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20 fabulous crochet gift ideas

Need some last minute ideas for quick crochet gifts, or maybe you're looking for gifts for crocheters? Well here you'll find plenty of crafty inspiration!

Gifts for crocheters - crochet gifts

When it comes to gift giving, we’re probably all guilty of drawing a blank at some point or another. It can be hard sometimes to think of the perfect present, and even with our crafty skills picking the right crochet gifts for your recipients can require some careful thought. So we’ve gathered together some of our favourite crochet gift ideas for you to hook up for your friends and family, whether you’re hooking up birthday presents or Christmas crochet gifts, you’re sure to find something to inspire you! But what about your crafty crochet friends? Well, we’ve thought about them too, further down this post you’ll also find our list of top gifts for crocheters too!


Crochet gift ideas – 10 free patterns!


A comfy pair of slippers

Whoever you’re crocheting for, be they young or old, you can’t go wrong with a nice warm pair of slippers! This free granny square crochet slippers pattern by Fran Morgan is a really quick and easy pattern that you can hook up in no time, and is a fun project for crocheters as well as making a brilliant gift.



A funky pair of earrings

If you want to hook up some quick crochet gifts to treat your fashionista friends, then you can’t beat this free colourburst crochet earrings pattern by Zoë Potrac courtesy of Deramores! The pattern comes with three different types of earrings using hoops, diamond and emble shaped earrings, so you can pick the perfect pair! And if you’re looking for more crochet jewellery, why not check out our free festival earrings crochet pattern or our free crochet necklace pattern.

Colourburst Earrings.indd


A crochet plant pot

If you’ve got a green-fingered friend or family member, then you’ve probably already bought them a plant or two at some point or another. But one way you can really complete your plant gift and show that extra bit of love is by hooking them up a special crochet plant pot. These cute crochet bunny and lamb plant pot patterns are a fun way of transforming a plain pot into a beautiful crochet gift!



A super-cute tote bag

Here’s the purrrr-fect gift for cat enthusiasts! This free cat in the bag crochet tote pattern from Yarnspirations uses simple stitches and a little light embroidery to create a shopping bag that will have you feelin’ feline!



A scarf for the man in your life

When it comes to crochet gifts for men, it can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. You might want to make them something really special, but worry about whether they’ll actually use it. It may sound a little dull, but hooking them up something practical like this free mens crochet scarf pattern is a pretty safe bet, and you can always customise it in their favourite colours. But if that’s not for you, you can always find more inspiration in our Top 10 free crochet patterns for men article, which has plenty of fab projects that would make great crochet Christmas gifts!



A hat for all the family

If you’re wanting to make crochet gifts for the whole family, then how about hooking everyone up their very own bobble hat! This free ribbed family hat crochet pattern from Bernat comes in 3 different sizes, so whether you’re making them for kids or adults, everyone can be cosy in crochet style this winter – and they’d make excellent crochet Christmas gifts too!



A pair of baby booties

One of our favourite people to make crochet gifts for has got to be babies! All those teeny tiny crochet makes are just too cute! If you’re after a crochet pattern that is perfect for a little one, why not hook them an adorable pair of bear booties – and don’t worry if you’ve never made crochet booties before, you find it super easy with our step-by-step how to crochet baby booties guide!



A good doggo!

We’ve already included a pattern for the cat enthusiasts, so it’s only right we include one for all your dog-loving family and friends too! And what could be a better gift than their very own crochet dog! We love this free dalmation dog crochet pattern, but there are plenty more crochet patterns for different dog breeds in the Deramores Deradogs range.



A sweet coin purse

Adults will love the retro style of this super-cure free crochet coin purse pattern, and kids and teenagers will love keeping their pennies safe in it too (especially if you include some bonus pocket money inside!) Crocheters will also enjoy hooking up this quick project thanks to it’s pretty popcorn stitches.

craft at home coin purse


Some extra storage

If you’re really at your wits end and simply can’t decide on what to make for your crochet gifts, remember that everyone loves some extra storage. This free cuff border crochet baskets pattern from Yarnspirations is a quick and easy make that can be put to so many different uses – from screws to stationery, they’re great for holding all those bits and bobs (or why not fill them with choccies if you’re looking to make some fab crochet Christmas gifts). And if you feel like going super-size with your baskets, check out our free crochet basket pattern.


Gifts for crocheters

With crafters you would think that it should be easy to find them a gift they will enjoy using and really treasure, but for non-crafters it can be a bit of a minefield – What have they already got? Would they actually use it? Would they really like it? Fortunately, we’ve come up with a list of our Top 10 gifts for crocheters to help you find the perfect present for the hookster in your life!


A nice hook set

Every crocheter needs plenty of hooks – they come in all sorts of sizes after all! Any crocheter will appreciate a nice set – they normally come in a handy carry case which helps keep things nice and tidy, but also will often include hook sizes that can be difficult to buy individually. We think this lovely set of KnitPro Zing hooks would go down a treat with any crochet-lover!


A good pair of snips

Every crocheter needs to deal with those yarn ends at some point, and sometimes those kitchen scissors just aren’t the best choice. Snips are a great option for crocheters that have a lot of ends to weave in and cut off, as you can quickly slice through those ends. These rustic CocoKnits yarn snips from Loop London are perfect for snipping yarn!


A nice yarn bowl

If you’re wondering what is a yarn bowl… well, it is what is sounds like, a bowl for keeping yarn in! But they’re not just any bowl, they include a special cut-out spiral that you thread your yarn through. This means that when you’re busy crocheting away your yarn ball doesn’t roll all over the floor picking up dust, it stays nicely in it’s bowl. There are tons of different types out there, made in a variety of materials, but we’re particularly taken with these limited edition bowls from Scheepjes.


A Row Counter Ring

We’re not suggesting you get down on one knee, but this is certainly a fun gift for a crocheter. The row counter ring form KnitPro allows you to keep track of your crochet rows or rounds without stopping to grab a pen and pencil – just give your ring a twist and job done. They come in a range of sizes and can be bought from


Some specialist hand cream

Now you may be wondering why hand cream would be a good gift for crocheters, but anyone who works with yarn for a long time will tell you that it can leave your hands feeling dry and cracked. But not all moisturisers are great for crafters – if it’s too greasy then it could transfer to their crochet project! So treat your crafty friends and family members to some specially designed hand cream like this Happy Hands hand-crafted hand cream.



Yarn needle and case

Yarn needles are the often overlooked accessory that is vital to neatly finishing off a project, and much like normal sewing needles, they have a tendency to disappear when you finally need them. So keep them safe in a handy case, like in this gorgeous bamboo case by Tribe yarns.


A Sweet Pin Badge

If you’re after just a small gift to give to a crafty friend, then a pin badge is a fantastic choice! We particularly love these glittery ‘I Love Yarn’ enamel pins from LanaBouShop, but if that’s not to your taste she’s got plenty of other badges that would make great gifts for crocheters!


A light up hook

Yes you did read that right – what a world we live in!  These light-up hooks are great for using in low light, as they mean you can still see your stitches without disturbing others – great for a bit of bed-time crochet! You can buy them individually or you can find this set on Amazon!


A yarn cutter pendant

If you know a crocheter on the go, and feel like treating them to something special, then we can’t recommend this beautiful cheese plant yarn cutter from Tribe yarns highly enough! there are a lot of yarn cutters on the market, but this is definitely the prettiest one we’ve ever seen!


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