Starting cross stitch is easy! However, choosing your materials can prove tricky for a beginner. Choosing your chart, and getting the right stranded cotton, fabric, and the right size needle can be a challenge. That’s why a cross stitch kit is the easiest way to start out.


In a cross stitch kit for beginners, you’ll find everything you need including the threads and fabric with your chosen chart. This leaves more time for the fun part: stitching!

Choose to learn counted or stamped cross stitch. With counted, follow a printed chart and key to the right place on the fabric to make your crosses. Stamped cross stitch has the design guidelines pre-printed on the fabric, so there is no need to count from a chart.

Learning counted cross stitch opens the door to more designs, and you can use a chart to complete a design as many times as you like (check out our free cross stitch patterns).

It lets you progress to add details with fractional stitches and backstitch. Most cross stitchers who choose stamped will move on to counted cross stitch in the end.

As well as the type of cross stitch, you need to choose the design you like. We’ve selected ten of the best cross stitch kits for beginners – which do you want to stitch most?

Main image: The Make Arcade, Etsy

21 best cross stitch kits for beginners

Easy cross stitch kits

1. Anchor First cross stitch kit

Best for absolute beginners and children

a cross stitch cloud has a smiling face with pink cheeks and colourful raindrops below it. Half a rainbow can be seen coming from his head going off the edge of the design

Pros: Quality threads and fabric, trusted cross stitch brand

Cons: No assembly instructions or ideas

This is a really simple pattern that anyone can try, even kids! Anchor kits contain high-quality fabric and stranded cotton, and are a great brand to learn the basics with!

This kit is designed for absolute beginners. It uses 8-count aida fabric, which means the fabric holes are really big and easy to get the needle into. You’ll produce big, chunky cross stitches with no need to separate the cotton into strands. Easy-to-follow instructions are included in the kit.

2. Owl bookmark cross stitch kit

Best for making as a gift

3 owls sit one above each other in a thin line, each arched on a branch. They are cross stitched in purple and orange colours

Pros: Learn the basics of counting in cross stitch, finished item makes a good gift

Cons: No instructions, 16-count aida is not the standard beginner fabric

Although this design is stitched on a higher count aida (the holes are smaller) it only uses whole cross stitch, so is still suitable for beginners. It’s perfect for getting used to counting stitches from a chart, and understanding a cross stitch chart and key.

Once you’ve finished all the cross stitching, you'll find out how to make up your work into a bookmark. The kit comes with cross stitch pattern, 16-count white aida, stranded cottons and a needle.

3. Yoda stamped easy cross stitch kits

Best for Star Wars fans

A cross stitched image of baby yoda has the wording yoda one for me around it

Pros: Great for all cross stitch abilities

Cons: One-time use kit

This stamped cross stitch is a great choice for beginners! Instead of counting stitches using a cross stitch chart, your design is pre-printed onto the fabric. You add the cross stitch over the top.

It's a good way for a beginner to get accustomed to the cross stitch technique without having to worry about working from a chart. Although it is attractive to completely new stitchers, it is worth eventually learning counted cross stitch as this is the method that most projects use (especially free patterns on Gathered).

More like this

4. Cross stitch greetings card kit - easy cross stitch kits

Best for stitchers who prefer a sturdy base

three cards with a grid of regular holes in the front have basic deigns of a cat and a house and the start of a tractor shape cross stitched on them

Great for first-time stitchers and children! This kit uses perforated paper or card as opposed to fabric which gives you a stable base to hold in your hand.

This pack of perforated greetings cards let you stitch on the front of the card, then write and send your finished design. The kit includes a plastic needle, threads and envelopes. There are no instructions or charts, but kids can copy the pictures on the front.

Pros: Learn to make basic cross stitches, improvise your own designs

Cons: The back of the cross stitch is visible inside the card

5. The Make Arcade folk moth cross stitch kits

Best for teenage or adult cross stitchers

a moth on white fabric cross stitches in green, purple and nblank sits in a hoop on a background of purple and teal with pinks and accessories placed prettily around

Just because you're a beginner it doesn't mean you can't learn in style! This gorgeous moth cross stitch from The Make Arcade lets you cross stitch a pretty and colourful moth as you learn the basics of cross stitch.

It uses whole cross stitch on aida fabric and includes a hoop to use while you are cross stitching, so easy for beginners. Everything you need to complete the design is included in the kit, and you can use the hoop to display your finished work.

