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Stitching embroidery letters by hand lets you create embroidery with all the beauty of brush lettering, and that's just what you'll find in this Happy Place embroidered banner design by Becki Clark. Becki is a passionate brush lettering artist and tutor, so it is no surprise that her design features stitching embroidery letters by hand to where your needle takes the place of the brush pen.


Here we'll guide you through the steps you need to create this banner, starting with stitching the embroidery letters by hand, following the guidelines in our embroidery letters template and our step by step guide. This design was originally published in Love Embroidery issue 1.

Download embroidery letters template

Click to download the embroidery letters template. The download contains three different choices of phrase for the embroidery letters and some simple decorative motifs.

Embroidery letters banner materials

  • Cotton fabric: 40x55cm white
  • Stranded cotton: 1 skein of charcoal
  • Iron-on interfacing or wadding: 33x19cm (optional)
  • Rod for hanging: 20cm long
  • Cord or twine for hanging
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Basic embroidery kit

Embroidery letters banner stitches

The embroidery letters banner uses Backstitch, French Knot, Satin Stitch and Stem Stitch embroidery stitches. These are all quite straightforward, and we have full instructions explaining these embroidery stitches right here on Gathered. Click for our how to Backstitch tutorial, or visit our how to do French knots guide. See our article on how to do Satin stitch and our how to do Stem stitch walkthrough. You'll find plenty of other advice for strarting out with embroidery in our embroidery for beginners article.

Step 1

embroidery letters by hand Step1

Cut the cotton fabric into the following pieces before you begin the embroidery:

Banner front: 40x30cm Banner back: 35x21cm

Place the banner front RS up centrally on the embroidery letters template. Using your preferred transfer method, trace round the outline of the banner, then the embroidery letters.

Step 2

embroidery letters by hand Step2

Mount your fabric into an embroidery hoop, gently pulling the fabric taut. The whole design is worked in charcoal stranded cotton. Outline the wider parts of each of the embroidery letters in Backstitch using two strands.

Step 3

embroidery letters by hand Step3

Fill in these outlined sections of the embroidery letters in Satin Stitch using four strands.

Step 4

embroidery letters by hand Step4

Then embroider the narrower parts of the embroidery letters by hand in Stem Stitch using four strands. Work the dot on the ‘i’ as a French Knot using two strands.

Step 5

embroidery letters by hand Step5

Once all the embroidery is finished, cut out the banner shape 1cm outside theouter drawn lines down both sides and along the bottom pointed edges. Cut the fabric 6cm above the top outer line to allow for the hanging rod casing and seam allowance.

Step 6

embroidery letters by hand Step6

Place this RS together with the banner back fabric and cut round it. If you want to give the banner a little more body, press interfacing or wadding onto the WS of the cut-out banner front.

Place the banner front RS together with the banner back, then stitch together all around leaving a 6cm gap in the centre of the top for turning. Clip the corners and points.

Turn RS out, folding the turning gap fabric edges to the inside. Press, then Slip Stitch the opening closed.

Fold the top over by 5cm to the back and Slip Stitch down to make a casing, ensuring you only stitch through the lining.

Thread the dowel through the casing, then tie cord to either end for hanging.

embroidery letters by hand sq

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Becki ClarkCreative designer and author

Becki Clark is a creative designer and author based in the New Forest. Inspired by the changing seasons and the magic of nature, Becki enjoys working on a range of projects from craft DIYs to illustration, writing books and running seasonally inspired workshops. She had a sausage dog called Reggie who joins her in her studio each day.

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