How to make an easter basket

Craft your own easter treat basket with our easy tutorial and free easter basket template

DIY easter basket main

You will need

Useful but not essential

  • Brad
  • Corner rounding punch
  • Mini circle die, mini butterfly die
  • Die-cutting machine
  • Gems
  • Scoring board and bone folder
  • Tacky pva glue
  • Craft knife

Step 1

DIY Easter baskets 1

Cut out the base from white card, using the free easter basket template.

Score along the fold lines using a scoring board and a bone folder for neat creases.


Step 2

DIY easter baskets 2

Round the corners of your box template using a corner roundish punch if you have one, or round the corners with scissors.

Cut along the cut lines shown on the template using sharp scissors or a craft knife.

Step 3

DIY easter baskets 3

Trim nine squares each from two contrasting papers in the free easter egg basket printables, slightly smaller than the faces of the box. Round one corner of four of each pattern using a corner rounder punch, or by hand with scissors.

Step 4

DIY Easter baskets

Stick squares of paper onto the box template as shown above.

Repeat on the other side for the second patterned paper.

Use Tacky PVA glue to help you position them squarely.

Step 5

DIY easter baskets 5

Start to assemble the Easter basket shape by folding and creasing along your score lines, folding up the sides and starting to push them gently into shape.

Step 6

DIY easter baskets 6

Die-cut or hand cut using a coin as a template two circles from white card and patterned paper. Glue together. Cut a strip of white card for the handle and mat a strip of slightly narrower patterned paper on top.

Step 7

DIY easter baskets 7

Punch a hole through the sides of the basket and the handle. Tuck the handle in between the layers on each side of the basket to hide the ends out of sight. If you are not using a brad, you can skip this step


Step 8

DIY easter baskets

Take the die-cut circle and punch a hole through it. Line up the holes on the die-cut circle, handle and basket then push a brad through the holes. Repeat on the other side. If you are not using a brad, simply glue to handle in place on conceal the join with your paper circle.


DIY easter basket

Here is an easter basket card you can make using the free easter egg basket printables. All the artwork you need is included in the set, illustrated by Naomi Skinner.


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