Cross stitch dogs

You'll love these paw-fect cross stitch dogs from Kate Mawdsley, including this delightful Jack Russell cross stitch pattern

Jack Russell cross stitch pattern

These cross stitch dogs, like all dogs, will leave paw prints on your heart! We just adore these cross stitch dogs, designed by Kate Mawdsley, who has give all of her cross stitch dogs such huge personalities! Are you looking for cross stitch dogs design for a particular breed? As well as the Jack Russell cross stitch pattern shown in our photo stitch, you’ll find a Dalmatian cross stitch pattern, a sweet Westie cross stitch pattern, a Labrador cross stitch pattern as well as a whole host of unidentifiable cross stitch dogs, who we think must be marvellous mongrels – but do comment on this article if you can help us identify them!


Which of our cross stitch dogs is your favourite? If the cross stitch dogs are the first cross stitch patterns you have tried, or you’d just like a refresher on the basics of cross stitch, take a look at our cross stitch for beginners article.

About the cross stitch dogs

These cross stitch dogs were originally published in Cross Stitch Crazy issue 204 as part of the Crazy For… feature. The designs use whole and fractional cross stitch in two strands, backstitch in one strand and French knots in one strands of thread. You can stitch them on aida or on even weave, which will help you work the factional stitches. The cross stitch dogs download is an A4 PDF with 10 cross stitch dogs including the Jack Russell cross stitch pattern you can see in our main image, as well as an accompanying key to help you stitch the cross stitch dogs.

Download the cross stitch dogs

Click this link to download the pattern for the cross stitch dogs


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