Elephant birthday card DIY tutorial

This simple card shape is a sweet elephant – it’s ideal for kids’ birthdays! By Sarah Jackman-Read

animal free card templates
elephant birthday card diy plain

How to make a birthday elephant card

  1. Fold a sheet of A4 card in half.
  2. Place the elephant birthday card DIY template on the card with the fold in line with the top of the template and draw around it.
  3. Cut out the shape then cut out the ear template from spare card. 
  4. Use the template to cut out patterned papers to decorate your card. Cut two ears from patterned paper. Trim one ear slightly, then attach on top of the other with foam pads.
  5. Punch two circles to make an eye. Glue in place. Decorate with eyelashes made from baker’s twine if you wish.
  6. Decorate with a greetings and other embellishments, if you like.
free card templates elephant
free card template elephant

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