Best origami paper

Having the best origami paper can make your folding experience all the more enjoyable - but which is best? We take a look at what the web has to offer.

Origami paper

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, thought to date back to the 6th Century when Buddist monks brought paper (then a luxury item) over to Japan for use in religious ceremonies. As the price of paper decreased, giving origami as gifts rose in popularity. Traditionally, origami models are made using one sheet of paper – if you cut the paper, this is actually kirigami.


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Best origami paper to buy


Chiyogami origami paper

How to make an origami crane

Buy now: £10.09, Amazon

Chiyogami is a specific word developed to describe the patterns and designs applied to paper in Japan’s Edo period, between 1603 and 1867. This speciality origami paper is thinner than regular paper, to enable greater manipulation in terms of the folds, this is the paper we used for our origami crane! You get a whopping 180 sheets with 45 beautiful traditional designs, so plenty of spare paper if you mess up. Check out the plethora of 5-star reviews on Amazon for this product!


Traditional origami paper

Origami for beginners

Buy now: £5.99, Amazon

This pack of origami paper comes in traditional designs with a great price point. There are 24 different designs and 100 sheets. They’re double-sided, too so if you’re looking to get into the hobby without splashing too much cash – this is a great option.


 Handmade origami paper

How to make an origami crane

Buy now: £11.99, Amazon

Okay – so you’ve practised a model, and now you want to make a special one? Perhaps as a gift, or to make a topper on the front of a card? Well, this handmade paper is perfect for when you want to create something a little more special. The slightly translucent quality of this paper gives your models a different feel, and you can achieve softer folds with this type of paper.


Colourful double-sided paper

How to make an origami crane
How to make an origami crane

Buy now: £7.37, Amazon

This is the origami paper we used for many of our steps photos – it’s great, because not only is it double-sided, but the sides are different colours so it really adds a little bit extra to those designs where you see both sides of the paper. Plus it comes as loose leaf, which is handy. The paper itself is thicker than traditional origami paper, but it’s nice to work with and you don’t lose any of the colours on the folds.


Plain origami paper

Origami for beginners

Buy now: £7.99, Amazon

Coloured on one side and white on the other, having a stash of plain origami paper is great for practising models. There are 50 different colours in the pack and each sheet is 20 x 20cm, just a little larger than the traditional 15 x 15cm square sheets.


Christmas origami paper

Clairefontaine origami Christmas paper, Amazon

Buy now: £7.50 £6.55, Amazon

This budget-friendly collection of Christmas-themed origami paper is ideal if you’re wanting to dip your toe into the craft, as it includes three different sizes, 10 x 10cm, 15 x 15cm and 20 x 20cm. The illustrations are fresh and modern (plain on the reverse), with 10 different designs. If you’re batch-making origami models as toppers for your Christmas cards, grabbing a pack of paper like this a great way to be economical with your budget, as a little will go a long way. 


Marbled origami paper

How to make an origami crane

Buy now: £10.99, Amazon

This paper collection features more contemporary designs – but aren’t the marbled designs gorgeous? This collection features 10 different designs, with 10 sheets of each. This would also make a great kit to use with matting and layering in card making.


Clairfontaine origami paper

Clairfontaine origami paper, Amazon

Buy now: £6.11, Amazon 

This pad contains 60 sheets in total with 30 different designs.  It’s made from 70gsm paper and is plain white on the reverse. The designs are contemporary and vibrant, we love the parrot! 


3″ origami paper

3 origami paper - Amazon

Buy now: £11.17, Amazon

If you’re after smaller-sized origami paper, then this set of 3″ origami paper (7.5cm) is a great option. This collection has a whopping 360 sheets, in 30 different designs.


Value origami paper

Value origami paper
Value origami paper 2

Buy now: £9.36, Amazon

This pack contains 500 high-quality origami sheets printed with traditional Japanese Washi Patterns. The pack contains 12 designs unique to this pack, and all of the papers are printed with coordinating colours on the reverse for aesthetically pleasing combinations that show both the front and back of the papers. There are 500 sheets with 12 different designs, so you get a lot for your money!


Pre-folded paper cranes

Washi paper - origami paper 2

Buy now: £15.45, Amazon

In a rush and don’t want to make your own? Origami Polly has a selection of pre-folded paper cranes you can buy on Amazon, and they’re currently on Prime – so next day delivery is available. We won’t tell if you won’t!


Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service origami paper, Amazon

Buy now: £11.00, Amazon

Do you love Studio Ghibli? This origami paper pack includes paper and instructions to make characters from Kiki’s Delivery Service, just look at Jiji!


Bird print origami paper

Bird print origami paper, Amazon
Bird print origami paper, reverse, Amazon

Buy now: £5.63, Amazon 

This origami paper pack features eight different bird prints reproduced from Japanese woodblocks in the ukiyo-e style of art, each with a coordinating solid colour on the reverse. The paper is slightly larger, 20 x 20cm, so you can use it for more complicated designs. The illustrations are gorgeous, and although you only get 48 sheets in a pack, we think it’s worth the money.


Shiny origami paper

Shiny origami paper, Amazon

Buy now: £7.57, Amazon

This metallic collection of origami papers features 10 different colours, with a pearly, iridescent finish. The plastic coating means that it’s harder to get crisper folds with these papers, but for simple designs this paper is great.


Space-themed origami paper

Space-themed origami paper, Amazon

Buy now: £5.99, Amazon

This origami paper is thicker than traditional paper, but the upshot of that is that it is great for holding its shape when folded. Plus the designs are out of this world! (groan).


We hope you’ve enjoyed ou round-up of the best origami papers you can buy. We have plenty of other origami projects here on Gathered, too – like this traditional origami crane, this origami owl or these adorable (and super easy) origami cats.