Children’s cross stitch patterns: Woodland pals

Jayne Scholfield's woodland pals are the perfect children's cross stitch patterns – stitched almost entirely in whole cross stitch

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Little ones will love learning to cross stitch with these children cross stitch patterns – a cute quartet of woodland friends. Stitch them today before they hop and scurry away!


These sweet creatures are looking for a new home, and they’ve decided yours looks a lovely place to make their new nest! All of the children’s cross stitch patterns are worked in bold, bright shades which will appeal enormously to little ones. Each of the children’s cross stitch patterns is small enough to keep your child busy and engaged without taking so long to finish that they lose heart. The children’s cross stitch patterns only use whole stitches so no fiddly fractional stitches or colour blending to grapple with.

They’ll love watching their design coming to life with every whole stitch, although depending on your child’s age, they may need help positioning the backstitch at the end – but there is only a very little backstitch in these children’s cross stitch patterns. Once finished, back the aida with iron-on interfacing, stitch the edges under to make a neat shape, and alternate with fabric shapes to create your bunting!

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