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Janome 7025 sewing machine review

We take the Janome 7025 out for a stitching test drive with our expert review – find out how it fared when we put it through its paces with both quilting and dressmaking projects

Our rating 
4.2 out of 5 star rating 4.2
Janome 7025 Sewing machine review

Our review

Pitched at beginners, the Janome 7025 promises to be a sturdy workhorse that’s both easy to navigate and capable of sewing a variety of projects.
Easy to use
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Extra functions
3.0 out of 5 rating 3.0
Stitch options
3.0 out of 5 rating 3.0
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Worth the money
5.0 out of 5 rating 5.0
Pros: Sturdy (doesn’t vibrate when sewing at speed), very easy to set up, good range of stitch options, consistent stitches and tension
Cons: A little noisy, needle can sometimes unthread when machine starts sewing

The Janome 7025 is the ideal sewing machine for beginner and intermediate sewists, or those looking for a reliable option to sew basic quilts, clothes or home décor projects. It’s a worthy machine to invest in as you develop your sewing capabilities, rather than the most basic model to dip your toe into sewing. It’s lightweight enough to take on-the-go to classes and retreats, yet sturdy enough to handle a variety of projects.


Janome 7025 review: summary

  • Ideal sewing machine for beginner and intermediate sewists, lightweight yet sturdy
  • Price: £279
  • 24 stitches, 1-step buttonhole function, view-through bobbin cover, hard cover.
  • Very easy to set up, good range of stitch options

What is the Janome 7025 sewing machine?

The Janome 7025 is an affordable sewing machine for beginners looking to become more confident with their sewing skills and those sewing for a hobby. It’s a great machine to practice on and make a variety of home sewing projects – think quilts, clothes or home décor – either at home or at classes or workshops. It’s sturdy enough to be able to handle a range of fabrics, making it a versatile option for all kinds of sewists.

 What does the Janome 7025 do?

The 24 stitch options on this machine – including embroidery and utility – makes it a versatile machine that offers plenty of project opportunities. It’s aimed at beginners, yet has more capabilities than some of the most basic machines, such as an integrated drop-feed and a 1-step buttonhole function.

Key features

  • 24 stitch options
  • 1-step buttonhole function
  • Various stitch lengths and widths
  • Reverse button
  • View-through bobbin cover
  • Integrated drop-feed for embroidery

How much is Janome 7025?

This machine is a great quality sewing machine for its price – it retails for £259 (John Lewis) which puts it in the mid range of beginner machines.

Is Janome 7025 good value for money?

Yes, it’s a sturdy and versatile machine that will be a good investment for those who sew for fun or want to develop their sewing abilities. Plus, Janome are a reliable and reputable brand, whose machines are built to last. The machine also comes with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Janome 7025 sewing machine

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Is the Janome 7025 easy to use?

From the offset, the Janome 7025 is an incredibly easy sewing machine to navigate. The foot pedal and plug are connected and simply require plugging into the side of the machine to switch on. From there, the machine is quick and straightforward to thread up, and has a clear user manual with comprehensive illustrations for those who are not experienced in threading up sewing machines. An automatic needle threader helps with the last step of threading up, saving tired eyes from squinting at the needle!

Bobbins are easy to wind and are visible through the cover so you can see how much thread you have left on your bobbin. The reverse button is in a convenient front position that enables you to strengthen stitches without taking your eyes off your sewing. Switching the feet is easy to do with the magnetic presser foot holder, and changing stitch length, width and design simply requires turning the dials at the front of the machine. We’d encourage more inexperienced sewists to play around with scrap fabrics to achieve the stitch styles they want – why not note down the settings for future use?

The buttonhole foot pairs perfectly with the 1-step buttonhole function to make buttonholes quick and easy. Simply attach the foot, set the machine to the right setting and sit back and relax while the machine does the work for you. A win for budding dressmakers!

We found that occasionally the thread came out of the needle in the first few stitches if the tail wasn’t long enough, but this is something that you’d quickly get used to ensuring before you get going.

Janome 7025 quality and durability

A downside to some sewing machines is that the motion of a fast-moving needle causes the machine to shake, move or vibrate against a desk or table – not with the 7025! The machine feels very sturdy while you sew on it, and stays still even when sewing at super-speed as many quilters may do… you can race through that piecing with no movement at all! For the slightly cheaper price point, the machine feels very good quality. The plastic dials at the front are a little stiff, and may take a bit of getting used to, but the machine feels a lot sturdier than some of the other beginner-friendly machines on the market.

The sewing machine is quite loud when you’re sewing, and some of the more higher priced machines will be quieter, but its positives outweigh this one negative.

Janome 7025 functions and stitch options

For a beginner-friendly sewing machine, the Janome 7025 comes with a variety of useful accessories. The hard cover protects the sewing machine in transport, and is easy to slot on and off. A small, sharp seam ripper comes with the accessories set, which is a must for any sewist, and fits neatly in the machine storage – which is also removable to create a smaller sewing surface to sew pieces such as armholes or sleeve hems. A set of machine needles will come in handy for regular sewists, as it’s recommended you replace your needle after approximately 8 hours of use. There’s a choice of feet, from standard and blind hem to buttonhole and over-edge, for all kinds of sewing. The machine doesn’t come with a walking foot for quilting, so that’s something that we recommend that quilters buy separately.

Janome 7025 review accessories

This sewing machine works well for all kinds of fabric, from lightweight quilters cotton to thicker upholstery or stretch fabrics. For best results use the correct needles for the fabric that you’re using – Janome have a large selection so it’s easy to find the right needles for your fabric and machine.

There are 24 stitch options available, which – for quilters or dressmakers – is more than enough! Basic stitches such as straight or zigzag stitches are easy to tweak to the width and length you desire, while more decorative stitches are fun additional options. The feed dogs are easily dropped for lovers of embroidery or free-motion quilting – simply add an embroidery foot to your kit to make even easier.

How portable is it?

The Janome 7025 is sturdy at 7kg, but not too heavy that it’s cumbersome to carry around. The hard case protects the machine well while in transit, and the handle folds up and down smoothly, making it a great choice for sewists who like to attend classes, workshops and retreats, or simply sew with friends!


Our verdict: should you buy the Janome 7025?

Yes! If you’re looking for a reliable sewing machine that doesn’t break the bank then the Janome 7025 is a great option. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that some of the more expensive machines have, but it has all the stitches and functions that any hobby quilter or sewist could want. It’s the ideal sewing machine for a beginner to intermediate sewist, and will be sure to help grow your confidence with every project tackled. Stitches are sewn smoothly and it’s not difficult to keep stitches and tension consistent. Best of all, the user manual is extremely straightforward and will help you all the way from set-up to more complex tasks.