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Children’s cross stitch patterns

Your little ones will love our free children's cross stitch patterns, or choose from our selection children's cross stitch kits to help them grow their skills

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Little ones will love learning to cross stitch with these children’s cross stitch patterns. Choose from our great selection of free children’s cross stitch patterns and our pick of children cross stitch kits to buy – great to get children cross stitching and having fun! We have designs for animal finger puppets, woodland creature bunting and a weather hoop to choose from as part of our Childrens cross stitch patterns for you to download for free, as well as a selection of children’s cross stitch kits you can buy, too.

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How about the brilliant woodland pals from Jayne Schofield – a cute quartet of woodland friends. Stitch them today before they hop and scurry away! These sweet creatures are looking for a new home, and they’ve decided yours looks a lovely place to make their new nest! All of these children’s cross stitch patterns are worked in bold, bright shades which will appeal enormously to little ones. Each of the children’s cross stitch patterns is small enough to keep your child busy and engaged without taking so long to finish that they lose heart. These children’s cross stitch patterns only use whole stitches so no fiddly fractional stitches or colour blending to grapple with.

Click to download the woodland pals children’s cross stitch patterns

They’ll love watching their design coming to life with every whole stitch, although depending on your child’s age, they may need help positioning the backstitch at the end – but there is only a very little backstitch in these children’s cross stitch patterns. Once finished, back the aida with iron-on interfacing, stitch the edges under to make a neat shape, and alternate with fabric shapes to create your bunting!

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We’re also adding a fun weather hoop by Mollie Johanson into election of free children’s cross stitch patterns, originally published in Cross Stitch Crazy 242. Whether it’s sunny, rainy, windy or cloudy, you’ll be prepared with this clever Children’s cross stitch weather chart. Take a peek outside, then spin the arrow to select the correct weather for the day – or teach your children the different types of weather by letting them choose! To make, simply stitch the designs onto aida using whole stitches and backstitch, frame in a hoop and use a craft split pin to add the arrow, stitched on plastic canvas, to the centre. Have fun!

Click to download the weather hoop Childrens cross stitch pattern

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Do you want to try something a bit more interactive with your Childrens cross stitch patterns? Then you should try these brilliant finger puppets by Heather Nugent, as originally published in Cross Stitch Crazy magazine issue 268.Put on your own wild show with these adorable animals – including Elsie the elephant and Zack the zebra. Bring them to life with whole stitches and just a spot of backstitch for outlines and details. Each childrens cross stitch pattern is a great project for novice stitchers – they could pick their favourite cast member and turn them into a puppet using plastic canvas. Flollow our guide for making up your stitching as a fun finger puppet. Then, let the show begin! 

  1. Trim around the outside of the plastic canvas and inside each of the finger circles. Make sure you don’t cut into the holes containing stitching, and leave a one-square border. 
  2. Using the cut-out stitched piece as a template, use a fabric-safe pen to mark a cutting line on the felt roughly 0.5cm (¼in) away from the edge of the cut-out plastic canvas. 
  3. Trim along your outline, then attach the felt to the plastic  canvas using double-sided tape – keep the tape fairly central in the design as you don’t want to stitch through it.
  4. Using coordinating thread, whipstitch the felt and plastic canvas together around all the raw edges. This will make the edges smoother and the finger holes more comfortable. 

Click to download the finger puppets Childrens cross stitch pattern

For more kids crafts head to 5 minute fun. They’ve got a range of easy, at home crafts for you to make with the kids.

Childrens cross stitch kits

If you don’t have materials at home and want to get hold of a complete kit, we like these children’s cross stitch kits, designed with little stitchers in mind

Binca Childrens cross stitch kit

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Go back to the basics and back to old school days with a binca sampler children’s cross stitch kit! As well as this special low count fabric, the children’s cross stitch kit has thick soft cottons and a colourful ABC design to help get the newest stitchers used to counting holes and working with needle and thread.

Find on the MaggieGeeEmbroidery Etsy store

Anchor owl children’s cross stitch kit

Childrens cross stitch kit anchor

This children’s cross stitch kit from quality thread and fabric brand Anchor has a bright owl worked entirely in whole cross stitch.

Buy from Amazon

 Bella bee childrens cross stitch kit

Look at this cute little bee! Her name is Bella and she is crying out to be stitched in this children’s cross stitch kit from The Make Arcade. As well as the chart, fabric, thread and needle, this children’s cross stitch kit also comes with the mini hoop to help your little ones hold the fabric as they work, and frame the completed children’s cross stitch kit.

Buy from John Lewis

Looking for more children’s cross stitch patterns?

We have other free cross stitch patterns on Gathered that would be great patterns for children to cross stitch. How about one of these?

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children's cross stitch 4

Small and sweet, why not try your children with cross stitch and this Sailing boat cross stitch pattern

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This children’s cross stitch pattern is a pretty patterned spring silhouette! Try the Lamb cross stitch pattern

childrens cross stitch patterns school

These fun children’s cross stitch patterns are designed to help equip your kids for the classroom. Try the school kids cross stitch patterns

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Are you looking for children’s cross stitch patterns that they can show off when out and about? How about this cross stitched butterfly hair grip? Worked on plastic canvas, this is great for beginners as the rigid canvas is much easier to hold that fabric


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