If you’re a keen scrapbooker, it’s a great idea to get to know your scrapbook glue to make sure your layouts look their best!


The good news is that there are lots of different kinds of glue to experiment with, from glue sticks to clever rollers.

The glue you choose will depend on what you want to stick into your scrapbook, whether you like to fill your pages with delicate die-cut shapes or photos of special moments.

Look for glues specifically designed for crafting for the best results. Just make sure the glues are acid-free to help your treasured book last.

If you like to avoid mess, you can opt for adhesives such as glue dots, glue rollers or glue sticks.

10 of the best glues for scrapbooking

1. Anita’s Tacky PVA glue

Best for strength

Tacky PVA glue

Most of us have used PVA glue at one time or another and it’s a universally popular craft adhesive. It’s easy to use, dries clear and can be applied with a brush or a glue stick.

Tacky PVA glue is specifically designed for crafters and dries quickly. Once it’s dry, it holds very firmly, so make sure you position your paper or card exactly where you want it to go!

Be careful not to use too much glue in one go or your paper will bend and warp. Apply a small amount using a brush and add more if needed.

2. Crafter’s Companion glue rollers

Best for a flat finish

Crafter's Companion glue rollers

Glue rollers are an absolute game-changer for scrapbooking. These nifty little cases contain a roll of thin glue that’s sticky on both sides. To apply the tape, you simply need to drag it across the back of your paper, then press it down onto the page.

This is perfect for when you want your paper to lie flat. It’s acid-free, so you can safely use it on the back of photos without damaging them (glues containing acid can age your photos over time).

Glue rollers are fuss-free and don’t make a mess, so we’d highly recommend having a set in your craft stash.

3. Double-sided craft tape

Best for photo mounting

Double-sided tape

Double-sided tape is particularly handy for sticking photos into your scrapbook. This tape is stronger than a glue roller and can be trimmed to fit your image perfectly.

The tape is narrow, which will help to reduce the weight of your scrapbook. You can also trim off little scraps to stick smaller embellishments into your scrapbook or journal.

4. 3M spray mount

Best for repositioning paper and card

3M mounting spray

Mounting spray is quick and easy to use – and the best part? You can reposition your paper and card for up to 12 hours, which is handy for getting your scrapbook layouts just right!

Once it’s fully dry, spray mount holds well, so your papers won’t move around or fall out.

We’d recommend using spray mount in a well-ventilated space due to the fumes. If you get any glue on your skin it can cause irritation, so wash it off immediately.

5. Bostik Extra Strong glue dots

Best for small embellishments

Blu tack glu dots

Glue dots are small yet mighty! These little blobs of glue can be used on most surfaces and are surprisingly strong.

They’re particularly useful for adding embellishments to your scrapbooks. The dots are acid-free and lignin-free, so they won’t damage your photos. They’ll remain clear and won’t yellow over time.

The only real downside is that they may cause your papers to be slightly raised from the page. If you want a flat finish opt for another scrapbooking adhesive such as tacky glue or double-sided tape.

Trim your layouts with paper cutting tools

Get a neat look in your scrapbook by picking the perfect paper cutting tool for the task. Find out more with Gathered’s guide to the best paper cutting tools.

6. Pritt sticks

Best for children to use

Pritt stick

If your children have seen you scrapbooking and want to get involved, they’ll need to use a kid-friendly craft glue.

Pritt sticks are a classic glue stick. They’re convenient to use and the glue dries clear, but won’t adhere as strongly as other kinds of scrapbooking glue. You can reposition your paper before the glue dries with minimal mess.

Don’t forget to keep the lid on the glue stick when it’s not in use. This will stop the glue from drying out and make the stick last longer.

7. Judikins Diamond Glaze

Best for a glossy finish

Judikins Diamond Glaze

Take your scrapbooking to a new dimension by adding glistening Diamond Glaze. This glaze has a beautiful glassy finish and works really well with glitter.

You can also add a hint of colour by mixing the glue with ink. Experiment and see what fantastic effects you can create with this fun adhesive!

8. Elmer’s rubber cement

Best for wrinkle-free application

Elmer's Rubber Cement

Don’t let the name put you off! This rubber cement is brilliant for scrapbooking enthusiasts.

You can apply a layer to your paper or photo while you’re choosing the right position. To get the paper to stick permanently, you’ll need to apply the cement to the page too.

It’s best to use this on thicker paper, as it can show through thinner papers. It’s suitable to use on photographs as it’s acid-free.

The main downside of rubber cement is the strong odour, which can be off-putting.

9. Washi tape

Best for style

Skinny galaxy washi tape

Every scrapbooker should have a few rolls of washi tape to hand! There are endless designs available and it can really bring your scrapbook to life.

Washi is a very thin, lightweight tape made of paper, so it’ll stop your scrapbook getting too bulky.

Washi tape is low-tack, so it can be removed easily without tearing your paper or photos. You can cut it to size or tear it using your hands for a rustic look.

10. Scrapbook adhesives 3D foam squares

Best for dimension

3D foam printables

If you’d like part of your scrapbook design to stand out, you can lift it from the page by adding 3D foam squares. They can be used sparingly to great effect.

These little squares are made from high-density foam, so they won’t flatten if they’re crushed inside your scrapbook.

Choosing the best glue for scrapbooking makes your pages shine

Making your layouts stand out is easy when you know what scrapbook glue to pick. Whether you’re capturing precious family memories or keeping a meaningful journal.

Look out for glues specifically designed for crafters for the best results. You’ll also need to check that they’re acid-free, especially if you want to use them to stick photos into your journal.

If you want to avoid making a mess, there are plenty of great options available including glue dots, rollers and washi tape.

Scrapbooking isn’t just about the glue – there are lots of other tools and materials available to make your book look its best.


Stock up on essential materials with our guide to the best scrapbooking supplies.


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