How to make an origami wreath

Create a beautiful door decoration with our origami wreath, ideal for adding some seasonal brightness to your living space!

Origami paper flower wreath

Spring has certainly sprung with this pretty paper wreath, crafted with origami paper blooms! You could create a hoop from cardboard, or use an old embroidery hoop that you have lying in your craft stash.

Our designer has used spotty papers to decorate their wreath, but you could use up any papers from your stash, or even craft flowers from vellum for a softer feel. To ensure your flowers hold their shape, it’s best to use either thin card or thick paper. However, avoid using card that is too thick or it will be difficult to make neat creases and folds.

Designer Sue Hughes shares her top tips for making this project:

  • Strongly crease each flower fold with your fingernail or a bone folder before moving onto the next step.
  • Thin floristry wire is ideal for threading the beads and wrapping around the flowers. It bends and twists easily and will cut with normal scissors. Alternatively, you could use thread.
  • Wrapping paper around the wire wreath makes it easier to stick on the flowers. Don’t worry about making this too neat as most of it will be covered up with the flowers.
  • To secure the flower petals to the wreath, use acrylic glue. You will just need to hold it in place for a few seconds. It will dry clear and ensure a strong permanent bond.
  • Why not change the colours of the papers for a completely different look!

Want some free patterned paper to make your origami wreath? Take a look at our ever-growing collection of free patterned papers, there are lots to choose from and there are lots of different themes. We love these free spring blooms papers, or how about these gorgeous free abstract floral papers?

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To make this origami wreath you will need:

  • Patterned papers
  • Round wreath frame
  • White ribbon
  • White seed beads
  • Floristry or craft wire
  • Acrylic glue

How to make an origami flower

Let’s start by learning how to make an origami flower. Once you know how to make an origami flower, you can repeat the design with different patterned papers until you have enough to create an origami wreath!

Step 1

Cut 90 x 7cm squares of patterned paper. With the pattern facing down, fold each square in half, crease and unfold. Fold each square top to bottom, crease and unfold.

Step 2

Fold each square diagonally both ways, crease and unfold. Fold each corner into the centre, at the point where the fold lines meet. Fold the top and bottom points to the centre.

Step 3

Fold each piece in half so that the top edge meets the bottom edge. Fold in half the other way, crease and unfold. You will need three for each flower (90 in total) to make 30 flowers.

Step 4

Cut 30 lengths of wire approximately 25cm long and thread five beads onto each, positioning them in the centre. Twist the wire around the beads a couple of times to hold them in place.

Step 5

Hold three folded squares together with the long edge at the bottom and the open ends at the top. Position the beads at the top and wrap the wire around the middle. Secure by twisting the wire at the bottom.

Step 6

Open out each of the petals in your origami flowers by gently pressing the tip to the centre, creating diamond shapes. Glue between each petal, close to the wire, and hold together, to secure. Repeat until you have approximately 30 origami flowers for your origami wreath.

How to make a paper flower wreath

Now you have your origami flowers, we can assemble them into a wreath! We’ve made 30 flowers which fills our origami wreath nicely, but you might decide you want a fuller, or perhaps a more minimal look so adjust your numbers accordingly.


Step 1

Secure a loop of ribbon at the top edge of a circular wreath (either cut from thick cardboard, a wreath frame or an embroidery hoop). Cut eight x 4cm-wide strips of A4 white paper and wrap them around the wreath so you cover the entire circle. This creates a good surface to glue your origami flowers to.

How to make an origami wreath - step 1

Step 2

Trim the excess wire from the bottom of each flower and stick them onto the origami wreath, overlapping some of them slightly to cover the circle.

How to make an origami wreath - step 2

Step 3

Finish adding your origami flowers around the wreath to complete your origami flower wreath! Add a ribbon bow to the top, then find somewhere to display your origami wreath.

How to make an origami wreath - step 3

Celebrate spring with a beautiful origami wreath

This stunning origami wreath is made for spring! It’s crafted using pretty paper blooms and it’s a brilliant way to use up leftover papers in your craft stash. We think it looks best in soft pastel shades.

It’s best to use thin paper for this project, as it’s much easier to fold.

You can make your origami wreath using an embroidery hoop as a base, or simply cut out a circle of card and attach them using a glue gun.

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