How to make a seed storage box

Upcycle an old shoebox into this seed storage box, and keep your seeds organised for the whole year!

How to make a seed storage box

Making your crafts more eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean splurging on biodegradable products or designing teeny-tiny cards in an effort to save trees. It can simply be reusing what you already have, which is what we’ve done here.

How to make a seed storage box - closed

Instead of throwing your old shoebox away, give it a new lease of life in the form of this stylish seed storage box! Divided into three sections, this design makes it super easy to organise your growing collection of seeds.

How to make a seed storage box - detail

To make it extra sturdy, line the base and edges with cardboard. Our designer Julie Gibbs, also made it look the part, which is where these gorgeous gardening and butterfly printed papers come in – they’re from the Gardenia 12 x 12″ paper pad from Trimcraft.

So, whether the contents bloom into beautiful flowers, sprout into colourful veggies or they’re content to sit snug in their papercraft home until next season, you can know you’ve earned your eco-crafting credentials. It’s really quite easy being green.

How to make a seed storage box - inside top lid

And if you like this project, have a look at some of our free gardening printables – we love these gardening-themed patterned papers, or how about trying your hand at making this gorgeous gardening apron with our free pattern and tutorial!

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How to make a seed packet

To make a seed packet you will need:


Step 1

How to make a seed packet - step 1
Using the seed packet template, cut out the smallest envelope. Place the template onto paper of your choice before drawing around the shape and cutting out.

Step 2

How to make a seed packet - step 2
Score the envelope’s fold lines. Bring the two longest edges towards the middle and join together. Fold the small flap at the bottom up and stick down to seal the bottom edge.

Step 3

How to make a seed packet - step 3
Cut out the label and attach it to the front of the packet. Fold the top flap of the envelope down and punch two holes. Thread twine through the holes and tie the envelope closed.
How to make a seed storage box