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19 best super chunky arm knitting yarns

Choose the best yarns for super-sized no-needle knits with our guide to arm knitting yarns. Whatever your project, we have a yarn to suit!

Arm knitting yarn, Not The Black Sheep Chunky Yarn

Want to learn arm knitting? Then you’ll need some arm knitting yarn! Below we round up our favourites for you to try. We’ve chosen giant yarns and not-so-giant yarns to suit a wide range of projects and budgets.


In the giant yarn for arm knitting category you’ll find the super-sized yarns you’re probably familiar with from social media. These are perfect for blankets and other home decor. Many of these yarns are made from unspun roving, which means that they’re astonishingly soft to handle and perfect for cuddling up under on cooler nights.

The downside is that these yarns don’t have the strength of something that’s been plied (ie made from a series of strands twisted together), so they need careful handling to keep them in tip-top condition. Go slow and steady when you’re knitting with them so the fibres don’t pull apart, and try to avoid too much wear and tear on the finished item, which may cause pilling (or worse). As the price tags suggest, these are luxury yarns, and they require a bit of looking after!

If that all sounds like too much effort, and you’re just hoping for a blanket that can be thrown on the sofa and lounged on every day before being thrown in the wash, look for arm knitting yarns that aren’t unspun and are made from man-made fibres or cotton rather than pure wool. We have some fab options below, and you’ll find loads more in our guide on blanket yarns, which features a number of jumbo yarns ideal for arm knitting.

But of course arm knitting is not just about blankets, so we’ve included lots of super chunky yarn for arm knitting in this list too. These lighter weight yarns don’t have the bulk of their giant cousins and can be used for all kinds of accessories and home decor, from scarves and snoods to bags and cushions, while still giving you the satisfaction of whipping up a project in a matter of hours.

When you’ve chosen your new yarn, see our guide to arm knitting and we’ll help you cast on your first stitches. Why not then learn how to make an arm knitted lounger? And for more no-needle knitting ideas check out our complete guide to finger knitting.

Here’s what you’ll find in our arm knitting yarn guide:

Best giant yarn for arm knitting

Best super chunky yarn for arm knitting

Best giant yarns for arm knitting


Wool Couture Epic Extreme

Arm knitting yarn Wool Couture Epic Extreme

For knits on an epic scale, try this giant 100% unspun Merino yarn from Wool Couture. Each stitch is a hefty three inches long, so whatever you make it’ll work up in a flash. Great for scarves, blankets and more, you can order weights ranging from 0.25-10kg – and don’t forget to request their free arm knitting instructions with your order!

Buy Wool Couture Epic Extreme from Etsy.


Woolly Mahoosive Mammoth

Blanket yarn, arm knitting yarn, Woolly Mahoosive Mammoth

No list of the best giant yarn for arm knitting would be complete without Woolly Mahoosive. Their Mammoth yarn is made from unspun acrylic and designed especially for extreme knits. Choose from more than a dozen colours (including this eye-catching Mustard shade) and balls weighing from 1kg to 10kg.

Buy Woolly Mahoosive Mammoth from Ebay.


Cheery Little Sheep Chunky Yarn

Arm knitting yarn Cheery Little Sheep Chunky Yarn

Gorgeous 100% Merino wool roving in a huge variety of colours? Yes please! For dreamy-soft blankets and throws, or oversized accessories for cold-weather snuggling, you can’t go wrong with this chunky arm knitting yarn from Cheery Little Sheep.

Buy Cheery Little Sheep Chunky Yarn from Etsy.


Lauren Aston Designs Giant Merino Wool

Arm knitting yarn Lauren Aston Giant Merino

There are few things softer than unspun Merino, so snuggle up under a blanket made from this Giant Merino Wool from Lauren Aston Designs. It comes in a choice of five colours (Natural White, Bright Pink, Mink, Grey or Mustard) and in weights ranging from 1-10kg.

Buy Lauren Aston Designs Giant Merino Wool from Not on the High Street.


Art Wool 100% Merino Wool Yarn

Arm knitting yarn Art Wool Merino Wool Yarn

You’d have trouble finding a bigger range of colours on offer than the one at Art Wool. Whatever your decor, they have a shade to match! Buy their 100% Merino wool roving in 1kg-4kg balls, and cast on a new arm knitting project today.

Buy Art Wool 100% Merino Wool Yarn from Etsy.


Wateralone Chenille Yarn

Arm knitting yarn Wateralone Chenille Yarn

This 100% polyester arm knitting yarn is super soft and easy to look after (just throw it in the machine on a cold wash), making it ideal for everyday home accessories such as sofa throws and kids’ blankets. With 18m per bundle it’s good value too, and there are six different colours to choose from.

Buy Wateralone Chenille Yarn from Amazon.


ONA by Agne Arm Knitting Yarn

Arm knitting yarn ONA by Agne Arm Knitting Yarn

It looks like Merino, it feels like Merino, but it’s actually acrylic! A brilliant option for vegans or anyone with a wool allergy, ONA by Agne’s Arm Knitting Yarn works up quickly on arms or 40mm needles. There’s a choice of more than a dozen colours and three weights, from 500g to 2kg.

Buy ONA by Agne Arm Knitting Yarn from Etsy.


Create and Craft Mega XL Chunky

Arm knitting yarn Create and Craft Mega XL Chunky

Made from a durable blend of 90% acrylic and 10% wool, this yarn is a great option if you want the look of unspun Merino but not the potential challenges of caring for it. It knits up at a tension of 2 stitches and 3 rows to 10x10cm, making it positively petite in the world of giant yarn.

