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Your guide to crewel embroidery

Fancy trying your hand at crewel embroidery? Read Jessie's complete guide which includes all the crewel embroidery supplies, kits and information you could ever need and get stitching!

crewel embroidery Final hoop

Have you ever heard the term crewel embroidery and been completely bewildered as to what it actually is and how it differs from normal embroidery? Here is everything you need to know about where this fantastic technique comes from, what makes it so popular and how to do it, including a free pattern so you can get started right now!


If you’re a complete newbie to embroidery check out our embroidery for beginners guide and our roundup of the top embroidery starter kits. 

What is crewel embroidery?

In simple terms, crewel embroidery is just normal embroidery using 1-ply or 2-ply wool; Its name is derived from the type of yarn that was used – krua – which means wool. Also referred to as crewelwork, it is a popular decorative stitching technique that has stood the test of time and continues to impassion makers to this day. It is one of the oldest forms of surface stitching – at least a thousand years old – and the technique itself is steeped in history, with the earliest surviving example being The Bayeux Tapestry.

At the height of its pre-20th century popularity, crewel embroidery appeared most prominently in Jacobean England, when the grand houses and buildings of sixteenth and seventeenth century were being built and the demand for luxurious furnishings increased. Historically, crewelwork was used to heavily decorate cushions, curtains, bedding and wall-hangings.

Crewel embroidery experienced a revival in the 1960s and 70s with bright floral designs of the era in oranges, teals, yellows, purples and more. Much of the hype around crewel embroidery during this time was headed by artists such as Erica Wilson, Mildred J. Davis and Elsa Williams. Some vintage Elsa Williams embroidery kits can still be found popping up across Etsy and Ebay!

What you need to do crewel embroidery

If you’re already an avid embroiderer or fibre artist, it’s likely that you’ll have almost everything you need in your creative toolbox already! However, if you’re a budding craftsperson just itching to delve into the world of crewelwork, here are some of the thing you’ll need…


crewel embroidery DMC Cottons

DMC: Lovecrafts, £0.98

An all-time favourite amongst crewel embroiderers, Appletons have been producing high-quality crewel yarn in a vast range of shades for almost 200 years. Their 2-ply wool comes in 25m skeins and boasts hard-wearing and long-lasting qualities that have stitchers falling in love over and over. DMC’s Soft Cotton 1-ply threads are also perfect for crewel embroidery, tapestry work, weaving and more and are available in a huge variety of colours and shades!

crewel embroidery Appletons

Appletons: Lovecrafts, £0.89


crewel embroidery Linen Twill

Etsy, £5.50+

The most universally recognised fabric for crewel embroidery is Linen Twill for the strong foundation it provides. Combining the advantages of both being heavy weight and having a distinctive and textured diagonal weave makes it the perfect base for your crewelwork.


crewel embroidery Hemline Needles

Hemline Needles, Amazon, £2.10

Crewel needles have a longer eye which makes threading them so much easier when working with a thicker thread/yarn such as 2-ply. They can be found in packs of multiple sizes to give you more suitable options when working with a range of different fabrics. Both Hemline and Prym needles are a firm favourite of crewel embroiderers.

crewel embroidery Prym Needles

Prym Needles, Amazon, £2.49


crewel embroidery Elbesee Hoop

Find a variety of sizes from Lovecrafts

There aren’t any specific hoops needed for crewel embroidery – any will do the trick – so you’ll have no trouble sourcing them from your local haberdashery or favourite online craft shop. We love Elbesee hoops, as seen above, for their availability, size range and their durability, they’re real box tickers!

How to do crewel embroidery

As crewel embroidery is defined not by style but by the type of yarn used to do it, you can use all your favourite embroidery stitches when practising crewel embroidery. As the yarn used is 2-ply wool, crewel embroidery adds a whole new dimension to your stitch work through the added texture and thickness. Here’s a handy step-by-step guide on how to complete this simple yet stylish crewel embroidery project!

You will need:

To learn how to do all the stitches mentioned in this project head to our embroidery stitches guide!

