however, you need to be careful when selecting them.

Some double-ended hooks will have a different sized hook at each end, making them a 2-in-1 hook. But if you are using a double-ended crochet hook for Tunisian crochet, you will need both hooks to be the same size.

1. Addi double-ended Tunnisian crochet hook

Addi double ended tunisian crochet hook

These double-sided crochet hooks by Addi are a simple and affordable way to try a Tunisian crochet hook that is suitable for crocheting in the round.

There are 9 sizes available going up from 2mm to 6mm in half sizes (with both ends being the same size – important for double-ended Tunisian crochet).

The only downside is that the total hook length is only 15cm, so they’re not going to be suitable for all projects.

2. Clover double-ended Tunisian crochet hook

clover double ended Tunisian crochet hook

Many people struggle with metal hooks and find that they can hurt their hands, so if you’re having that problem it’s worth trying a wooden hook, like this Clover double-ended hook.

Made from bamboo, it’s smooth and soft on your hands with that extra bit of flexibility.

It’s only available in four sizes, and again is only 15cm long (which seems to be a common feature with double ended hooks). However, it’s a nice variation on the regular metal or plastic hooks.

3. KnitPro Trendz double-ended Tunisian crochet hooks

KnitPro Trendz double ended Tunisian crochet hook

If the hook length is a deal-breaker when selecting your double-ended Tunsian hook, then the Trendz hooks by KnitPro might just be perfect for you. Coming in at 30cm long and available in eight sizes going from 5mm to 12mm, they’re perfect for your Tunisian crochet needs.

They’re also made from easy-to-handle acrylic, which is both great for beginners as well as for if you’re working with slippery or tricky yarns. Plus we love the bright translucent colours that are different for each size of hook!

Cabled and Interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks

Single or double-ended Tunisian crochet hooks will be fine for many patterns. However, if you're really getting into your Tunisian crochet or need to make wide pieces of fabric then you may prefer to use cable or interchangeable hooks.

They’re basically the same as a single-ended hook, but with a cable at the end which comes in different lengths. This means you can create Tunisian fabrics that are much longer than your hook alone.

1. Pony Tunisian Circular crochet hook

Pony circular Tunisian crochet hook

Most types of Tunisian crochet hooks that use cables are the interchangeable kind, where you can unscrew the cable. However, you can get some fixed circular Tunisian hooks like these ones from Pony.

They come with the same sized metal hook at each end a length of plastic cable in between, combining to give you a total length of 80cm to work with your Tunisian crochet stitches.

We’d generally advise investing in interchangeable hooks if you need to use cables, however these are a great budget-friendly option for if you have a specific project in mind or want to try out cabled hooks before investing in interchangeables.

2. KnitPro Symfonie Interchangeable Tunisian crochet hook set

KnitPro Symfonie Tunisian crochet hooks

KnitPro Symfonie hooks and needles are incredibly popular, and the interchangeable hook set is a great option if you’re looking to invest in your first set of Tunisian crochet hooks.

The hooks are made of multi-coloured laminated wood, which creates a strong and sturdy hook that is still smooth and comfortable to work with… as well as looking amazing!

The set comes with eight sizes of hook ranging from 3.5mm to 8mm, which will be all you’ll need for most projects. There’s also four cables, four cable keys, eight end caps and a set of cable connectors, plus a clear vinyl case to keep your hooks in.

3. KnitPro Ginger Interchangeable Tunisian crochet hook set


These amazing KnitPro Ginger hooks are the perfect option for if you want a Tunisian crochet hook set with that extra bit of luxury.

The set contains 11 laminated wooden hooks in sizes 3mm to 12mm, four cables (60cm, 2 x 80cm and 100cm), eight end caps, four cable keys, a set of cable connectors and 20 stitch markers.

All of this comes packaged in a stylish denim and beige finished case, which also doubles up as a chart keeper. You can use the included magnets to keep your chart in place, and use the matching KnitPro Ginger pen to make notes or markings as you go!

You can always buy KnitPro Ginger Tunisian crochet hooks individually, but we think it’s definitely worth treating yourself to this incredible set which contains everything you’ll ever need for your Tunisian crochet projects.

Complete your crochet hook collection

If your regular crochet hook collection is looking a bit slim, why not stock up with the help of our best crochet hooks buyers guide.

Crochet Hooks

Choosing your Tunisian crochet hook

If you’re already experienced with normal crochet, you probably already have a good idea of what hook material you prefer.

Some people prefer the longer style of Tunisian hook, whereas others find them awkward to hold and prefer to use cables, so try experimenting with individual hooks if you’re unsure which style is for you.


Test our your hook with a pattern

Of course the best way to test out a new Tunisian crochet hook is to try using it! Take a look at the Top Tunisian crochet patterns and get making with Gathered.


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