When it comes to gift giving, we're probably all guilty of drawing a blank at some point or another. It can be hard sometimes to think of the perfect present, and even if you've got a bit of crafty knowledge yourself, picking the right gifts for your crochet-loving recipients can require some careful thought.


We've come up with a list of gifts for crocheters to help you find the perfect present for the hookster in your life!

If you've come here looking for inspiration for crochet gifts that you can make yourself - not to worry, we've got you covered too with our list of Crochet gift ideas to make

Best gifts for crocheters

1. A crochet hook set

KnitPro Zing Crochet Hook Set

Every crocheter needs plenty of hooks, they come in all sorts of sizes after all! Any crocheter will appreciate a nice set, plus they normally come in a handy carry case which helps keep things nice and tidy. They will often include hook sizes that can be difficult to buy individually too.

KnitPro are one of the biggest names in the world of knitting needles and crochet hooks, and their Zing hooks would go down a treat with any crochet-lover!

They're each individually colour-coded in bright metallic shades, and come with hooks in sizes 2 - 6mm, including all of the half sizes in between. If you're looking for more crochet hook options, check out our pick of the best crochet hooks!

2. Light up hooks

Light up hooks crochet gift

If you think a hook set is the perfect crochet gift idea but fancy something with that extra wow-factor, then how about an amazing light-up crochet hook set!

These light-up hooks are great for using in low light, as they mean you can still see your stitches without disturbing others - great for a bit of bed-time crochet!

But if you'd rather just try one before splashing out on a set, you can buy light up crochet hooks individually too!

3. Yarn advent calendar

yarn advent calendar crochet gift

What’s better than a gift? A gift every day on the lead up to Christmas!

It’s no secret that crocheters will never say no to some new yarn and this kit makes a step-by-step scarf over the 12 days of Christmas, so your loved one can essentially make their own gift this year - and still be happy about it!

4. Pair of snips


Every crocheter needs to deal with those yarn ends at some point, and sometimes those kitchen scissors just aren't the best choice. Snips are a great option for crocheters that have a lot of ends to weave in and cut off, as you can quickly slice through those ends - but be careful, they're usually super-sharp!

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If you like the idea of a practical crochet gifts for people who crochet, you can also find more tools that every crocheter needs in our pick of the Top crochet accessories.

5. Crocheter statement necklace

crocheter necklace

If you're looking for gift for crocheters who likes to stand out from the crowd, then this crocheter necklace is a must-have accessory! Available in laser cut wood or acrylic options - we particularly like the neon pink acrylic option!

6. Yarn bowl


If you're wondering what a yarn bowl is... well, it is what is sounds like, a bowl for keeping yarn in!

But they're not just any bowl, they include a special cut-out spiral that you thread your yarn through. This means that when you're busy crocheting away your yarn ball doesn't roll all over the floor picking up dust, it stays nicely in it's bowl.

There are tons of different types out there, made in a variety of materials. If you'd like to find more pretty bowls to choose from check out our pick of the best yarn bowls for knitting and crochet.

7. Crochet pencils


Any good crocheter will need to keep some notes during any serious project, so why not treat your crafty friends and family with some appropriate stationery in the form of these fabulous and funny crochet pencils!

8. Row Counter Ring


We're not suggesting you get down on one knee, but this is certainly a fun gift for a crochet friend.

The row counter ring form KnitPro allows you to keep track of your crochet rows or rounds without stopping to grab a pen and pencil - just give your ring a twist and job done. They come in a range of sizes too so that you can get the perfect fit!

9. Crochet technique book

Mosaic crochet workshop book

You can never go wrong with a good book and even better, a book about crochet.

Mosaic crochet is a great way to get stuck into making stylish geometric projects for around the house, and this brilliant new book by Esme Crick shows you how to make 12 bold, statement throws and then how to use the same pattern to create a further 12 spin-off designs for smaller projects!

10. Specialist hand cream


Now you may be wondering why hand cream would be a good gift for people who crochet, but anyone who works with yarn for a long time will tell you that it can leave your hands feeling dry and cracked.

But not all moisturisers are great for crafters - if it's too greasy then it could transfer to their crochet project! So treat your crafty friends and family members to some specially designed hand cream.

11. A pack of mini-skeins

Folkstone harbour yarn mini skein set

If you've already decided that you'd like to buy some yarn as a crochet gift, but don't know where to start, then mini-skein sets are a fabulous option!

There are loads of independent yarn dyers and spinners that produce mini-skein collections, but we particularly like these colourful sets from Folkstone Harbour Yarn!

