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Cast on modern designs using cables, lace and colourwork with issue 161 of The Knitter, on sale 4 March. Plus catch up with our previous issues.

The Knitter issue 161

Modern designs – on sale 4 March

Exquisite lace, elegant textures, neat cables and bright colourwork – discover all this and more in Issue 161! From quick-knit projects to heirloom pieces to treasure, there is plenty to keep you and your needles entertained this spring.


Our pattern collection brings you a timeless Fair Isle cardigan by Mary Henderson, a pretty lace shawl from Anniken Allis, and a neat yoked pullover with colourwork sleeves by Caroline Birkett. Other projects include a colourblock sweater for men, designs for socks and gloves, an indulgently cosy wrap, and a lacy tank top.

We also explore the fascinating story of the hand-knitted shirt worn by King Charles I to his execution in 1649, discover the vibrant hand-dyed colours of The Paw Ply Yarn Co., and review the latest yarns and knitting books. Plus, our special supplement includes a jacket with Latvian braid details and a brioche stitch collar – inspired by classic denim jackets – which has been designed by Dario Tubiana.

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Bright ideas using cables, lace and colour in our new issue:

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The Knitter 160 cover
The Knitter 160, on sale 4 February

Issue 160

  • Fair Isle twin set
  • Slip stitch jumper
  • Open cardigan
  • Shawl-collar sweater
  • Twisted stitch scarf
  • Chunky ribbed jumper
  • Fair Isle mittens
  • Striped bias-knit shawl
  • Colourwork hat
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The Knitter 159 cover
The Knitter 159, on sale 7 January

Issue 159

  • Embroidered jacket
  • Cabled sweater dress
  • Fair Isle hat & mitts
  • Shawl with Fair Isle bands
  • Socks
  • Shawl-collar cardigan
  • Fair Isle cardigan
  • Yoked pullover
  • Cabled jumper
  • Stranded colourwork coat
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The Knitter 158 cover
The Knitter 158, on sale 10 December

Issue 158

  • Cabled rollneck sweater
  • Lace cardigan
  • Striped pullover
  • Women’s gansey
  • Fair Isle hat
  • Brioche shawl
  • Cable jacket
  • Lace & cable cardigan
  • Aran socks
  • Children’s sweater
  • Colourwork jumper
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The Knitter 157 cover
The Knitter 157 on sale 12 November

Issue 157

  • Striped jumper
  • Cable jumper
  • Fair Isle hat & wristwarmers
  • Lace shawl
  • Fair Isle bag
  • Colourwork cardigan
  • Intarsia sweater
  • Rollneck sweater
  • Socks
  • Embroidered cable jumper
  • Floral cardigan
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The Knitter 156 cover
The Knitter 156, on sale 15 October

Issue 156

  • Fair Isle tam & mitts
  • Lace jumper
  • Intarsia scarf
  • Lacy cardigan
  • Colourwork hat
  • Shawl
  • Men’s yoked sweater
  • Poncho
  • Mohair jumper
  • Cable sweater
  • Socks
  • Cable cardigan
  • Slip stitch cushion
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The Knitter 155 cover
Issue 155, on sale 17 September

Issue 155

  • Yoked jumper
  • Fair Isle tank top
  • Fitted ribbed jumper
  • Gansey-inspired socks
  • Men’s cabled cardigan
  • Cable hat
  • Fine lace wrap
  • Lace-sleeved cardigan
  • Cabled jumper
  • Girl’s yoked cardigan
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The Knitter 154 cover
Issue 154, on sale 20 August

Issue 154

  • Colourwork yoked sweater
  • Mohair cardigan
  • Raglan tunic dress
  • Fair Isle tank top
  • Shawl
  • Cable hat
  • Lace yoked jumper
  • Shawl-collar jumper
  • Slip stitch T-shirt
  • Striped waistcoat
  • Lacy top
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