Pros: Contemporary design, includes wooden hoop

Cons: Slightly more expensive option

Try these unique counted cross stitch kits

if you are looking to further your skills, take a look at our round-up of counted cross stitch kits suitable for all abilities.

counted cross stitch kit - tea

6. Korobond cross stitch kit

Best for testing out stamped cross stitch

a small simple bluebird design is stitched on aida. cross stitch chart can be seen behind and a bundle of colourful threads alongside

If you're unsure whether cross stitch is for you, and you don't want to spend much money, this kit is for you! Perfect for testing out working on a pre-printed cross stitch.

The Korobond cross stitch kit contains thread, needle, chart and aida fabric pre-printed with the design. Once you’ve worked the cross stitch, wash the fabric to remove the printed guidelines.

Due to it's low price, the contents are not as high-quality as others on this list!

Pros: An easy pre-printed choice, great value

Cons: Low-quality threads

How to wash your cross stitch

Learn best practice right from the beginning with Gathered's guide to washing your cross stitching.

We'll show you the best way to clean finished cross stitch designs to keep them looking their best.

Discoverhow to wash cross stitch

How to clean stitches

7. Biscuit sampler cross stitch kit

Best for ambitious beginners

Lots of deliciously bright crossed stitched biscuits stitched on aida fabric - I can spot jammie dodgers Nice, digestive, shortcake, garibaldi squared fly, pink wafer, bourbon. Clearly I have spend too much time studying the field of biscuit. Or not, time well spent.

Be inspired to cross stitch by biscuits! Even though this is the largest design featured here, it’s broken down into 11 biscuit chunks, so is easy to manage.

As well as the basics of cross stitch, you work backstitch details, which is an essential skill for most cross stitch designs.

Pros: Contemporary design, learn cross stitch and backstitch

Cons: Big design makes it more expensive

8. Simply Make It rainbow cross stitch kit

Best for people who prefer less thread colours

torts od red, green, blue and yellow thread site around a cross stitch design of a rainbow in a hoop that uses those same 4 colours

This super-simple cross stitch kit has just four different thread colours to manage. It’s a very easy counted cross stitch design that’s perfect for learning the basics of a cross stitch chart. The plastic hoop helps keep the fabric taut as you stitch, and can be the frame for your finished design, too.

The kit includes two needles, so you can keep two colours threaded at the same time.

Pros: Includes needles threader

Cons: Very basic design and kit

9. The Make Arcade Koala cross stitch kit

Best for buying as a gift

The sweet cross stitch kolala u=is tithe in great thread with black facial details, pink cheeks and eucalyptus fronds popping out around him. He looks sweet and a bit shy

This sweet koala is a lovely design to learn the basics of cross stitch. You'll be following a chart which will tell you exactly where to place your stitches!

The kit includes a wooden hoop, threads, fabric, backing felt and a needle. You get a chart and basic instructions, all presented in a pretty box.

The finished work measures approx 8cm and has a piece of felt to cover the stitching at the back.

Pros: The kit contains a hoop

Cons: Some challenging backstitch

10. Harry Potter cross stitch kits

Best for Harry Potter fans

beginner cross stitch kits - harry potter

Try cross stitch with your favourite wizarding friends! This simple cross stitch is ideal for beginners and a great way to get kids involved in the craft. The kit contains everything you need to finish your stitching, however, there is no frame so you'll have to source that elsewhere if you want to hang up your finished work.

Pros: Low price for a branded product

Cons: Frame not included

Looking for more Harry Potter cross stitch?

Can't get enough of the magical world, browse through our favourite Harry Potter cross stitch kits.

harry potter cross stitch deathly hallows with flowers

11. Bothy Threads Hannah Dale He's a Fun-gi Counted Cross Stitch

Best for advanced beginners

Bothy Threads Hannah Dale He's a Fun-gi Counted Cross Stitch

This ‘He’s a Fun-gi’ kit from artist Hannah Dale includes everything you need to get started with cross stitching. The kit contains 14-count Zweigart Aida fabric with a printed speckled background, along with pre-sorted stranded cotton, a needle, a stitch diagram and a set of instructions.

The design reveals a cute little creature sitting atop a vibrant, red mushroom. The process involves several full cross stitches, fractional stitches, back stitches and one French knot. There’s plenty here to test your newly-found skills while still being a strong choice for beginners.

Pros: Will test your skills and take you to the next level

Cons: Not suitable for complete beginners

12. Pusheen: A Cross-Stitch Kit (Miniature Editions)

Best for those who want a quick project

Pusheen: A Cross-Stitch Kit (Miniature Editions)

This cross stitch kit gives you the opportunity to create two designs of the ever-loveable Pusheen cat. The 32-page mini-book that comes with the set has instructions for cross stitching, as well as two (easy) patterns for you to follow. This makes this a great set for beginners!

