Halloween origami

We've rounded up our favourite Halloween origami projects, ideal for beginners or advanced crafters.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl - patterned paper

If you want some quick and easy Halloween origami, you’ve come to the right place. From ghoulie ghosts to paper pumpkins, we have a nice selection for you to get stuck into. And once you’ve mastered the easy Halloween origami, scroll down for some intermediate Halloween origami designs!

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Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl - plain paper

Easy Halloween origami

Origami Owl tutorial

Make this easy origami owl following our step-by-step tutorial! Grab a piece of your favourite 15 x 15cm paper, and follow the origami owl tutorial below.


Step 1

Fold a piece of square paper diagonally in half, with the patterned/coloured side on the outside.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 2

Fold one of the corners down, with the tip of the corner meeting a point approximately two thirds along the opposite side. The bottom part of the corner you just folded over should be perpendicular to the top of the model.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 3

Repeat with the other side to create an elongated pentagram (five-sided shape).

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 4

Fold one of the wings back, so that the closed edge lines up with the edge of the shape.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 5

Repeat on the other side and fold the other wing backwards, lining up the closed edge of the wing with the exact side of the shape.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 6

Give the wings some shape by adding a small pleat in one of the wings. You’re aiming to raise the wings up.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 7

Repeat with the other wing.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 8

So far we’ve been working on the reverse of the origami owl, so turn your model over and it should look like this.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 9

Next – let’s make the head! Fold the top section down, approximately 1cm worth.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 10

Find the centre point of the head you’ve just folded down, then fold over a triangle from one side, opening up the paper as you do – these are the ears!

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 11

Repeat on the other side to create the other ear and the beak.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 12

To finish the beak, add a small pleat at the bottom of the triangle. If you’re struggling to get your fingers in to manipulate the small beak, I find a cocktail stick works well as an aide.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 13

Fold both sides of the bottom of your origami owl inwards – this enables your owl to stand up!

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 14

Shape your origami owl by folding the sides inwards.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Step 15

Repeat on the other side to finish your origami owl!

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl

Easy Halloween origami!

1. Easy origami pumpkin

Easy Halloween origami - origami pumpkin

Make these easy Halloween origami projects using just a square of origami paper! Betty over at MomBrite has the full photographic step-by-step tutorial to get you into the spirit of Halloween.

2. Easy Halloween origami cat

Halloween origami cat by Red Ted Art

This easy Halloween origami cat is ideal for anyone just starting out in origami or if you just want a quick and easy project. Making from black paper is ideal for Halloween, but why not switch it up and use grey, orange or brown paper for a whole clowder!

3. Ghost garland

Halloween origami - ghost garland by Red Ted Art

Make these cute ghosties as part of your Halloween origami creations! Use a fine liner to draw on adorable expressions, then string up and hang in your window to welcome trick or treaters. Get the full tutorial for this Halloween origami ghost garland over at Red Ted Art.

4. Halloween origami: pumpkin garland

Origami pumpkin garland by My Poppet

Watch the video tutorial from My Poppet and learn how to make this nifty Halloween origami garland! It’s also great for the harvest season – why not switch up the colours from orange to shade of red and green and make a garland of apples?

5. Tombstone box

Halloween origami - origami gravestone

This Halloween origami project is ideal for hiding small treats, or why not use it to keep your origami ghosts in! Make this Halloween origami project out of silver or grey paper – get the full tutorial over at Paper Kawaii.

6. Ghost treat boxes

Halloween origami - ghost boxes by Mr Printables

Download the free template from Mr Printables and make these adorable ghost treat boxes! To make them even spookier, make them from translucent wax papers (or greaseproof paper if you don’t have any wax paper).

7. Vampire corner bookmarks

Halloween origami - Vampire corner bookmarks

Use the free printable origami template to make these fang-tastic origami corner bookmarks from Printables Fairy! They’re super easy to make, and great if you want to encourage kids to get into reading, too.

8. Frankenstein’s monster book corners

Halloween origami - Frankensteins monster book corners

This is another brilliant project from the Printables Fairy – Frankensteins monster bookmark corners! Simply print out the template, fold where indicated, and you’ve got yourself a brilliant corner bookmark.

9. Halloween origami crow

Halloween origami - origami crow by Origami Make

This origami crow starts with the basic bird base, then builds from that. The collective noun for a group of crows is called a murder – so why not fold yourself a murder of origami crows!

10. Printable Halloween origami box

Halloween origami box - Momo Mushy

Download and print the patterned paper to make these adorable origami Halloween boxes! Ideal for sweets, once made they are sturdy – just follow the tutorial over at Momo Mushy.

11. Origami witch hat

Halloween origami - witch hat

Dress up your ghouls and Jack O’ Lanterns with this easy origami witches hat! There are only 6 steps to making this Halloween origami project – get the tutorial over at Origami Club.

More Halloween origami!

These Halloween origami projects are more geared towards the intermediate crafter – so if you’ve tried origami before, these projects are for you!

12. Origami bat

Halloween origami - tutorial by Easy Origami

If you’re looking for a more realistic origami bat, then check out this brilliant tutorial from Easy Origami. There’s a video tutorial that makes following the steps simple and straightforward, and the result is this super cute, origami bat!

13. Origami spider

Halloween origami - traditional origami spider by Origami Make

This traditional origami spider requires two sheets of square paper. One paper will make a body and four legs while another paper for a head and four legs. Get the full photographic step-by-step tutorial over at Origami Make.

14. Origami cat


This sitting origami cat requires you to apply folding techniques such as rabbit ear-foldinside reverse-fold, and outside reverse-fold – but the tutorial teaches you them along the way. Get the full instructions over at Origami Make.

15. Origami pumpkin box

Halloween origami - pumpkin box

This fun Halloween origami pumpkin box is made from two pieces – and there’s a free instructional video tutorial over at Paper Kawaii to show you how to make it!

16. Vampire teeth

Halloween origami - vampire teeth

Make this set of opening and closing vampire teeth using just a few sheets of origami paper and some know-how. You can even use this Halloween origami craft as a gift box to store cheeky treats inside! Get the full Halloween origami vampire teeth tutorial over at Paper Kawaii.

17. Skeleton ghost

Halloween origami - skeleton ghost by origami mobile

Make this cute origami Grim Reaper using a sheet of single-sided black origami paper. Add in a strip of gold or silver paper to make the sickle, and you’ve got yourself a wee skeleton ghost! Get the tutorial over at Origami Mobile.

18. Halloween origami – talking pumpkin!

Halloween origami project - talking head pumpkin

Make this spooky talking pumpkin following the tutorial over at origami plus. Use single-sided origami paper (with white on the back) to really make the features of your talking pumpkin stand out. We love it!

19. Halloween origami cauldron

Halloween origami - origami cauldron by Origami Make

Make this brilliant origami cauldron out of black or silver paper, then fill with sweets like jelly beans for quick and easy party favours!

20. Halloween origami witch

Halloween origami - witch by Origami Make

This origami witch starts with the bird base, and this tutorial also teaches you two special folding techniques for this model, the open sink-fold and inside reverse-fold.

21. Origami witch face

Origami witch by Origami Expressions

How is this for showing off your origami skills? Make this Halloween origami project from a larger square of paper – this helps the tight folds to become easier and less fiddly. Get the full tutorial at Origami Expressions. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these fun Halloween origami projects! We have plenty of other origami projects here on Gathered, too – like this origami lampshade or these origami cats.

Halloween origami, How to make an Origami Owl - patterned paper