How to craft a mini photo album

Give your loved one a gift they'll always treasure by crafting this personalised mini photo album, which you can fill with precious photographs, ticket stubs and more.

Mini photo album

Keep treasured memories safe and sound with this fabulous papercraft mini photo album. Crafted with pretty floral papers and ribbon, this album is perfect for a gift for your mum or partner, which you can fill with photographs and messages, or partially fill so they can add their own keepsakes.

Mini photo album

Shopping List

  • Patterned papers
  • Mount board
  • Ivory, beige and gold card
  • Pink ribbon
  • Wooden sentiment topper
  • Die-cutting machine
  • Scalloped border die or punch
  • Eyelets
  • Eyelet setter

Step 1

Cut a piece of mount board to 28.5x16cm, then cut it into five pieces with the following measurements: 8x16cm, 2x16cm, 11.5x16cm, 2x16cm and 5x16cm.

How to make a mini photo album step 1

Step 2

Attach the pieces in this order onto a 30x18cm piece of paper, leaving a 0.3cm gap between each panel and a narrow border. Fold the edges over and attach to the mount board.

How to make a photo album step 2

Step 3

Cover the inside of the photo album with a 28x15cm piece of hessian-patterned paper, then score and fold between each of the mount board panels, as shown.

How to make a mini photo album step 3

Step 4

To make the pages for the album. Cut 10 pieces of paper, each measuring 21x15cm. Fold each piece in half and stick the folded pages together front to back.

How to make a mini photo album step 4

Step 5

Punch a scalloped edge along a 7x15cm piece of ivory card, score at 2.5cm and 3.5cm and add to the front and back pages of the album. Attach to the centre panel of the cover.

How to make a mini photo album step 5

Step 6

Cover a 10×14.5cm piece of card with paper and a pressed flower topper. Attach to the front page and finish with fussy cut flowers, and a die-cut petal label, leaving a space for a name.

How to make a mini photo album step 6

Step 7

Use a hole punch to cut two holes into each of the front panels, ensuring that they are aligned. Add an eyelet to each with an eyelet setter. Thread with ribbon and tie in a bow.

How to make a mini photo album step 7

Step 8

Die cut a petal label from beige card, adding an oval of pink text paper on top. Attach to the bottom left corner of the cover. Mount a wooden ‘Love’ sentiment topper onto the label, to finish.

How to make a mini photo album step 8

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