Two pieces of 5x5 inch cotton aida cloth are included in the set, so you can try your hand at creating these lovely feline patterns. There’s also a 3 inch embroidery hoop, two tapestry needles, and four skeins of embroidery thread.

Pros: Includes two designs

Cons: Designs are similar

13. Octopus cross stitch kit

Best for ocean-lovers

cross stitch kits - octo

Dive into the sea with this octopus cross stitch kit for beginners. The kit contains everything you need to create the full project and instructions on how to cross stitch. It would make a special gift for anyone who loves the ocean, or just something to brighten up your home.

Pros: Modern design

Cons: The design is very small

14. Bee cross stitch kit

Best for nature lovers

bee cross stitch kit

This fuzzy little bumblebee is a simple stitch and great for first-timers! The kit contains all you need, including a detailed pattern, 14-count Aida fabric, thread, a hoop, an embroidery needle, and a cross stitch guide for beginners. It can also be purchased gift-wrapped if you are buying it as a present.

Pros: Beautifully packaged

Cons: Hoop not included

Printed cross stitch kits

Prefer to stitch straight onto the aida and not worry about counting? Try these lovely printed cross stitch kits for beginners.

15. Dinosaur cross stitch kit

Best for pun fans

cross stitch kits - dino

Create this lovely dinosaur cross stitch for a friend and let them know just how 'roarsome' you think they are, it'll be sure to put a smile on their face. It uses a mixture of colours to help you get used to changing threads making it a fantastic cross stitch kit for beginners.

Pros: Cute design

Cons: Costs extra to include a hoop

16. Monstera cross stitch kit

Best for plant people

beginner cross stitch kits - plants

Give this cool Monstera Deliciosa plant cross stitch kit a try, it's a larger hoop at 20cm so it'll give you plenty of practice with your stitching. This pattern uses 7 different colours and a basic cross stitch only so is ideal for beginners. The finished piece is so pretty and would look lovely hanging in any plant-lover's home.

Pros: Choice of designs

Cons: Uses several similar thread colours

17. 'You make me so happy' cross stitch kit

Best for those who want to give a kit as a gift

cross stitch kits - happy

Brighten someone's day with this sweet message! This cute cross stitch is great for beginners too as it only uses one simple stitch. Everything you need is included in the kit so as soon as it reaches your door you'll be ready to stitch.

Pros: Uses a range of colours

Cons: Pricer than others on the list

18. No rain, no flowers cross stitch kit

Best for those looking for motivation


Feel motivated with this 'feel good' cross stitch kit. Stitching is said to be very therapeutic, so why not grab yourself a cuppa and have some me-time with your new project? Very relaxing after a stressful day!

Pros: Delivered in a letterbox-sized box

Cons: Small design

19. Sunflower cross stitch kit

Best for summer stitching

cross stitch kits - sunflower

Bring some sunshine into your home with this sunflower cross stitch. This project is suitable for beginners but contains lettering which can be a little more challenging but great practice to test your skills. The kit contains everything you need!

Pros: How to cross stitch guide included

Cons: No hoop included

20. Mountain cross stitch kit

Best for adventurers

cross stitch kit mountain

This bright mountain scene will be a challenge for beginners but worth it in the end! It is larger blocks of colour so that makes things easier. After completing this project you'll be well on your way to becoming a pro stitcher.

Pros: Beautiful packaging

Cons: Large areas of the same colour

21. Planet Earth cross stitch kit

Best for Earth warriors

beginner cross stitch kits - earth

Celebrate the planet we live on with this cute cross stitch kit from Ellbie Co. This teeny project is only 3 inches, so can be completed in one afternoon, making it ideal for beginners.

The kit contains everything you need wrapped up in a neat package!

Pros: Very small design

Cons: Large areas of the same colour

Build the skills you need to grow your cross stitch hobby

What’s next for you after you finish your beginner cross stitch kit? Learning new skills lets you create more detailed designs, or feel confident in choosing larger projects. You can define your cross stitch with backstitch outlines, or add dots with French knots.

Learn how to get your threads and fabric separately from a kit so you can stitch the free cross stitch designs we have on Gathered, too!


What are fractional stitches, anyway?

We’ll help you understand how to do fractional stitch (and a lot more besides) in Gathered’s guide to cross stitch for beginners.


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