12. Sterling silver crochet hook ring

silver crochet hook ring

Fancy buying your favourite crocheter a special and unique piece of jewellery? Then this Sterling silver crochet hook ring is a clever way of combining a special gift with our favourite craft.

13. Yarn needle and case


Yarn needles are the often overlooked accessory that is vital to neatly finishing off a project, and much like normal sewing needles, they have a tendency to disappear when you finally need them.

So keep them safe in a handy case, like in this gorgeous bamboo case by Tribe yarns.

14. A Crochet Pin Badge

best crochet accessories - crochet badge

If you're looking for small and affordable crochet gift ideas for friends, then a pin badge is a fantastic choice!

We particularly love these 'crocheter' enamel pin badge, but it's also available as knitter, maker, stitcher, crafter and yarnivore badges too.

15. Sari Silk yarn

sari silk yarn

When it comes to buying yarn as a gift, many people can be put off as they 'don't know what you've already got' - and in fairness most of us crocheters do have a pretty big yarn stash! So here's a super-unique yarn which will make a great crochet gift.

Made from recycled Sari Silk, with loads of texture, embroidery and sometimes even beaded details, each skein is unique and are great for a bit of fun and colourful crochet creativity!

16. A crochet themed tea towel


Every now and then we grudgingly have to put the crochet down and do some household chores, but with this crochet-themed tea towel/dishcloth you can make your feelings about doing the washing-up abundantly clear!

17. A yarn pack

Sirdar happy cotton pack

Give your crochet friends the gift of colour with one of these fabulous Sirdar yarn packs!

It comes with fifty mini 20g balls of their gorgeous Happy Cotton yarn in a veritable rainbow oof shades. It's a brilliant gift for amigurumi fans!

18. Yarn cutter pendant

silver leaf yarn cutter

If you know a crocheter on the go, and feel like treating them to something very special, then we can't recommend this beautiful cheese plant yarn cutter highly enough!

There are a lot of yarn cutters on the market (and plenty with a smaller price tag), but this is definitely the prettiest one we've ever seen!

19. Tambour needle

tambour needles

When is a crochet hook not a crochet hook? When it's a Tambour needle!

This would make a very unique crochet gift for someone who likes to try their hands at different crafts, as Tambour embroidery is effectively a mix of both crochet and embroidery.

It is worked on an embroidery hoop, where the sharp tambour needle is inserted through the fabric, and the catches the thread using the hook - resulting in a chain stitch effect on the fabric.

20. A Wrist ruler bracelet

tape measure bracelet

It's not just crocheters that will love this wrist ruler bracelet - it's a fantastic accessory for a whole range of crafters (and even DIY enthusiasts)!

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, you'll never have to guesstimate a measurement again!

Find a range of wrist rulers on Etsy

21. Glow in the dark yarn

glow in the dark yarn

If you're after truly unique crochet gifts, then there's one company we can definitely recommend - Unique Yarns Co!

As their name suggests, they specialise in yarns with a difference - such as plant dyed yarn, recycled plastic yarn, coffee dyed yarn, colour changing yarn and yes - even glow in the dark yarn!

Buy Glow in the dark yarn on Etsy

22. Wire bracelet crochet kit

wire crochet bracelet kit

Here's a really unique kit that will definitely make an interesting and engaging crochet gift.

This wire bracelet crochet kit from crochet wire specialist Yoola Design contains everything you need to make an elegant wire cuff bracelet (including her own specially designed ISK loom tool). As well as the pattern you also get detailed step-by-step video tutorials to help you master this challenging project!

Buy a wire bracelet crochet kit on Etsy

23. A subscription to Simply Crochet magazine

We know it's a shameless promotion, but if you're after an easy crochet gift, then why not treat that special someone to a subscription to Simply Crochet magazine!

Give a gift that lasts all year and save up to 49% on an annual subscriptions to Simply Crochet magazine!

Simply Crochet includes over 20 crochet patterns every month for crocheters of all levels of ability. Be inspired with fun fashion ideas, garments for day and evening and on-trend designs for the home to baby projects, cute amigurumi makes and crochet gifts for all occasions.

Subscribe to Simply Crochet.

Crochet gift ideas mag

Go beyond crochet gifts

With so many crochet gift ideas, hopefully you're now feeling a bit more confident about purchasing a gift for your crocheting friends and family.

However, if you're still struggling to decide what to get the crocheter who already has everything, you could always try getting them a different gift that will still appeal to their creative side.


Try one of these craft gift ideas

We've put together a list of inspiring gift ideas that will appeal to a wide range of crafters, whether they're seasoned pros or just starting out. Take a look at our pick of the best gifts for crafters and find that perfect present with Gathered.


Matt SpiersDigital Assistant, Gathered

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