How to make a caravan gift box

Download our free template and follow the steps below to create this unique caravan gift box!

How to make a papercraft caravan

Put your papercraft skills to the test with this retro caravan gift box. The sunroof can be opened to conceal a gift for friends or family, or why not use it as a secret hideaway for emergency snacks, spare change, or small craft supplies? Our designer has made the caravan using summery yellow and blue patterned papers, but you could change the colour scheme to match your craft room (or your caravan if you own one).

To create this caravan gift box, simply download the paper caravan template and follow our steps for perfect results. Here’s a handy tip: use wet glue to attach the tabs together (this provides a little wiggle room to get the tabs in the correct place) then hold in place until the glue dries.

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How to make a papercraft caravan

Download your free caravan gift box template:

To download the caravan gift box template, click on the link below and it will open in a new window. You can then download/save the template. There is one PDF to download for this caravan gift box project.

Caravan gift box template PDF

How to make a caravan gift box:

You will need

  • Caravan gift box template
  • Card
  • Patterned paper
  • Craft knife
  • Glue
  • Adhesive pearls/enamel dots
  • Die-cutting machine (optional)
  • Circle nesting dies (optional)
  • Small flower and leaf punches (optional)

Step 1

Trace the caravan gift box template onto a piece of white card and carefully cut it out. Score the lines as indicated on the template. Trace four side panels onto two contrasting patterned papers and cut out.

How to make a papercraft caravan template 1

Step 2

Attach two side panels to the caravan. Cut some contrasting side panels in half and attach them to the caravan. Add a 15 x 6cm piece of patterned paper to the top and two 2.5 x 6cm contrasting pieces to each end.

How to make a papercraft caravan template 2

Step 3

Using the template as a guide, cut three windows from the caravan using a craft knife. Cut a flap for the roof. Cut thin strips from a piece of teal card to cover the joins of the contrasting patterned papers.

How to make a papercraft caravan template 3

Step 4

Trace and cut two doors from a piece of blue card. Attach 20 x 15mm pieces of white card and add details with a pencil. Attach narrow strips of grey card as shown. Add to the caravan with foam pads.

How to make a papercraft caravan template 4

Step 5

To make the wheels, layer small die-cut circles of blue card onto grey and black circles. If you don’t have a die-cutting machine and circle dies, you can also use a circle punch – or grab a pair of compasses, and draw some circles with a pencil then cut them out with scissors. Or, draw round something round!

Attach the wheels to the sides of the caravan with foam pads. Cut small triangles of coloured card and attach them above each door with foam pads.

How to make a papercraft caravan template 5

Step 6

Cut some narrow strips of white card for the window boxes and decorate with flowers and leaves punched from coloured card. Top with gold and silver pearls. Attach under the windows on the caravan for a touch of summer!

How to make a papercraft caravan template 6

Step 7

Concertina fold an 8 x 4cm piece of blue card at 0.5cm intervals. Add it to the roof. Attach a 2.5 x 1cm piece of grey card to the back of the caravan. Add green enamel dots. Attach pieces of blue paper behind the windows.

How to make a papercraft caravan template 7

Step 8

Bend the top of the caravan down and attach to the tabs along the sides. Attach a 9 x 5.5cm piece of white card to the base. Fold the triangle at the lower edge outwards so that the caravan will stand upright.

How to make a papercraft caravan template 8


We hope you’ve enjoyed this caravan gift box tutorial! We have plenty of other free projects here on Gathered, too – like this realistic paper rose, or this gorgeous summer wreath