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Cast on lace, cables and colourwork with issue 164 of The Knitter, on sale 27 May. Plus catch up with our previous issues.

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Fresh Designs – on sale 27 May

Issue 164 is on sale now, and it brings you modern shapes and classic stitch patterns for spring-summer. Our designers have used vibrant hues and elegant details to fill our pages with beautiful colour. Our cover project by Nicola Diggins combines stripes and slip stitches for a subtle, sophisticated look, while stunning colourwork makes an impact on cardigans from Mary Henderson and Arne & Carlos. We have beautiful lace for you, too, such as an elegant two-colour shawl from Jem Arrowsmith, and a chic lace cardigan by Francesca Hughes. Other inspirational projects include a classic houndstooth jacket from Debbie Bliss, a cushion featuring traditional Fair Isle motifs, and smart cable knits for men and children.


Also in this issue, we discover how to use plants from the garden and hedgerow to create beautiful hand-dyed yarns, and we review artisan wools from Britain’s spinning mills. Plus, our special supplement includes a timeless cable sweater designed by Jody Long, and an exploration of Knitting Fever’s international yarn brands.

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Issue 163

The Knitter 163 cover
The knitter issue 163, on sale 29 April
  • Colourwork jumper
  •  Lace shawl
  • Slip stitch jacket
  • Cabled jumper
  • Rollneck sweater
  • Lace & cable wrap
  • Intarsia cardigan
  • Cabled socks
  • Baby dress & cardigan
  • Men’s sweater
  • Cable scarf
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The Knitter 162 cover
The Knitter 162, on sale 1 April

Issue 162

  • Fair Isle cardigan
  • Fitted waistcoat
  • Embroidered poncho
  • Floral cardigan
  • Socks
  • Men’s brioche sweater
  • Hat & mittens
  • Flower jumper
  • Textured cardigan
  • Cabled jumper
  • Cushion
  • Find it in our online store
The Knitter 161 cover
The Knitter 161, on sale 4 March

Issue 161

  • Denim-style jacket
  • Cabled jumper
  • Shawl
  • Socks
  • Fair Isle cardigan
  • Lacy shawlette
  • Yoked jumper with Fair Isle sleeves
  • Men’s sweater
  • Textured cardigan
  • Hat & gloves
  • Wrap
  • Lace tank top
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The Knitter 160 cover
The Knitter 160, on sale 4 February

Issue 160

  • Fair Isle twin set
  • Slip stitch jumper
  • Open cardigan
  • Shawl-collar sweater
  • Twisted stitch scarf
  • Chunky ribbed jumper
  • Fair Isle mittens
  • Striped bias-knit shawl
  • Colourwork hat
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The Knitter 159 cover
The Knitter 159, on sale 7 January

Issue 159

  • Embroidered jacket
  • Cabled sweater dress
  • Fair Isle hat & mitts
  • Shawl with Fair Isle bands
  • Socks
  • Shawl-collar cardigan
  • Fair Isle cardigan
  • Yoked pullover
  • Cabled jumper
  • Stranded colourwork coat
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The Knitter 158 cover
The Knitter 158, on sale 10 December

Issue 158

  • Cabled rollneck sweater
  • Lace cardigan
  • Striped pullover
  • Women’s gansey
  • Fair Isle hat
  • Brioche shawl
  • Cable jacket
  • Lace & cable cardigan
  • Aran socks
  • Children’s sweater
  • Colourwork jumper
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The Knitter 157 cover
The Knitter 157 on sale 12 November

Issue 157

  • Striped jumper
  • Cable jumper
  • Fair Isle hat & wristwarmers
  • Lace shawl
  • Fair Isle bag
  • Colourwork cardigan
  • Intarsia sweater
  • Rollneck sweater
  • Socks
  • Embroidered cable jumper
  • Floral cardigan
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The Knitter 156 cover
The Knitter 156, on sale 15 October

Issue 156

  • Fair Isle tam & mitts
  • Lace jumper
  • Intarsia scarf
  • Lacy cardigan
  • Colourwork hat
  • Shawl
  • Men’s yoked sweater
  • Poncho
  • Mohair jumper
  • Cable sweater
  • Socks
  • Cable cardigan
  • Slip stitch cushion
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