Buy Mega XL Chunky from Create and Craft.


Pure Wool Hut 100% Merino Wool Tops

Arm knitting yarn PureWoolHut 100% Merino Wool Tops

Beloved by spinners and felters, wool tops can also be used as arm knitting yarn. Pure Wool Hut’s beautiful tops are made from pure Merino wool and carefully dyed in a host of different solid and variegated colours (we love this unicorn-themed colourway!).

Buy Pure Wool Hut 100% Merino Wool Tops from Etsy.


Bergère de France Waouh Wool

Arm knitting yarn Bergere de France Waouh Wool

This popular arm knitting yarn from Bergère de France is not easy to find at the moment, so snap it up when you see it! Waouh Wool is made from 100% Merino and comes in 500g/62m balls. We think it’s perfect for super-chunky accessories such as oversized scarves.

Buy Bergère de France Waouh Wool from LoveCrafts.


Not The Black Sheep Chunky Merino Yarn

Arm knitting yarn notTHEBLACKSHEEP Chunky Yarn

Add some luxury to your home with this indulgently soft 22 micron pure Merino wool from Not The Black Sheep. It comes in a huge range of on-trend shades, and weights from 3-20lbs (with helpful recommendations for how much yarn you’ll need for a variety of different projects).

Buy Not The Black Sheep Chunky Merino Yarn from Etsy.


Loopy Mango Big Loop

Arm knitting yarn Loopy Mango Big Loop

US brand Loopy Mango is all about getting people to be creative with DIY knitting kits – and fabulous yarns. Their Big Loop Merino is handmade, so every ball is unique, and at 1,100g per ball you’ll have enough to make a 71x101cm blanket. Ideal for an afternoon of arm knitting fun!

Buy Loopy Mango Big Loop from LoveCrafts.


BeCozi Velvet Yarn

Arm knitting yarn Becozi Velvet Yarn

We love the luxe texture and look of this Velvet Yarn from American chunky yarn specialist BeCozi. It consists of a velvet fabric tube filled with polyester fibre, and is a durable pet- and kid-friendly option that’s a good choice for families.

Buy BeCozi Velvet Yarn from Etsy (US only, not available in UK).


King And Eye Crochet Giant Yarn

Arm knitting yarn King And Eye Crochet Giant Yarn

With each stitch measuring in at around 3in, this giant 100% Merino yarn is perfect for all your super-sized knitting needs. Choose from five colours, and weights suitable for everything from a scarf to an extra-large blanket. Or if you want to skip the effort you can also buy ready-made home decor from the same seller!

Buy King And Eye Crochet Giant Yarn from Etsy.

More yarn buying ideas

Want more ideas for expanding your stash? You know you do! We round up the best British yarn producers and best vegan yarns, show you how to choose the best yarn for baby blankets and clothes, and reveal the best yarn packs and yarn bundles to take the stress out of picking a colour palette.


Best super chunky yarn for arm knitting

Go big (but not too big!) with super chunky yarn for arm knitting. Lighter than their giant counterparts, these yarns are ideal for arm knitted accessories such as scarves, cowls and bags, or for snuggly all-seasons blankets. Try doubling them up if you want some extra thickness. Their smaller size also means they’re perfect for arm knitting on the go!


We Are Knitters The Wool

Blanket yarn We Are Knitters The Wool

Available in stylish solids and beautiful variegated shades, We Are Knitters The Wool is made from 100% Peruvian Highland wool. Buy individual balls or get a five-pack in your choice of colours. A great option for cool-weather accessories.

Buy The Wool from We Are Knitters.


Schachenmayr Cotton Jersey

Arm knitting yarn Schachenmayr Cotton Jersey

Crafting in the summer and don’t fancy sweltering under heavy wool? Go for a lightweight yarn such as this Cotton Jersey from Schachenmayr, a blend of 70% cotton and 30% nylon. Its tape construction gives this arm knitting yarn a bit of stretch so it’s a more forgiving option for beginners.

Buy Schachenmayr Cotton Jersey from LoveCrafts.


Bernat Mega Bulky

Arm knitting yarn Bernat Mega Bulky

A big yarn with gorgeous sheen and softness, Bernat Mega Bulky is made from 100% acrylic and comes in a wide range of solid shades. Why not mix them up with bold arm-knitted stripes or colour blocking? Hand wash this yarn and dry it flat to keep your finished knits in perfect shape.

Buy Bernat Mega Bulky from Amazon.


Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool

Arm knitting yarn Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool

What can you make with Crazy Sexy Wool? “Anything that’s chunky,” say Wool and the Gang. Check out their patterns for arm knitted scarves you can make in under an hour, and more. The yarn is produced from 100% wool, so it’s ideal for cosy but breathable accessories.

Buy Crazy Sexy Wool from Wool and the Gang.


Premier Yarns Couture Jazz Yarn

Arm knitting yarn Premier Yarns Couture Jazz

This popular arm knitting yarn is made from a fluffy tube of brushed acrylic. It’s soft, warm and easy to work with, and comes in 100g/15m balls. Why not whip up a blanket in an afternoon?

Buy Premier Yarns Couture Jazz Yarn from Amazon.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to arm knitting yarn. Find more inspiration in our knitting patterns and how to knit guides.