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How to make an Easter wreath

Make this beautiful Easter wreath with our free daffodil templates and our easy step-by-step video tutorial!

Paper daffodils

It’s nice to brighten up your house for the spring, and this Easter wreath that I’ve designed exclusively for Gathered will certainly bring some sunshine into your home – or wherever you decide to display it! This daffodil wreath is made of paper and card, and it’s easy to make using my free templates. Print out the coloured templates and cut out directly from the page using scissors, or if you have some paper in your stash, trace around the templates to switch up the colour scheme. If you have a ScanNCut it gets even easier – download my free SVG files to input directly into your machine or scan in the black and white paper daffodil template to make multiple paper daffodils with ease.

The tutorial below is easy to follow, and it should take around 10 minutes to make one paper daffodil, but for this project, once you’ve made one paper daffodil I recommend setting up an assembly line – that is, making all the leaves, then all the petals, then all the trumpets, then assembling each paper daffodil. Download your exclusive Easter wreath template to get started!

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Watch our video tutorial!


You Will Need

  • ScanNCut
  • Templates
  • Brother cutting mat, Standard or low tack
  • coloured paper, or card
  • Crepe paper streamer, emerald green
  • Ball tool
  • Stamens
  • Glue
  • Strong card, for the base
  • Ribbon

Total time:

Step 1

Paper daffodil template

First, download and print your exclusive Easter wreath template. If you have a Brother ScanNCut, print out the black and white version and scan it into your machine and select ‘Scan to Cut Data’. Make sure you have some coloured paper or card handy, shades of yellow, orange and white, plus green for the leaves is ideal. The machine will run the template under the scanner and once it is finished, an image will appear on the screen. Using the touchscreen on the ScanNCut, adjust the crop around the image to remove unwanted areas and press ‘OK’. Then select the picture of the ScanNCut to save the template to your machine’s memory. Now you have a paper daffodil you can cut any time!

If you would prefer the SVG file, click the link below! You can save it onto USB which you can plug into your ScanNCut machine, or you can import it into Canvas Workspace and send via wireless to your machine if you prefer.

Paper daffodils – free SVG file

Easter bunny – free SVG file

Alternatively, if you don’t have any of the right colour paper or card, or don’t want to dip into your stash, simply print out the colour version of the Easter wreath template and stick this down onto your Low Tack or Standard Tack Adhesive Mat instead. Scan using the ScanNCut and select ‘Direct Cut’ on your ScanNCut machine to cut out the template. Now skip ahead to step 4.

If a ScanNCut is still on your wishlist, just print out the colour version, cut it out using a pair of scissors and skip ahead to step 5.

Step 2

Paper daffodils

Let’s start with the base petals! Stick some yellow, orange or white paper or card onto your Brother cutting mat. Burnish the paper or card down well. We’re using Crafter’s Companion textured cardstock in sunflower tones for this project.

Step 3

Paper daffodils

Load your Brother cutting mat into your machine if you haven’t done so already, and instruct it to cut the base petals of your paper daffodils. Carefully peel the waste away from around the petals and put the petals to one side.

Step 4

Paper daffodils

Load the Brother cutting mat with your next colour of paper or card, and repeat to cut out the top petals, the leaves and the trumpet of the paper daffodils.

I’ve made this Easter wreath to measure 12″ in diameter, and this size needs needs 14 daffodils to cover it entirely.

Step 5

Paper daffodils

Before we start assembling the paper daffodils for your Easter wreath, let’s give them a bit of shape. Grab a ball tool, or a rounded pen if you don’t have a ball tool (the round end of a biro works well), and working on the reverse of the petals, run the tool along the middle of the petals to create a vein. Use your fingers to shape the petals to give them a rounded shape.

Flip the petals over, and now, working on the front, run the ball tool around the edge of the petals to make the edges stand up slightly. Work the paper with your fingers to give your paper daffodil and organic feel. Working with different weights (thickness) of card gives different effects when shaping the paper, so experiment and see what works best for you.

Step 6

Paper daffodils

Shape the top petals in the same way as the base petals to create a more rounded, organic look to your paper daffodils. Next, working on the leaves, flip them over and run the ball tool along the middle of each of the leaves. With your fingers, gently encourage the leaves to crease in the middle to add dimension.

Step 7

Paper daffodils

Next, let’s make the trumpet. Using a pokey tool, or something similar, gently roll the tip of the trumpet around the tool so that it fans out. Put some glue on the vertical scalloped edge and secure in a loop.

Step 8

Paper daffodils

Put your finger inside the trumpet for stability, and fold the small triangles inwards to create a “bottom” to the trumpet. Put some glue on the bottom of the trumpet (Pritt Stick, PVA or Tacky Glue works well) and stick it onto the top set of petals. If you’re using wet glue, wait until the glue is dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 9

Paper daffodils

Pierce a hole in the middle of the petals, through the middle of the trumpet, and thread through a few stamens. Secure them by adding a small piece of tape, or glue, on the underside of the petals.

Step 10

Paper daffodils

Add the base petals, then finally the leaves at the bottom of your paper daffodil. If you’re using wet glue like PVA, put your paper daffodil to one side and allow to dry.

Repeat so that you have 14 paper daffodils.

Step 11

Paper daffodils

Cut a 12″ diameter circle from some strong card to create the Easter wreath base. I’m using corrugated card from a cardboard box. Cover the wreath base in green crêpe paper to hide the cardboard – green crêpe paper party streamers work well for this!

When the Easter wreath is complete, not much of the wreath base will show through, so don’t worry about being perfect. Tape or glue in place to secure the ends.

Buy it now: Crepe paper streamer, emerald green, £3.61, Amazon

Step 12

Paper daffodils

Wrap a loop of thick ribbon around the top of your wreath. You can do this once your wreath is complete, but it’s easier to attach before you’ve glued on your paper daffodils.

Step 13

Paper daffodils

Glue your paper daffodils onto your Easter wreath base. If you’re using wet glue, put to one side and leave to dry. If you don’t want to use/ don’t have any wet glue, foam pads are a great alternative – and there’s no drying time involved.

Step 14

Paper daffodils

Using the rabbit template, cut out an Easter bunny from your choice of card. Mount this behind the Easter wreath and use glue or tape to hold in place.

Now find somewhere to hang your Easter wreath and admire your work!

Daffodil stock image - Image credit Marian Kroell

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Photography by Holly Spanner