Origami is the ancient art of paper folding and it's practised by thousands of paper crafters across the globe. It's an incredibly rewarding craft and uses very few materials making it accessible for people of all ages and abilities.


We have some wonderful easy origami projects for beginners here on Gathered including basics like how to make an origami crane and how to make an origami swan, but if you're looking for more advanced or modern origami tutorials then these origami books are for you.

There are hundreds of different origami books on the market all aimed at different skill levels. Before choosing a book think about whether you need origami paper to come with it. Many books will include all the papers you need but some don't (if yours doesn't head over to our round-up of the best origami papers to purchase some) so it's important to check whether you'll need them first.

Then you need to decide how difficult you want the projects in your origami book to be. Lots of books will include projects of different levels so you're able to work your way up from easiest to hardest. Make sure you read the blurb of the book to find out what age or level it's aimed at - you don't want to come away with a book for origami experts if you've never folded paper before! For complete newbies, we'd recommend going for an origami book that includes links to video tutorials and has a full photo, diagram, and instructional steps.

If you're a little more advanced then the books with more complex projects like Advanced Origami and Origami Bonsai are the books for you. We've included a range of books for all different skill levels (including some origami books designed for kids) to help you find the one that suits you and your needs.

Origami books also make thoughtful gifts so pick one up for the crafter in your life to show them you care. Now it's time for you to browse the best origami books on the market. Enjoy!

Origami books for adults

1. National Trust's origami book

The National Trust has released this gorgeous nature origami book with the illustrator Clover Robin. This origami book contains 13 different animal and object projects all based on nature along with some poems and 50 sheets of illustrated origami paper.

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The book breaks the projects down into three difficulty levels so you can start small and work your way up. Plus it even includes a handy QR code that links through to some how-to videos to help beginners!

It's a great little book as it comes with everything inside and we think it would make a lovely gift for families or nature-loving paper crafters.

2. John Montroll's easy origami book

Easy origami for kids book

John Montroll's origami book is the go-to book for origami newbies. John is an American origami expert and is known as the inspiration behind the single-square, no-cuts, no-glue approach.

This book contains 32 projects which follow his easy folding sequences meaning each takes fewer folds to complete. You can make everything from a piano to a penguin with this origami book and it's received rave reviews from everyone that's used it!

3. Tuttle's origami book

Tuttle's origami book

Tuttle has published the Japanese origami book of dreams. Complete with 144 sheets of traditional kimono-inspired papers and 17 origami projects we think this book is just beautiful. Even the projects are beautiful with instructions on creating a luna moth, magnolia blossom, a Chinese Zodiac wheel, and more.

4. Easy origami flowers book

Easy origami flowers book

Fold your way to floral beauty with Gaël le Neillon's Easy Origami Flowers book. This book includes detailed instructions on how to create a cherry blossom, rose, carnation, flower of wisdom, spring flower, tulip, lily, lotus flower, pleated leaves, and a stem AKA a whole bouquet!

You'll also find 400 papers inside in a huge range of colours so you can fold up each flower to its true nature. The book comes with more than enough paper for you to fold several versions of each design giving you room for mistakes and practice rounds.

5. The Encyclopedia of Origami Techniques

The Encyclopedia of Origami Techniques book

Written by Nick Robinson this origami masters book teaches you a range of traditional origami forms. Nick teaches you how to fold everything from a Printer's Hat and Masu Box to a more modern form such as a Square Bear and Elias Figure Base. There are 30 projects inside with a range of difficulty levels. All with step-by-step instructions accompanying them.

6. Advanced Origami book

Advanced Origami book

This book is for the more advanced origami maker with 15 challenging projects inside. Michael G. Lafosse's complex projects range from Koi Fish to butterflies and are explained with full-colour photos, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions. This updated edition even comes with DVD video lessons for all 15 projects.

7. Galaxy of Origami Stars

Galaxy of Origami Stars book

Fold the stars with origami expert John Montroll! Galaxy of Origami Stars is a wonderful origami book for beginner artists wanting to try different kinds of folds.

John and Russell Cashdollar show you how to fold 37 types of stars that look really impressive. Their twelve-point star looks as if it was woven from strips of paper and their magic stars look like it's made from eight sheets but are actually folded from a single square.

8. Manga origami book

Manga origami book

This origami book is one of the cutest on the market, just look at those little Manga characters! The book is split into two with the first half showing you how to fold their bodies and the second half how to make their accessories and features.

Fans of anime will love folding these 20 different mini Manga people as there are some recognizable characters including Ronin Samurai, Kimono-Chan, Tea Picker, and Shrine Maiden.

9. Origami Bonsai book

Origami Bonsai book

This stunning Bonsai origami book is perfect for the more experienced origami makers to test their skills. Using this book you'll be able to create realistic 3D sculptures of famous plants The Berlin Poplar Leaf, The Black Eyed Susan, The Ficus Leaf, and many more.

The book also shows you how to make rocks, pebbles, and leaves and how to arrange them around your origami flower for extra detail. Although it comes with a 3-hour DVD video tutorial and full-coloured instructions, the projects are more complex so we wouldn't recommend this origami book for a complete newbie.

10. Origami Masters book

Origami Masters Book

The origami masters have come together to share their designs in this short but sweet book from Tuttle. There are 20 projects to fold inside with full instructions for each and 60 quality, double-sided folding papers in a range of beautiful designs. There's even a video tutorial for each project making it a fabulous present for a crafter wanting to try origami.

Origami books for kids

11. Pokemon origami book

Pokemon origami book

Gotta fold 'em all! Help your kids fold their favourite Pokémon with this sweet origami book. There are 48 pages of instructions inside as well as enough origami paper to create ten Pokémon.

Designed for ages 7-9, it's the ideal gift for kids who love Pokémon or even adults who are new to origami but want a little nostalgia! If you're said adult then make sure you also check out our Pokémon cross stitch round-up and our Pokémon Go crochet patterns.

12. Charlotte Gibbs' origami book for kids

Origami for kids book 1

Charlotte Gibbs has created this bumper origami book, especially for kids to keep young minds occupied. Her book has over 50 paper folding projects in a range of complexities and designs but all of them are still suitable for children.

Kids can start by folding the more straightforward designs like the boat or rabbit. When they feel more confident they can then move on to the more difficult projects like the seahorse. Pick up this book along with a pack of colourful origami paper and pop it in their Christmas stocking.

13. Origami book and kit for kids

origami kit

This all-in-one origami kit and book is a great summer holiday project for your kids to get stuck into. The kit comes with 152 double-sided origami papers in 72 different patterns as well as some plain papers for practising.

There are also 72 instruction videos online to create different creatures and objects. The papers are already illustrated with the animal's faces making it even easier to follow the instructions - perfect for children!

Starting out in origami

An origami book is a great way to start your journey into the exciting world of paper folding. When choosing your book, make sure you have selected the suitable difficulty level. Or choose a book with both simple and complex designs, so you'll be able to improve your skills as you work your way through.


More origami for beginners

We have a tonne of free origami tutorials for beginners. If you would like a quick and easy project to practice on, try the origami heart and follow along with our video tutorial.


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