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3 Easy Chinese New Year Craft Activities For Kids 2021

Get ready for Chinese New Year with Clare Buswell’s easy-to-make papercraft decorations and accessories.

Chinese New Year Crafts 2021

Chinese New Year 2021 marks the start of the traditional Lunar calendar, and we’ve got three easy papercraft projects to get mini makers involved with some fun crafts.  This year, Chinese New Year will fall on the 12th February with 2021 , heralding the new year of the ox. Festivities continue for 16 days until the Lantern Festival on February 26th, 2021. In this three-part tutorial, we’ll show you three crafty Chinese New year Activities for kids  to try – we think grown ups will enjoy crafting them too!

To get started, make your own Chinese New Year Decorations with simple DIY lanterns, then have a go at making easy paper envelopes and finally we’ll show you how to make papercraft fortune cookies, step by step. You don’t need any expensive supplies to make any of these makes – just some papers and a few craft basics. We’ve used a Trimcraft Paper pad but you could use any floral or plain papers from your craft stash for these easy step by step Chinese New Year Crafts.

These easy crafts will work for a wide range of ages – whether you’re looking for Chinese New Year EYFS activities for homeschool through to teenage craft ideas.

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How to make simple Chinese New Year Decorations – DIY Lanterns

Decorate your home with colourful lanterns that are so simple to make!

Chinese new year eyfs papercraft activities

You Will Need

  • Patterned papers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Bone folder (Optional)
  • Stapler
  • Ruler
  • Pair of compasses
  • Paper clips
  • Mini pegs

Total time:

Paper Lantern tutorial

Step 1

Score and fold a 260x180mm piece of patterned paper in half horizontally. Draw 60mm lines from the folded edge towards the open edge, spacing them 20mm apart. Cut along the marked lines.

Step 2

Unfold the paper. Apply a piece of double-sided tape along one side and attach to the other side to create a tube. Secure the top and bottom of the lantern using
a stapler. Wrap two 260x20mm pieces of contrasting patterned paper around the top and bottom of the lantern and secure in place.

Step 3

For the handle, attach one end of a 260x25mm piece of patterned paper inside the top of the lantern. Secure the other end on the opposite side. Attach two 260x30mm pieces of patterned paper inside the top and bottom of the lantern to finish.


DIY Paper Fortune cookies

Create paper versions of these sugary treats, complete with your own messages. This sweet make is topping our must-make list of Chinese New Year activities for kids as it’s a two part treat – show your kids how to make them but keep the messages a surprise for a big reveal at the end.

Chinese New year activities for kids DIY fortune cookies

Step one

Search online for “fortune cookie printable messages”, pick your favourites and then print them or copy them onto white paper and trim into narrow strips. Use a pair of compasses to draw 100mm circles onto patterned papers and cut out.

Step two

Fold a circle in half without creasing the fold line. Holding the rounded edge of the folded semicircle in one hand, carefully  slide the fortune strip into the opening on the side. Then press your finger into the centre of the straight edge and pull the sides inwards to meet each other.

Step three

Secure the folded sides of your fortune cookie together with a hot glue gun. Use a paper clip or mini peg to hold in place while the glue sets. Repeat to make several fortune cookies with different patterned papers.

How to make your own Money wallet

Present money or vouchers for friends and family in a traditional red envelope

Chinese new year crafts 2021 paper envelopes

Step one

Open out an old C6 envelope to use as a template (or you can find these to download online, for example this one from Gathering Beauty). Trace the envelope template onto red patterned paper and cut out. Score along the fold lines and then crease with a bone folder.

Step two

For the insert, trace the top and central parts of the envelope template onto contrasting patterned paper. Carefully cut the template out, trimming slightly inside the marked lines. Attach to the reverse side of the envelope.

Step three

Fold and glue the sides together to assemble the envelope. Wrap a 25x225mm piece of contrasting patterned paper around the envelope and secure. Trim  a butterfly from patterned paper and attach to the wrap to finish. If you’re not confident of your butterfly drawing skills, you can use a Butterfly Paper Punch for this bit.