Mountain embroidery pattern

Escape with your needle and this mountain embroidery pattern from Jessie Doe Designs

mountain embroidery design

We all need a little adventure from time to time. Sometimes that takes the form of a glamorous trip overseas. Sometimes its a trip into the back of beyond with a sleeping bag and a tent. But however you like to enjoy the great outdoors, you can mark the vistas and scenery in memory with this brilliant mountain embroidery designs from Jessie Doe, which was originally published in Love Embroidery magazine issue 1.


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Embroidery stitches: Mountain embroidery design

To work the mountain embroidery design you’ll need to download our mountain embroidery design template and embroidery the design using these stitches:

Backstitch See our how to Backstitch article for guidance

Chain Stitch See our how to do Chain stitch for guidance

French Knot See our how to do French knots for guidance

Satin Stitch See our how to do Satin stitch for guidance

Straight Stitch See our library of different types of embroidery stitches for guidance

Whipped Backstitch See the wrapped backstitch hoop in the easy embroidered Christmas decorations post for guidance

How to stitch the mountain embroidery design

  1. Transfer the design from the mountain embroidery design template onto your fabric using an erasable pen.
  2. Work ‘GO’ in Whipped Backstitch in two strands of pink and ‘explore’ in two strands of black.
  3. Using six strands of aqua, work sides of both mountains in Satin Stitch and outlines in Whipped Backstitch. Work edges of road in Chain Stitch and Straight Stitch in three strands of aqua. Work snow in three strands of white, Satin Stitch for peaks and Backstitch for lines. Use three strands of yellow Backstitch for arrow. 
  4. Work the trees in Straight Stitch using three strands of green and the bushes in French Knots using three strands of yellow. Stitch the stars across sky as shown using two strands of white: large stars as Straight Stitches in a cross formation, then small stars in tiny Straight Stitches. 
  5. Trim fabric to 17x16cm. Place right sides facing with the backing fabric, stitch around edges (leave a turning gap), turn right sides out, then fold edges of turning gap to inside and press. Turn top edge over by 1cm to back, slip stitch in place through backing fabric only to form a casing. Add skewer and twine. 
mountain embroidery design sq

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