How to: Easy embroidered Christmas decorations

Happy holidays! We're here to show you how to make Christmas decorations featuring embroidered details and on-trend hexagons. Read on to find our free Christmas embroidery patterns plus Mollie Johanson's step-by-step guide.

Free Christmas embroidery patterns

We’re huge fans of the holiday season but it can get a bit hectic, so curl up with some soothing hand stitching to unwind! These quick and easy embroidered ornaments, featuring sweet sentiments are quick to make and lovely to give as gifts.

You will need

For one ornament:

  • Linen: 4½in square
  •  Print fabric: 4½in square
  • Felt: 3½in square
  • Six-stranded embroidery floss
  • 3in embroidery hoop
  • Thin card

Finished size

  • 3in square


  • EPP = English Paper Piecing.

Free Christmas embroidery patterns

how to make christmas decorations embroidery

How to sew easy Christmas decorations


Cutting out

Step 1

From the felt cut one (1) 1½in hexagon using the template.

Step 2

From the thin card, cut two (2) 1½in hexagons using our free template.

Embroidering the motif

Step 3

Choose the motif you’d like to make and then transfer the pattern centrally onto the linen square with a water-erasable pen.

Step 4

Embroider the design with three strands of embroidery floss throughout. Use French knots for eyes and dots, scallop stitch for mouths and scallops on the snowflake, fly stitch for evergreen branches, wrapped backstitch for the candy cane stripe and backstitch for everything else. When the embroidery is finished, remove any pen marks.

Creating the layeres

Step 5

Take one of the card hexagons and lightly glue it to the back of the embroidered linen square. Mollie recommends using washable glue for this to make it easier to remove the template later. Make sure that the embroidery is positioned centrally on the hexagon and that the hexagon is orientated so its points are at the top and bottom.

Step 6

Cut the fabric around the hexagon leaving a 38in seam allowance. Baste the hexagon around the card as you would for English Paper Piecing (EPP), stitching across each fold, without stitching through the card.

Step 7

Repeat step 5 with the second card hexagon and the print fabric.

How to embroider christmas decorar

Step 8

Carefully remove the card hexagons. It helps to gently fold the card first so you can slip it out, corner by corner. Take the 112in felt hexagon and place it between the wrong sides of the two EPP hexagons. The EPP hexagons should match up. Make sure the felt hexagon is centred with the EPP hexagons but rotated so that its straight edges are top and bottom.

Free christmas embroidery patterns B

Constructing the decoration

Step 9

Pin or clip the layers together and stitch around the edge using running stitch and three strands of embroidery floss. Hide the knots between the layers.

How to embroidery christmas decorations

Step 10

Thread a needle with cotton or other thread to make the hanging loop – Mollie recommends using perle cotton for this. Pass the needle through the top point of the decoration, catching the seam allowance of either the front or back hexagon. Tie a knot about 2½in from the top of the decoration and trim the ends to finish.

Free christmas embroidery patterns