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Download the template you need for Dario Tubiano's toucan seater from the supplement in issue 166

the knitter 166 dario tubiano

Have you picked up issue 166 of The Knitter? It features this brilliant sweatshirt from Dario Tubiano, where your knitting is augmented with a stunning embroidered toucan. If you haven’t picked up issue 166 of The Knitter yet, but want to now you’ve seen this lovely designs, take a look at our The Knitter latest issues post to see if it still available.


If you are looking for the full-sized template you need to embroider the toucan onto your finished sweater, you are in the right place! Click the link below to download the full-sized toucan embroidery template, and why not bookmark this page for all future templates you’ll need from The Knitter magazine.

Explore embroidery on knitting projects, with Dario Tubiana's stunning toucan sweater

Free toucan embroidery template

Click to download your free toucan embroidery template.


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