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10 of the best gifts for embroiderers

Looking for embroidery gifts for your favourite needlewoman? Here are the kits, embroidery supplies and embroidery ideas we'd love to find in our Christmas stockings this year

embroidery gifts chapel view crafts

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to give your favourite stitcher some stunning embroidery gifts! But if it is the season to shop for the best gifts for embroiderers, we’ve got some top ideas for you in this embroidery gift guide! From sweet crafty notions to stunning artwork they can recreate in needle and thread, we hope there is the perfect embroidery gift here for you to enjoy giving to your family and friends who love to stitch.


Our selection of kits, embroidery supplies and embroidery ideas cost between £5 and £40, so you can surprise a loved one with an embroidery gift without having to blow the budget. If you are a stitcher, why not choose an embroidery gift for yourself while you are are it. Merry Christmas and happy stitching!



Teatime treats needle minder

embroidery gifts chapel view crafts

This cake-themed needle minder is so sweet and is our top choice for gifts for embroiders! It measures less than 1.5 inches and is sculpted using polymer clay. These tiny treats are so realistic it is hard to believe they are not edible. The needle minder comes in two parts, so it can be attached to your fabric, and the needle can be rested on the top where the magnet inside will keep it securely in place. So adorable and so useful!

Find on the ChapelViewCrafts Etsy store



Mini embroidery hoop brooch kit

embroidery gifts sew cross handmade

Another adorable mini gift for embroiderers! We promise this guide will not purely feature tiny embroidery gifts – but who could resist this sweet little embroidery hoop! This kit from SewCrossHandmade features a birchwood 1.5 inch embroidery hoop complete with wooden hoop frame, middle insert, backing plate, screw, bolts and brooch back. Add in your own fabric and mini embroidered design to craft a wearable artwork on a tiny scale but with massive appeal!

Find it on the SewCrossHandmade Etsy store



Embroidered pendant necklace kit

embroidery gifts MakeArtTogether

With the look and size of an old-fashioned cameo, this DIY embroidered necklace kit comes in a choice of six different designs for you to stitch, assemble and wear, all based on flowers or potentially our fave – a sweet pair of mushrooms! The kit comes with the thread, fabrics and the mount you need, as well as a plastic embroidery hoop and a chain to go with your embroidered cameo.

Find on the Design Art Together Etsy store


Flamingo embroidery scissors

embroidery gifts hanwthornhandmade

We adore the classic stork embroidery scissors – they are timeless and lovely. But what of you want some bird-themed snippers that are a bit more modern? Step right up for a pair of pink flamingo embroidery scissors from HawthornHandmade! Even if flamingos aren’t your thing, take a look at the store as they also have owls, sheep, and classic stork scissors in a whole host of bright neon shades!

Find on the HawthornHandmade Etsy


Embroidery hoop stand

gifts for embroiderers stand

We are all used to being hands-free when talking on our phones, right? So why do we wkeep holding our embroidery hoops when we are crafting? Using an embroidery hoop stand lets you have hands both under and above your work, which makes it much faster passing your stitches back and forth through the fabric – plus it helps to make each embroidery session a bit more mindful and committed as your set yourself up to stitch! Look for a stand that has an adjustable clamp that will work with hoops of different sizes – like this one from CraftyImaginationsUK.

Find on the CraftyImaginationsUK Etsy store


Subscription to Love Embroidery magazine

Let that special stitcher in your life know you are thinking about them and give the perfect present to tap into their passion for embroidery. Getting a monthly copy of their favourite magazine through the post each month will give them a little stitchy boost throughout 2021! And at the moment you can save over 40% on a gift subscription to Love Embroidery magazine – the stitcher of choice will get 13 issues for £44.99. Every issue is a celebration of decorative stitch, full of creative ideas for anyone who loves, or would love to learn, modern hand and machine embroidery.

Love Embroidery magazine subscription


Personalised name embroidery kit

embroidered gifts Lizzyv

We could fill this list with gorgeous embroidery kits that we love, but this one really stands out for the crowd because it is personalised! LizzyV will adapt the design to any name you choose (well, up to 9 letters, so Rumpelstiltskin will just have to stick with coal this year). The personalised design is printed on the fabric, whit the threads needed to work the design also included in the kit. So cute and a brilliant gift for embroiderers of all levels.

Find on the LizzyVEmbroidery Etsy store


Cat embroidered tote bag kit

gifts for embroiderers stitch with Skye

If we upload a free pattern featuring cats on Gathered, we can pretty much guarantee it’s going to popular. (anyone for our Embroidery on clothes: cat pocket article? Take a look!) So we think this cat-themed embroidered tote bag kit would make a brilliant gift for embroiders too, whatever style they normally like to stitch. You can buy the kit, complete with test fabric,  tote bag, threads, pattern and needle from StitchWithSkye.

Find on the StitchwithSkye Etsy store


Decorated embroidery hoops

embroidery gifts HappyHoopLa

It’s good practice to cover your embroidery hoops to stop them from marking the fabric, but this gift for embroiderers makes a virtue out of that by pre-covering embroidery hoops with beautiful printed fabrics! We love this green willow pattern, but there are loads of different designs on offer so you can find the embroidery gift that your friend will love.

Find on theHappyHoopLaHoops Etsy store


Embroidery hoop wreath

gifts for embroiderers gathered

Why not choose a gift for embroiderers that won’t cost you a penny and will let your embroidering friend learn a new technique? We have the pattern and the tutorial for this lovely design and then frame using two embroidery hoops here on Gathered! Just print out the pages or send thelink to your friend for an embroidery gift of a great new skill that they can use again and again.


Find the How to make an embroidery hoop wreath article