Crewel embroidery flower

crewel embroidery Final hoop

Step 1

Step 1 crewel embroidery

Pop your fabric into a 4in hoop and thread your green crewel yarn and trace your pattern with a removable pen (We do this to the fabric facing up in the inside of the hoop for accuracy with tracing). Stitch all the stems in Stem Stitch, keeping stitches even to make the detail pop!

Step 2

Step 2 crewel embroidery

Now Satin Stitch all the leaves, including the one on the flowers’ stem.

Step 3

Step 3 crewel embroidery

Create the flower petals with Lazy Daisy stitch in your next colour and then make a couple of Satin Stitches in the centre to fill them out.

Step 4

Step 4 crewel embroidery

Finally, in your third colour, use French Knots to fill in the flower’s centre before turning your hoop back the right way round. Your first crewel embroidery piece is complete!

7 of the best crewel embroidery kits

Purchasing a crewel embroidery kit will cut out the hassle of having to source threads, materials and patterns separately and gives you the opportunity to stitch a design you’ve set your heart on!


A Halcyon Day Crewel Kit

A Halcyon Day crewel embroidery Kit

Etsy, £39

Featuring a total of 9 different stitches, this advanced crewel embroidery kit from MelburyHill depicts a striking dragonfly in with majestic, textured wings. The kit includes 100% original linen twill fabric, Appleton’s yarn, a needle and full instructions – all you need to supply is a 10in embroidery hoop.


Swallows Flight Crewel Kit

Swallows Flight crewel embroidery Kit

Etsy, £37

Another beautiful kit from MelburyHill is this beautiful, traditional swallows design. 100% original linen twill fabric, Appletons yarn, a needle and full instructions are all included in the kit – all you need to supply is a 10in embroidery hoop. With 7 different stitches, this pattern is perfect for the intermediate stitcher.


An English Bouquet Crewel Kit

An English Bouquet crewel embroidery Kit

Etsy, £45

From Needlewoman’s Studio comes this stunning, floral kit includes Appletons wool, a needle and comprehensive instructions. This 6in x 6in design is the perfect project to throw yourself into your spring makes with!


The Strawberry Thieves Crewel Kit

The Strawberry Thieves crewel embroidery Kit

Etsy, £85

This kit will be a firm favourite amongst fans of William Morris’ work! This deluxe kit includes a hand drawn design on linen fabric, all the Appletons wool you will need to complete the piece, 3 different needles and a comprehensive 12-page booklet of instructions.


Crewel Heart Embroidery Kit

Crewel Heart crewel embroidery Kit

Etsy, £45

Inspired by the ceiling mouldings of the Strawberry Hill House’s Tribune Room, fall in love with a variety of stitches and the art of shading with thread. The kit includes Appletons crewel wool, a square of Irish linen with the printed design, needles, a needle threader, Gilt Smooth Passing Bright Check Purl, Gütermann Sew-All thread, beeswax and a miniature velvet board – all you will need in addition is an 8in embroidery hoop.


Crewel Sampler Kit

Crewel Sampler crewel embroidery Kit

Etsy, £45.60

This kit is ideal for those wanting to sink their teeth into a project that they can develop their stitching skills with, whilst also making a real heirloom piece to treasure. The kit includes printed linen, Appleton wools and full instructions, with the finished size being approximately 10.5in x 13in. The pattern is emailed to you separately and can be purchased without the quilt if you have all the ingredients for this beauty already!


Hummingbird Crewelwork Kit

Hummingbird crewel embroidery Kit

Etsy, £29.99

Including printed cotton twill fabric, Appletons crewel wool, all the needles you will need and 24 pages of step-by-step tutorials, all you need to stitch this fantastic design is an 8in hoop! This sweet, 12 stitch hummingbird embroidery is ideal for those with some previous experience, however, if you’re up for a challenge, you’ll be a pro in no time with the comprehensive instructions booklet that’s included.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning and stitching crewel embroidery. For more fab embroidery projects check out our embroidery patterns section which includes a free chicken embroidery design and even some cat embroidery!