How to make an easy origami cat

Craft an adorable cat companion for your craft desk with this easy origami kitty, which only takes a couple of minutes to make!

Easy origami cat

If you’re new to origami or looking for a fab project to craft with children, then this easy origami cat is just what you’re looking for! Created with just a few folds, you’ll be able to create the cat in minutes, which you can embellish with sequins and buttons from your craft stash!

Shopping List:

  • Patterned papers
  • Embellishments (buttons or sequins)

Step 1

Start with a single square of paper – a 10x10cm square will be about right to make a small cat. Fold the square of paper in half diagonally, to make a triangle. With the long side positioned towards you, fold one corner horizontally across the triangle until it meets the opposite edge.

Easy origami cat_step 01

Step 2

Fold the opposite corner across the triangle horizontally to the other side (just as you did in step 1). Carefully fold the two flaps at the top of the triangle down on either side.

Easy origami cat_step 02

Step 3

Turn your shape upside down and gently press down on the top – this will create the shape of the ears and help the cat to stand up! Finally add your choice of embellishments to give your cute cat a face – you could even add a little bow tie or jewellery, if you want!

Easy origami cat_step 03