We’ve Made It episode 9: Why we craft

In this episode, we look at the reason why we craft and why it's so important to crafters

Why we craft on the We've Made It Podcast

In this episode, Sarah and Zoe talk about why we craft and why it’s so important to us, covering everything from family heirlooms to the satisfaction of seeing a finished project. Sarah reveals a romantic gift passed down to her from her grandparents and Zoe shares her love of family quilts.


We also talk about craftivism, subversive embroidery, self-esteem and the satisfaction of seeing a perfect craft project come together.

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Projects of the week

This week, Zoe has been making a mess while preparing her project of the week: wax bath melts. She loves them so much that she’s going to make them for everyone she knows!

Sarah has been having a go at some art and painting a self-portrait using gouache.  In this fun project, you can learn how to create a beautiful illustrated portrait of yourself using gouache paints. It’ll be good enough to hang up on the wall.

One good thing

Zoe is so obsessed with her new wax bath melts project that it’s also her favourite thing that’s happened in the last week.

Sarah is happy this week because her mum has received her first vaccine and it feels like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders.

Episode links

  • Sarah talked about Lorina Bulwer who created angry embroideries after being sent to an asylum by her brother. You can find out more about Lorina’s work here.
  • Sarah also mentioned a 19th century girl called Patty Polk who expressed her hatred of sewing in her sampler. Learn more about Patty and subversive samplers.
  • Zoe likes to follow the very talented @landandshestudio on Instagram – check out her art work!

Featured image from Unsplash/Karly Santiago.