We’ve Made It episode 6: Keith Brymer Jones chats pottery

We're delighted to be joined by a special guest in this episode: Keith Brymer Jones from The Great Pottery Throwdown! Find out why he cries so much on the show, how he got started and much more.

Keith Brymer Jones, judge on The Great Pottery Throwdown

If you’ve been watching The Great Pottery Throwdown on Channel 4 then you’ll undoubtedly recognise the show’s judge Keith Brymer Jones, who is a renowned potter. We’re massive fans of the show, so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to chat about the Throwdown and all things clay-related with Keith.


In this episode, Keith talks about why certain pots on the show make him cry, what inspired him to become a potter in the first place and how pottery has helped him to get through some tough times in his life.

He also gives us a sneak peek behind the scenes of the show and reveals how they managed to film the programme in the middle of a pandemic.

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Projects of the week

Sarah and Zoe are on the same wavelength this week, because they’ve both chosen cushion projects!

Zoe is making a sausage dog cushion as a gift for her daughter to brighten up her new bedroom when they move house. Meanwhile, Sarah’s feeling inspired by Rebecca Reid’s star cushion pattern from Simply Sewing magazine.

One good thing

At the moment, Zoe is finding that getting outside for a run helps her to manage her busy life and lower her stress levels. She’s bought a head torch and arm bands so that she can keep running even through the winter months “lit up like a Christmas tree”.

This week Sarah was pleased to announce the return of the other podcast she hosts: The Calm Edit. In this podcast, she interviews interesting guests about a variety of wellbeing topics and it’s a relaxing show to listen to while you craft. Recent episodes include an interview with Katherine May who wrote the New York Times bestseller Wintering, tips on self care for tough times with psychologist Suzy Reading and advice to help people cope with lockdown anxiety from author and podcaster Chloe Brotheridge. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast or on your favourite podcast app.

Episode links

We promised you a link to Keith’s parody of the Adele song Rolling In The Deep in the episode, so here it is!


Featured photo by Mark Bourdillon.

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